‘The Challenge: We Want OGs’ Is About to Start Filming! Check Out the Old-School Vets Who Are Reportedly Appearing on the Spin-Off

Kudos to Mark for achieving such a lofty goal…and such lofty hair…

Last summer, The Challenge vet Mark Long first shared his dream of bringing some of the OG show vets together for a special season of ‘The Challenge.’ Six months later, his dream is about to come to fruition!

The sleuths over at Vevmo revealed this week that an assortment of old-school veteran ‘Challenge,’ Real World and Road Rules players— many of whom haven’t been on the show for years— left on Friday to begin their pre-filming quarantine in Texas. From there, the cast will head off to the official filming location, after a week of quarantining. (Of course, they will be COVID-tested, and if anyone tests positive an alternate will take their place.)

Right now, they are using the working title of “We Want OGs,” but that is very likely to be changed by the time the show goes to air.

Here’s a look at the cast as of press time. (Keep in mind that some of these players may end up being alternates!) The show will be hosted by regular ‘Challenge’ host TJ Lavin.


Abram Boise (Original season: ‘Road Rules: South Pacific’ 2003)

Ace Amerson (Original season: ‘The Real World: Paris’ 2003)

Cohutta Grindstaff (Original season: ‘The Real World: Sydney’ 2007)

Darrell Taylor (Original season: ‘Road Rules: Campus Crawl’ 2002)

Derrick Kosinski (Original season: ‘Road Rules: X-Treme’ 2004)

Eric “Big Easy” Banks (Original season: ‘The Challenge: Fresh Meat’ 2006)

Laterrian Wallace (Original season: ‘Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour’ 2000)

Alton Williams (Original season: ‘The Real World: Las Vegas’ 2002) 

Mark Long (Original season: ‘Road Rules: First Adventure’ 1995) 

Nehemiah Clark (Original season: ‘The Real World: Austin’ 2005) 

Ryan Kehoe (Original season: ‘The Challenge: Fresh Meat’ 2006)

Syrus Yarbrough (Original season: ‘The Real World: Boston’ 1997)

Teck Holmes (Original season: ‘The Real World: Hawaii’ 1999)

Yes Duffy (Original season: ‘Road Rules: Semester at Sea’ 1999)

“To answer your question— YES I’ll be there!”


Aneesa Ferreira (Original season: ‘The Real World: Chicago’ 2002)

Arissa Hill (Original season: ‘The Real World: Las Vegas’ 2002)

Beth Stolarczyk (Original season: ‘The Real World: Los Angeles’ 1993) 

Casey Cooper (Original season: ‘The Challenge: Fresh Meat’ 2006) 

Jisela Delgado (Original season: ‘Road Rules: The Quest’ 2001)

Katie Doyle (Original season: ‘Road Rules: The Quest’ 2001) 

Kellyanne Judd (Original season: ‘The Real World: Sydney’ 2007) 

Kendal Sheppard (Original season: ‘Road Rules: Campus Crawl’ 2002)

Ruthie Alcaide (Original season: ‘The Real World: Hawaii’ 1999)

Sophia Pasqui (Original season: ‘Road Rules: The Quest’ 2001)

Jemmye Carroll (Original season: ‘The Real World: New Orleans’ 2010) 

Trishelle Cannatella (Original season: ‘The Real World: Las Vegas’ 2002)

(Keep in mind this cast list can change at any time.) 

MTV has yet to officially confirm the spin-off; however Mark stated in August that Bunim-Murray has partnered with him on the project. No specifics about the game have been revealed yet.

Mark previously said the OG season would ideally be held over a two-week shooting period instead of the typical ‘Challenge’ eight-week schedule and that he wouldn’t want to see anyone eliminated from the game, though competitors would take part in “fun and games.” The two-time ‘Challenge’ champ also noted he’d like to see a winner “handsomely rewarded somehow.” 

Until more info is available, enjoy this flashback clip of one of the amazing ‘Real World/Road Rules’ season intros! 

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(Photos: MTV)

17 Responses

  1. Although I love Aneesa and Darrell, they are currently starring on this season of The Challenge. They may be OGs, but I want to catch up with people who haven’t been on the show in a decade or two.

  2. Love love love this. I personally can not wait to watch!! I personally feel it needs more of the guy OG’S. Wes or Bannanas for example.

  3. Not to be all ageist or anything, but aren’t some of these people over 50 now?? Hope they’re planning on being really, really careful, because injury at that age is NO JOKE.

  4. Omg I remember Ruthie’s Hawaii season… she had a major problem with alcohol. Wonder if she ever got herself sober, or if it was just a phase she was going through. IIRC, they had to take her to the hospital several times for alcohol poisoning, and she fell into the house pool and nearly drowned.

    1. Yessss ??? some trash tv I can finally get behind!!!

      Wish they woulda beefed up the girl lineup a bit…. but someone had a good point, they’re probably all grannies by now, I know I damn near am ??

    1. I wanted to see Cameron from Real World San Diego (and Southern Charm) Evelyn,and Paula. I’d say Colin too but I know he has spoken out against Bunim/Murray since he was last on so he probably wouldn’t come back.

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