“90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” Production Source Claims Filming Deavan Clegg’s Scenes Was “Very Difficult” Due to Her Daughter Drascilla’s Behavior

“I’d like to go ahead and blame Jihoon for this, as well.”

A production team member behind 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way is spilling the tea! 

Fans of the show watched/cringed during an episode this season when Deavan Clegg‘s three-year-old daughter Drascilla took off running into traffic, causing a brief moment of panic and creating even more tension between Deavan and her (now estranged) husband, Jihoon Lee, whom Deavan and her mother Elicia blamed for the incident.

According to Soap Dirt, a source close to production said the scene was actually included as a way to show some of the girl’s bad behavior captured during filming and give viewers a better idea of what they were dealing with while taping Deavan’s segments.

And… scene!

The source said Drascilla’s behavior shown on ‘The Other Way’ was just a small part of what actually went down during filming. Deavan reportedly remained unbothered by her daughter’s actions, despite the child being “extremely hard to handle.” 

“Who, me?!”

Constant interruptions were another thing production had to deal with when filming scenes with Deavan and her children, resulting in the crew working “excessive hours” in order to get required shots. Also constant, the source claims, were the complaints, which contributed to production deciding to include the clip of Drascilla running into the street. 

The source said the frustration was directed not as Drascilla, but rather Deavan, for not even making an attempt to control her child. The insider claimed that things became so bad at one point that Sharp Entertainment, the production company behind the show, sent a head-producer to intervene, as the field producer could no longer handle shooting with Deavan and her family. The head producer allegedly found shooting with Deavan and Co. to be a challenge as well, calling the experience “very difficult.”

All of us, watching this mess go down.

In August, Jihoon confirmed he and Deavan had split and that Deavan had already begun dating someone else. After receiving some criticism on social media for posting a photo of her and Jihoon’s infant son with her new boyfriend, Deavan defended her actions and went on to accuse Jihoon of not wanting anything to do with their son.

At the beginning of October, Jihoon defended himself on Instagram against claims made by Deavan, including one that he and/or his parents had abused Drascilla

“It’s a lie,” Jihoon said. “She’s lying about my parents abusing Drascilla.” 

Jihoon added that Drascilla yelled at his mother “because they couldn’t communicate at all” and his mother got angry and yelled at her as well, though no abuse had occurred. 

“Deavan made claims saying that Drascilla told Deavan that I had been abusing Drascilla,” he wrote. “Drascilla told the truth that there was nothing to be said later on…and Deavan was still going for the separation without confirming it with me.” 

During that same session, Jihoon talked about witnessing Drascilla’s bad behavior and Deavan’s reluctance to do anything to correct it.

“When I tried to show Drascilla right from wrong, or even disciplining, both Deavan and Drascilla rejected the growing pains,” he wrote. “Deavan did not accept any type of discipline or helping her child become an amazing young girl.

“Drascilla was enrolled in an English academy in Korea,” he wrote. “I would get calls from the director that Drascilla was hitting, spitting, screaming and pulling other kids’ hair and the teachers’ [hair]. So I would come down to the school and try to talk to [Drascilla] the best I could. She wouldn’t listen. She would continue with the same tactics…”

Deavan has yet to comment on the production sources’ claims about her and her daughter.

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46 Responses

  1. I’ve seen better behaved “Feral” animals than that kid.

    If I was in charge of the shoot I would’ve told Deavan to get her Shit together and get her head from up her ass or we’re pulling the plug.

    No one wants to see a kid that misbehaved, spoiled and OUT OF CONTROL….oh yeah and the bloody maternal Grandmother is also responsible for the behaviour of the BRAT!!!

    Can’t stand ignorant kids and unplugged parents….DO YOUR JOB!!!

  2. I don’t understand why Deavn and her family blame Jihoon for their childs lack of manners. The child runs rampant and has no structure in her life especially with her mother bringing different men in and out of her life.

  3. This child HAS ABSOLUTELY NO HOME TRAINING. That’s not her fault it’s her mother’s. As she gets older she’ll probably get worse and somebody is going to give this girl a good old-fashioned a** whopping and hopefully they’ll give one to her mother too.

  4. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Deavan should be ashamed of her daughter’s behavior even worse she wanted to put the blame on Jihoon. All that I can say is Jihoon can thank his lucky stars he is out of that family . He needs to get custody of his son, all he needs to do is show the tapes of Drascilla’s behavior !

  5. Seems the child has agressive behavior that needs addressing now. A professional to diagnose possibly a disorder & counceling for both child & mothe r there is constantly going to brepeats on this mother’s relationships.
    Seems the mother herself seems very immature & needs lessons on being a better mom. Seems all these people need to first work on liking& loving themselves & b happy & content with self first .add a partner to share life happy moments not to depend on them for their short comings & needs. .

  6. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Jihoon don’t be to rough on yourself that’s a simple american woman blame everyone buy them self

  7. That child is out of control and her mother acts like a big DUH!! THAT child is taking the fall because her mom just let’s her do whatever she wants. She is embarrassing. Nothing that a swat on the ass and some time out needs to be in affect. Why doesn’t Devan even attempt to clean up herself like on her instigram? She looks like she needs a good bath…a brush threw her hair and brush her teeth. Put a little make up on to make herself look a little better. Her husband as a lying, lazy lazy lazy poor excuse for a so called man. Devan was the ass that went and got herself pregnant. How can these people go to another country and just sleep with people there? I mean never checked for STD’S. Why do these young women these days have such disrespect for themselves? Is really kind of sad!!!

  8. When I try leaving a reply, it says page won’t load. Not sure this will go thru? Anyway, if it does, 90 day fiance are really scraping the bottom of the barrel with some of these losers like deaven. What a worthless mother!

  9. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Don’t bring Deavan. There is a Special kind of CRAZY she and her Mother thrive on!

  10. It’s obvious that Drascilla is not disciplined by her mother at ALL and Deavan is doing a disservice to her. Drascilla is a spoiled brat who nobody wants to be around. She doesn’t know how to behave like a normal child. She acts like a wild animal. For Deavan to continue to deny that because Drascilla has a few moments of sweet behavior in which she manipulates Deavan into giving her things is foolish and setting her up for YEARS of counseling. Drascilla is going to FAIL as a functioning adult if this continues.

  11. It will be interesting to see how the little boy turns out.
    If it’s an environment issue, or if little Dracula has a mental problem.
    Mom & G’ma need parenting classes. ASAP

    1. Deavan clegg is a laugh of a mother!!! Deavan clegg, “She has manners, she says please and thank you!” Huh!?! When?? Drascilla sitting on counter putting her hands in EVERYONE’S food… “She’s hungry!!” Deavan, GURL, u ain’t doin your self ORRR your kids ANY favors!! Your family is known as a disgrace! And you have an excuse for everything!

  12. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Driscella was just a spoiled brat who needed her butt swatted a few times.

  13. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    This child has a behavior problem
    Their was a episode where she played with food, walked on the counter in the kitchen where the food was sitting.Nasty

  14. I’m glad production spike up about this Child’s wild behavior! Deavan can yell and scream All she wants but the fact of the matter is She is a lazy Mother and her Child desperately needs Discipline!!! Deavan Needs to stop spreading her legs and pay Attention to this Child before its too late!! Jihoon is the only reality Deavan Refuses to see!

  15. That child is spoiled brat. There was no discipline and she was put to bed in her mothers bed. She climbed and jumped all over counters and furniture. Children need direction and need to know right from wrong. I couldnt stand to be around that child for more than a few minutes. She needs to stop blaming others for her child’s behavior and look in the mirror.

  16. It’s all Jihoon’s fault. Covid is Jihoon’s fault. Global warming is Jihoon’s fault. This years presidential election madness is his parents fault. Wah wah wah. This lady needs to stop blaming everything on everyone else.

  17. Maybe if Deavan put half as much effort into paying attention to Dracula and disciplining her, as much as she does finding new Korean boyfriends and playing the eternal victim, maybe Dracula would have a chance in life. She is a brat! And Deavan’s mom only enables the behavior and blames it on others

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      It’s obvious the child has a developmental disability so name calling is crap. If Deavon decides to parent at some point, I hope she won’t get her parenting advice here or Facebook , that would be really bad parenting!
      I’m sure thousands of viewers called CPS after seeing the run away episode. I was shocked when I seen here squatting on the counter, bacon snatching off the serving platter. She need a pediatric therapist. That could be why Deavons running away ! She doesn’t like to face hard issues , she likes to blame. Blamers often run!

  18. Dracilla likely has some sort of learning or behavior disorder. Like ODD or something. I’m not a doctor and won’t over-speculate. But I have children her age and they don’t behave like this. She’s not just a “wild child” she struggles to behave calmly and is very aggressive. I haven’t heard much of her language skills either, which could be an indication of an LD. The child needs help, an attentive parent willing to get her the kind of therapies and help she may need. If she’s truly acting out as Jihoon describes in school- she needs evaluated and therapy to follow. Otherwise she’s going to struggle all the way through grade school and when she’s much bigger, they won’t be able to just pick her up and remove her from a situation. She’s going to hurt someone or herself.

    1. This. I don’t think it is (only) ADHD like many people are saying. I also see ODD in there. But, I do have to wonder if it is behavior that was learned and she had to adapt to since no one believes in discipline. I recall the first season with Deavan and Dracilla, Deavan laughed when she introduced her “wild child” daughter who no one disciplines. Not too soon after that Deavan was crying at the airport because her daughter was misbehaving so badly and she couldn’t handle her.

      1. I’m not so sure there is anything wrong with her that couldn’t have been present had Deavan disciplined her and paid enough attention to her from birth. Knowing Deavan from the show, she likely feels overwhelmed but blames everyone but herself. You have to teach your child right from wrong and what is acceptable behavior. I have twin sons with ADHD and one has ODD. It takes time, patience and behavior redirection and modification- but even with those condition as my kids did NOT act like that at her age simply because they were not allowed to. They certainly wouldn’t run into the street at 3-4 years old as we taught them not to!

  19. It was clear from the start that Drascilla had behavior problems and that her mother & grandmother did not know how to handle her! Plus, little is known about the child’s father?? Jahoon is not responsible for that kid & her wild behavior!!

    1. There were pics and information going around about the Dracilla’s father. I believe he is a tattoo artist in Utah (??). Imagine Dracilla covered in tattoos, that’s what he looks like. Apparently, it was a similar situation and she would not allow him to have contact with his daughter. But she met Jihoon and wanted him to raise her. Just like she is doing with the baby. However, there are two sides to every story so who knows if the guy was/is a jerkoff or if she is alienating him like she is doing with Jihoon and his son.

      1. That child is spoiled brat. There was no discipline and she was put to bed in her mothers bed. She climbed and jumped all over counters and furniture. Children need direction and need to know right from wrong. I couldnt stand to be around that child for more than a few minutes. She needs to stop blaming others for her child’s behavior and look in the mirror.

        1. Jane, calling the child a spoiled brat is a bit much. This is clearly her mother’s fault, not the kid. Sure, you can be annoyed by the child’s behavior but it’s the parent you should be upset with, not the kid. Dracilla honestly doesn’t know any better and she is like 4 (I think?).

      2. Reminds me of that stupid nicole that told azan or whatever when she told her little girl to call him daddy. That poor child.

  20. After watching episode after episode where Deavan was wondering if Jihoon’s family would accept Drascilla as their own, I couldn’t help wondering “who” and “where” is this child’s own biological father.

    1. According to Deaven it was an abusive relationship and I believe she claimed to have a restraining order against him

    2. The kid always seems to have a tablet or electronic device in front of her. From the first episode with the kid in it, it was obvious that she ruled the roost and was going to do whatever she wants because they didn’t care to correct her. It probably explains why she took off running. They rarely showed them doing anything outside of 4 walls so I can only assume that the kid doesn’t have experience with running off like that. Deavan needs to focus on raising her kids instead of collecting baby daddies. The kid needs to be taught right from wrong and be disciplined. Deavan needs to take ownership for her contribution to the problem and correct it.

    1. Whatever issues this child has, if it is lack of discipline or a real diagnosable condition, action should be taken now. Early intervention is key. The scene where she runs blindly, full speed into traffic should have been a clue that something needs to be done and done quickly! She’s not 2, she’s 3 and out of control. Interestingly, the cameras never showed the child being reprimanded or corrected

  21. You can clearly tell that this child has some mental health issues, and her sorry ass mom refuses to get her help, look Driscilla has never even spoken a full sentence, her behavior is not normal, it has nothing to do with her being wild or bad, she has a mental health disorder, and Deavon, look there was episode where she was clearly self medicated, who lies about their child being abused

  22. Driscilla is bad as hell. Always running around like some wild feral child…she looks and acts like she bites. Deavan needs to start disciplining that child, and correcting that behavior before it’s too late. She needs to realize that child’s behavior is neither acceptable or cute.

  23. You could tell little Dracula was a grade A brat as soon as she appeared onscreen. Thanks to her shite mother, she will not listen to anyone, it seems. Remember the scene with her sitting on the kitchen counter with her loaded ass diaper right next to the plate of eggs? I died ?? Jihoon dodged a big bullet with this trash family. I just feel bad for their little boy.

  24. Not sure if the child has a disciplinary problem or a unnamed disorder that they didn’t want put up on the show.

  25. Poor Drascilla was born into such dysfunction (starting with her name). She doesn’t get positive attention, encouragement, or discipline. Deavan is too busy facetuning only fans photos, on social media, and chasing after men to properly care for Drascilla.

    1. Exactly! That little girl was so out of control. And Deavan was as miserable as Jess on Below Deck Med. The only time Deavan smiled was when her and her Mom left Drascilla with Jihoon. They showed her just hitting him.

      1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
        We saw early on that little Drascilla is acting out probably for attention and obviously has behavioral problems. Deavan is very young and her mom is clueless , the child’s behavior is not cute or normal and they need to address it now . The boy will learn from her and turn out horribly as well.

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