Former ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola Has Reportedly Postponed Her Wedding to Christian Biscardi

“Stahp it, Ron….I mean Coronavirus!”

It looks like Sammi Giancola‘s former Jersey Shore cast members will have a few more months to worm their way onto her wedding guest list! 

Us Weekly broke the news on Tuesday that Sammi has postponed her upcoming wedding to Christian Biscardi. The nuptials— which were reportedly scheduled to happen soon, although Sammi never publicly announced the date— have been bumped to September, due to the C0VID-19 pandemic.

“The delay is a big letdown for the couple,” Us Weekly reported.

Based on Sammi’s Instagram posts and videos posted to Sammi and Christian’s YouTube channel, Sammi had already chosen her wedding dress and the couple had purchased their wedding rings. 

The news comes just days after Sammi’s former ‘Jersey Shore’ co-stars– Nicole PolizziJenni Farley and Deena Cortese— revealed to In Touch Weekly that they had yet to receive invitations to Sammi’s wedding. The trio— who are known for their ability to cause wedding day hi-jinks— justified the invite slight by saying Sammi has been trying to cut ties to ‘Jersey Shore’ since she declined to take part in the spin-off, Jersey Shore Family Vacation,last year.

“It’s understandable,” Jenni said. “I mean she came from a TV show that she clearly doesn’t want to be a part of anymore so there’s probably like that give-and-take of having us part of certain, I don’t know,” Jenni said. “We would have loved to talked to her about it.”

“We would have loved to have gone [to her wedding] because we love Sammi,” Nicole added.

Sammi and Christian have not announced the exact date for their rescheduled wedding or the location it will take place.

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10 Responses

  1. Sammi still mean af to the jersey girls! Obviously still bitchy and whiney… waah! I can’t have my wedding exactly like I WANT… postpones! I don’t want to be associated with that behavior… no invite! You should be so thankful, lame girl!

  2. Did you all forget how mean she was to deena the 3rd season? And how jenny and snooki told her ron was cheating on her and she still stayed with him. Sorry but she was such a bitch to those girls. If you watched the shows you would know. She made herself look bad all on her own. Sammi was a mean girl period. That couple brought out the worst in each other I felt so bad for those roommates. When they were always arguing like stfu and break up for good.

  3. I don’t think she would like them. Why would she? Jenny try fighting her and they all talk a lot of smack about her all the time. Especially when she didn’t want to do the family vacation which I don’t blame her. They’re all too old for all the drama and drunkenness that they put out there on TV. Thank God for kids are too little to see how stupid their parents are behaving. I give Sammy a lot of credit for moving on. She moved on from Ronnie she moved on from the sick relationship she had with Ronnie. Congratulations Sammy ?

  4. I don’t blame her. She was made a fool of on national television by that entire house.

    She strikes me as the only one with a level head on her shoulders, aside from the now sober Mike.

    It makes sense she’d want to distance herself and leave that shit behind. Who wants to be forced to live, drink and party with a serial abuser that tried to flip over a bed with them still standing on it? (And that’s just the tip of the iceberg)

    While these 30+ year olds are still trying to pretend they’re 21, Sam moved on long ago.

    After the antics the trifling trio pulled at Angelina’s wedding, I wouldn’t want to invite them either.

    1. I think that Sammy is just pretending to be more mature so she would make Ron feel bad. Behind all of the cover-up she is probably the same level of immature that the rest are. Not like they are very immature but they do tend to get drunk. A lot?. Not Mike though. ? I think that Sammy should invite the girls or at least Deena. Deanna and her are actually close and everyone else would understand because they all know how close Deena and Sammy are. And if she nibs at the bottom here was paying attention, he or she would I ow that they were forced to do the speech. So just leave them alone.

  5. “We love Sammi so much even though we attacked her in previous seasons!” Of course her first avoidance was not to see Ronnie (who would probably droll all over her, I have a feeling this man still isn’t completely over it) but I’m sure these girls were also a part of it. The only ones she had no problem with were Vinny and Pauly, also Mike but he wanted to hook up with her before she did it with Ronnie. (Imagine THAT relationship, Situation was straight up drug addict at that point still)

  6. Maybe it’s because these three harpies hijacked Angelina’s wedding, that speech overshadowed everything.

    These three (Deena not so much) are the type who are so accustomed to filming trash reality that they will believe the hype of themselves.

    Side note, Sammi looks amazing and that dress is gorgeous.

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