‘Selling Sunset’ Star Heather Rae Young Gets Slammed Online & Deletes Post After Showing Off Giant Tattoo She Got Of Her Fiance Tarek El Moussa’s Name On Her Butt

“Most people have giant tattoos of their fiance’s name on their butts, don’t they?”

Heather Rae Young got a tattoo for her fiancé Tarek El Moussa on Monday— and got plenty of hate on social media for it!

The Selling Sunset star did not get the response she was hoping for from the public when she posted the picture of her new ink— the words “Yes Sir, Mr. El Moussa” scrawled largely across her butt –with many of her followers calling her “desperate” and “creepy,” while others said the tattoo is “degrading.” 

Heather has since taken the post down; however, she posted a video on Tuesday that she filmed at the tattoo parlor before getting the ink.

In the now-deleted photo, Heather also showed off her upgraded engagement ring, along with her tattoo. In the caption of the photo, she wrote, “Happy Valentine’s Day Mr. El Moussa,” and tagged Tarek in the photo. “I love you handsome! Best Friends Forever.”

Tarek left a comment on the photo, writing, “Forever and ever and ever❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

In comments left on the post (that The Ashley screenshotted because she anticipated that the hate would cause Heather to delete the post), some people wondered if the tattoo was a “BDSM thing” or a “sex thing.”

“Why the ‘yes sir?'” one person asked. “Is it like sexual?”

Others felt that Heather’s gesture made her look like she is obsessed with her Flip or Flop star fiancé.

“This is too much…very obsessive and shows no self love,” one person wrote. “Bad, bad move. Hope you have no regrets one day.”

“Definitely obsessive & creepy,” someone else responded.

“This is unbelievably creepy,” another wrote.

“I’m happy she’s happy but she’s doing too much for a guy who [has] already been divorced and clearly picked her due to her looking like the ex wife,” someone else commented. (Tarek’s ex-wife is his ‘Flip or Flop’ co-star Christina Anstead, by the way.)

“OMG sis, blink twice if you’re not okay,” one person joked. 

In the video posted to Instagram Stories on Tuesday, Heather talked about the tattoo but did not say why she deleted the post. 

“Obviously you all saw that I got a tattoo,” she said, before posting a video taken the day before at the tattoo shop. In that video, Heather said that tattoo was “very meaningful” and that she was “doing it for my fiancé.”

“It’s something that’s just for us, so you might not get to see it,” Heather— who posted it for the world to see just hours after filming that— told her followers.

“This is something special just for us, baby… and my 1.6 million Instagram followers, of course!”

Tarek and Heather got engaged last July during a trip to California’s Catalina Island. While they have stated that they plan to get hitched sometime this year and are busy with wedding planning, they have yet to reveal their actual wedding date. 

Heather frequently gushes over Tarek on her Instagram. On January 29, she told her followers that she is thankful for him every day.

“He is my rock, my protector and supports me through everything in life.”

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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one to see that tarek really has a type. Christina is much cuter imo though. I honestly think they still have tons of chemistry and just wish that tarek would stop trying to make this one work. It’s cringe. The over posting imo shows how they really aren’t in love .

  2. I don’t see the problem. Some of us are sexually submissive. It’s not degrading in the least if we choose it. I’m in charge of everything in my relationship and I prefer for him to be in charge in the bedroom. It’s not degrading or abusive. The best way I can describe it is I draw the picture and he gets to color it anyway he wants, but he has to always stay between the lines I draw and not cross them. And saying “yes sir” isn’t degrading….he says yes ma’am to me sooo

  3. This might be an unpopular opinion but she’s an adult woman who can do whatever she wants with her body. Her choice, not anybody else’s. I personally wouldn’t get a tattoo like that, but if she wants to then great, doesn’t affect my life. I’m surprised at the amount of people who are seemingly angry about it.

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