Ashley Jacobs Slams Exiting ‘Southern Charm’ Stars Cameran Eubanks, Naomie Olindo & Chelsea Meissner for Turning on Kathryn Dennis: “You Were All Enablers”

“If this is your way of trying to come back for Season 7, you can go ahead and forget about it.”

For the second time this week, Kathryn Dennis has someone unexpected coming to her defense: her former sparring partner Ashley Jacobs. 

Ashley, who previously appeared on Southern Charm while dating Kathryn’s ex and baby daddy Thomas Ravenel (the other person to surprisingly defend Kathryn this week) called out former co-stars Cameran Eubanks, Naomie Olindo and Chelsea Meissner on Thursday, after the three announced their exits from the reality series and then proceeded to slam Kathryn online. 

“Oh, this ought to be good!”

As The Ashley reported earlier, the three exiting castmates have blamed Kathryn for starting rumors that Cameran’s husband, Jason Wimberly, was having an affair behind her back with Charleston-based makeup artist Rebecca Wash. (Cameran and Rebecca have both denied that an affair took place.)

Although Cameran said her decision to leave the show was made months ago and is not a result of the recent rumors involving her marriage, Naomie stated on Instagram that defamatory claims – like the one allegedly made by Kathryn – are part of the reason the three of them are choosing to walk away. 

According to Ashley, however, Cameran, Naomie and Chelsea once enabled that exact conduct – especially during her Season 5 run. 

Ashley, are you proud of your own Season 5 conduct?

“The whole cast was aware of this behavior the WHOLE time,” she wrote on her Instagram Story. “The only reason you defended [Kathryn] while cameras were filming (not off camera, keep in mind) was because you lacked the integrity to be honest and real in front of the cameras for fear of unpopular opinion. 

“You created your ‘Kween’ – this reality TV fictional character by condoning that behavior,” she added. “And now you’re all upset about it?”

“I knew there had to be a catch here.”

Ashley didn’t deny her own harsh treatment of Kathryn in the past – including the time she called the mother of two an “egg donor” to her face – but she commended herself for being real.

“I undoubtedly was 100% wrong in my approach to calling her out the way that I did, but never once did I pretend to be something that I was not,” she said. “You were ALL enablers. I wish I would have used [the] word COWARDS instead. Seems a bit more fitting.” 

Ashley ended her rant by reminding fans just why Season 5 has been the show’s highest rated yet: herself. 

As the off-camera drama unfolds among the ‘Southern Charm’ cast, former and current cast members have spoken out to share their thoughts on everything. Patricia Altschul has confirmed that she and Whitney Sudler-Smith are returning, while Us Weekly reports that Austen Kroll and the men of ‘Southern Charm’ may be eyeing a spin-off. After the idea was suggested on social media that he, Craig Conover and Shep Rose consider it, Austen didn’t exactly rule out the idea. 

“It just might be to that point,” he said. “Want to watch our late night antics? Or turn off the cameras when the girls go to bed at 9 pm?” 

Upon hearing the news that Cameran, Naomie and Chelsea are exiting the show, former ‘Southern Charm’ star Landon Clements shared some cast photos from Season 1, adding that she was “so sad to see the events of the last few days but it’s true what they say one bad apple can ruin the whole bunch.” Landon closed her ‘Southern Charm’ appreciation post by telling Cameran, Naomie and Chelsea she was proud of them “for walking away from it all to find their true happiness.”  

Jennifer Snowden, who has appeared on the series as a friend over the years (and also happens to be a former friend of Kathryn’s) commented on Landon’s post, noting that she missed “that first year we were on.” Jennifer also tagged Cameran and Naomie in her comment, writing, “love you girls!” 

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(Photos: Bravo; Instagram; People)

6 Responses

  1. They need to get back to being about Charleston, and not the havoc that one redhead creates. Easy fix…Fire Kathryn, keep the rest.

  2. The last reunion, Kathryn shut down the cast from criticizing her because “Thomas is going to use this against me” in her custody hearings. I wish the cast would have pointed out that if you don’t want your personal issues aired on REALITY show, then don’t go on a reality show!!!

  3. I don’t think Kathryn has ever fit into this cast. She got on because of her relationships with Thomas and had been total trash. The cast had pretended (in my opinion) to like her because the audience liked her but I didn’t think at of those relationships were organic. I always believed that Patricia, Cameran and the other girls (with exception of Danni) just pretended to satisfy the audience.

  4. Kathryn literally got 3 main cast members to quit….Has anyone else in the history of reality TV ever done that before?? And as far as the guys getting a spin off, that’s basically what we’re left with now. I like the guys, they make it funny, add the main girls/fan favorites and they balanced it. Bravo needs to figure this out, or just cancel the show all together. What a mess.

    1. They need to cancel SC Charleston and just,keep NOLA. Bravo has jumped shark when WE has better shows than Bravo. The new version of Honey Boo Boo without June featuring Pumpkin, Josh and Ella is one of my favorite shows now.

  5. Season 1 and 2 were fun. I loved the Charleston architecture and scenery. I live a few hours from Charleston and its is beautiful. Kathryn wasn’t part of the cast the first season. She was a groupie. Once Kathryn got her claws into the show producers it brought the crazy drama. The show became dark, bitter and full of hatred. Kathryn wasnt 100% the blame for the shows failure but she definitely was a devisive character. Once the cast started having kids it became sad to see the cast behaved so badly.

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