‘The Challenge: All Stars’ Begins Streaming Next Month: See the Lineup of OG Competitors & Watch the First Trailer

The OGs are in the Challenge house.

The OGs of The Challenge are back and more competitive than ever.

What started as an online campaign last summer headed up by ‘The Challenge’ vet Mark Long to bring some of the OG competitors together for a special season of the competition show began filming earlier this year and now, viewers are getting a first look at The Challenge: All Stars, streaming next month on Paramount+.

“Here’s to our return to reality TV and to the return of those reality TV paychecks!”

‘The Challenge: All Stars’ will feature 22 OG competitors who will be competing for $500,000 and some major bragging rights. Joining the vets will be another familiar face: ‘Challenge’ host TJ Lavin. 

Also returning this season: TJ’s tough love.

While the ‘All Stars’ season is unlike any other, viewers can still expect the same over-the-top challenges – this time, set in the Andes Mountains of Argentina, according to MTV.

Coming soon to ‘The Challenge: All Stars’: big trucks, heavy breathing, bloody noses and…body sliding?

Here’s a look at ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ lineup, along with each competitor’s original show:  

Arissa Hill (The Real World: Las Vegas)

Jisela Delgado (Road Rules: The Quest)

KellyAnne Judd (The Real World: Sydney)

Jonna Mannion (The Real World: Cancun)

Jemmye Carroll (The Real World: New Orleans)

Aneesa Ferreira (The Real World: Chicago)

Kendal Sheppard (Road Rules: Campus Crawl)

Katie Doyle (Road Rules: The Quest)

Teck Holmes (The Real World: Hawaii)

Laterrian Wallace (Road Rules: Maximum Velocity)

Ace Amerson (The Real World: Paris)

Yes Duffy (Road Rules: Semester at Sea)

Alton Williams (The Real World: Las Vegas)

Nehemiah Clark (The Real World: Austin)

Derrick Kosinski (Road Rules: X-Treme)

Mark Long (Road Rules: First Adventure)

Darrell Taylor (Road Rules: Campus Crawl)

Trishelle Cannatella (The Real World: Las Vegas)

Beth Stolarczyk (The Real World: Los Angeles)

Syrus Yarbrough (The Real World: Boston)

Ruthie Alcaide (The Real World: Hawaii)

Eric “Big Easy” Banks (The Challenge: Fresh Meat)

While fans of ‘The Challenge’ have been able to see OGs like Darrell and Aneesa compete on The Challenge: Double Agents this year, ’All Stars’ Arissa, Jisela, Kendal, Teck, Larerrian and Yes have been out of ‘The Challenge’ game since the early 2000s. It’s been about a decade since OGs Katie, Ace, Alton, Nehemiah, Trishelle, Beth, Mark, Syrus, Ruthie and Big Easy threw on matching athletic wear to throw down against their fellow ‘Challenge’ competitors. 

Unfinished business, coming in hot.

Jemmye, whose most recent ‘Challenge’ appearance was on 2018’s Final Reckoning, shared her excitement about the show, revealing she hadn’t intended to return for another season of ‘The Challenge,’ but after getting the call for ‘All Stars,’ she had to “come back for one last dance.” 

“It was a complete honor to play the game with so many legends,” she wrote on Instagram. “This was truly the most fun challenge experience I’ve ever had. OGs over everybody babyyy.” 

Jemmye also gave Mark – aka ‘The Challenge’ Godfather – a shoutout in her post.

“…and then let’s all try to get a solid 8 hours. Cool?”

“Stepping onto the bus that day & watching your dream become a reality was one of the dopest things I’ve ever been a part of,” she added. “What a beautiful ride with the most beautiful people.” 

Jonna, who fans last saw in 2016 on Battle of the Exes II, shared on social media that she “almost fell out of [her] chair” when she got the call to be on ‘All Stars.’ Jonna said her husband was the one who encouraged her to do the show and revealed she had welcomed her second child just seven months earlier. 

‘The Challenge: All Stars’ begins streaming April 1 on Paramount+. 

Check out the first trailer below! 

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(Photos: YouTube; Paramount+; Instagram) 


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  1. I haven’t seen Teck since he appeared in that one episode of Friends a million years ago.

    I have zero plans to pay for this new streaming service.

  2. Ditto. Plus I don’t feel like several of that cast qualifies as “og’s of the challenge” I also don’t think those currently/recently on the show should have been included. Should be a where are they now of past favorite cast members.

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