‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Answers Questions About Her Newborn Daughter Walker; Plus See Video Footage of Walker’s Birth

“It’s nice not to have MTV pointing a camera in my face minutes after pushing a human being out of my hoo-ha!”

Chelsea Houska is adjusting to being a mother of four, but the former Teen Mom 2 star took some time to answer some of her fans’ questions about her newest addition, Walker June!

As The Ashley previously reported, Chelsea and her husband Cole DeBoer welcomed their daughter Walker June on January 25— weeks ahead of the baby’s due date. Since Chelsea is no longer appearing on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ there was no MTV film crew there to capture the Kodak moment (or document all of the in-the-stirrups grunts and groans). However, it appears that Cole did film a bit of Chelsea’s labor for a video posted to his Doin It With Cole YouTube channel.

(“Doin it with Cole” is exactly how Chelsea got herself in the birthing stirrups…hey-yo!)

Anyway, in the Q&A session posted to her Instagram Stories earlier this week, Chelsea answered some of questions her fans had about Walker, her name, her birth and whether or not Chelsea plans on “doin’ it with Cole” again (for the purpose of procreation).

On why she and Cole named the baby Walker:

“The fruits of doin’ it with Cole…”

Chelsea has gotten some criticism from fans over her choice of baby name, but she seems to be pleased with Walker’s name. She told fans that she and Cole planned to name Baby No. 4 Walker, regardless if it was a boy or girl.

As for where the unique name came from, Chelsea said it is the name of a place.

“There is a place that’s really special to me and was special to me growing up called Walker Valley,” Chelsea wrote. “Cole and I got married there.”

On how she’s functioning after having Walker:

Chelsea was open on ‘Teen Mom 2’ about her struggles with anxiety after the birth of her third child, Layne. However, it appears that, so far, things are going better this time around. When a fan asked Chelsea how she’s doing mentally, she wrote, “I’m actually feeling pretty good so far!” 

On how the birth of Walker went:

“Prepare to fire up the ol’ baby cannon! This one’s ready to blow!”

Walker was born on January 25– which is also the birthday of Chelsea’s son Watson. Chelsea said she was not expecting to go into labor, but was “feeling off” all that day.

“We had a full day with [Watson] …went to the hospital that night to get checked (not thinking I was actually in labor). Found out I was 5cm and my waters had broke (slow leak didn’t even know.) 

Chelsea said that she did not get an epidural for the birth. (To date, her only epidural was with her oldest Aubree’s birth.) 

On whether or not Walker is the last DeBoer baby:

Chelsea and Cole have said in the past that this baby will likely “complete” their family. However, when Chelsea was asked if she still feels that way, she said she was unsure.

“I don’t know,” she wrote. “Makes me sad to think about it!” 


On Tuesday, Cole posted footage from the night Walker was born. Chelsea and Cole are shown, both wearing masks in the hospital due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We see Chelsea and Cole in the hospital halls, trying to “walk the baby out.” (Naturally, Cole compliments Chelsea on how beautiful she looks because…Cole.)

We also get to see Baby Walker’s first moment of life, the first time Cole and Chelsea held her, and more footage from the night she was born.

Watch the full video below! 

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(Photos: YouTube)

19 Responses

  1. Glad I never had to push out kids while wearing fake eyelashes! That would have made me insane! Chelsea’s a lucky girl, with a lovely family. But boy, she’s got THREE little-littles now, and that’s A LOT of activity! I hope Aubree is helpful with the sibs.

    1. Clearly you know nothing about beauty treatments. They are clearly extensions that last about 6 weeks. They feel like normal lashes.

  2. As an expert of female anatomy, the “nipple” some folks are referring to is actually the babies finger. Although I agree with the entire “free the nip” movement, no nip slip here, this is a public service announcement from your boy.

    stay lit, pull them out girls

  3. I am so happy for Chelsea and her family. She has actually stayed out of trouble, found an incredible man, and I feel they are both very active in the kids lives too. Chelsea is seriously one of the only successful members of the franchise. Beautiful family- I love the name Walker.

  4. I love Chelsea, she’s beautiful and so is her family but that first picture looks like she has caterpillers crawling across her eyelashes.

  5. Chelsea’s hair color is fire. Chelsea is beautiful. Whoever edited the video knew what they were doing. How can you look that good after having a baby. Beautiful baby. Beautiful family. Congratulations!!!

  6. Oh my gosh, me too!!! I always think that I am done but, seeing that, I’m not so sure!! Baby Walker is so beautiful and the video was absolutely precious!! I don’t know if it was the music, or what, but almost made me cry!! Congratulations to Chelsea and Cole… they have the most beautiful family!! It must have been indescribable to FINALLy be able to have a child in peace… without MTV cameras in your damn face the second the baby pops out or, even worse, when the baby is coming!!! Now, they can enjoy the first few precious months with their children and newborn baby without having to worry about storylines and cameras!!!

    1. they made the choice to be on tv and made millions of dollars from it, she isn’t complaining why are you? She knows that the show is going to be over soon, the ratings are low, it can’t sell commercials with low ratings, she held on for dear life until it was pretty clear it was going to get canceled!

  7. 1. Did Chelsea know her nipple is in full view after the birth in the photo that has been shared with the world?


    3. Is nothing private and special anymore? Why do we need to see her “birth video”?

    4. Why is she caked in makeup for delivery?

    5. I thought they quit MTV for a more private life?

    1. 1- It’s a nipple, what are you afraid of?


      3- Some folks like preserving and sharing these moments, some don’t. Why’d you watch it if you didn’t want to?

      4- Because she wants to be.

      6-She quit to get away from MTV and the way that franchise publicizes their lives, particularly that of Aubree.

      1. OMG Pres of Peanut, love your response?
        Free the nips? We see dude nipples and nobody says shit, but God forbid women do and it’s “dirty.” It’s only”okay” if it’s for sexual reasons ?

        1. I didn’t even notice the nipple and then went back and watched it and still didn’t.
          Probably because I’m looking at the overall sweet picture rather than trying to find faults.

          Why do you have to find faults?

          Be kind, if your not interested don’t watch, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it.

          How would you feel if people picked on all your faults?

          ‘Celebrity’s’ don’t direct their free flow information to you for you to be unkind.
          I’m sure Cole didn’t upload the video to have countless unkind comments. I’m sure the video didn’t say “here’s Walkers birth, please find faults and comment below”
          People choose to follow ‘Celebrity’s’, so the ‘celebrity’s’ give something of themselves for those people.

          If you don’t like it or them or their content do read or watch or follow.

          For example: The Kardashian’s annoy me, my opinion, but I couldn’t tell you anything about them despite how much they are in the news and have a tv series and social media, and I have nothing negative to say about them because I don’t follow them. They obviously have enough people interested to have such public coverage.

          Nothing wrong with opinion, but just because there’s comments available, do we have to comment unkindly?

          Why do we have to be feel out negative opinion needs to be said?
          I grew up with ‘if you have nothing positive or kind to say, don’t say anything’ when did people stop being taught that?

          I’ve since expanded on it ‘ if your not being direct asked your opinion and it’s not positive or kind, keep it to yourself because it only provides a negative world’

          1. If you don’t like it or them or their content do read or watch or follow

            I meant don’t, obviously a mistake and a fault not needed to be found or commented on.

            Thank you

    2. I didn’t see a nipple, she’s wearing a nude colored bra in most of the photos. Have you had a baby without drugs?, a phone is a good distraction from the pain. Nothing wrong with wanting to preserve memories in their own way and share with whom ever they want. She probably wanted makeup on she she could feel good in the pictures.

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