“90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” Season 6 Premieres Next Month: Meet the Couples & Watch the First Trailer

TLC rolling up with another hot mess season of Happily Ever After?

Get ready for tears, toxic in-laws and tracking devices – a new season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? is on the way! 

Season 6 of the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off will follow the ups and downs of several fan-favorites who said “I do” on the TLC reality series. Premiering April 25, the new season will follow seven couples – five of which have already been announced, In Touch Weekly reports.

Check out the five confirmed duos below! 

Kalani, 32, and Asuelu, 25

Last season on ‘Happily Ever After?’ Kalani (from Washington) and Asuelu (from Samoa) faced major in-law drama and, based on the first look at Season 6, there’s plenty of family dysfunction to come between Asuelu’s “just give us the money” mom and sister and Kalani and her family.  

Toxic Tammy strikes again!

In between relationship drama and holiday brawls, Asuelu and Kalani will hunt for a new place to call home – preferably somewhere very far from Asuelu’s money-grubbing sister, Tammy, and his mom, Lesina.

Tiffany, 29, and Ronald, 31

Due to the pandemic, Tiffany (from Maryland) and Ronald (from South Africa) have been separated for a period of time, putting a strain on their relationship amid financial disputes. After Tiffany travels to South Africa to reunite with Ronald, however, the trouble is far from over as the couple argues over their roles in the home.  

“I’m gonna stop ya right there, Ronnie before we end up on whatever the South African equivalent of ‘Cops’ is.”

According to Ronald, Tiffany should do all of the cooking and cleaning and according to Tiffany, Ronald should stop talking before she goes back to the U.S. without him.

Angela, 54, and Michael, 32

Newlyweds Angela (from Hazlehurst, Georgia) and Michael (from Nigeria) are making their marriage work, despite being thousands of miles apart while Michael waits for his visa. 

We can never un-see this…

In the Season 6 teaser, however, we see that Angela still has some trust issues (which may be valid, according to Michael’s friends). 

“Ma’am, if I promise to help you, will you stop pulling random objects out of your bra and placing them on the counter?”

Oh, and Michael is still determined to father a baby with his new bride, despite the fact that she has no “totable” eggs left.. so there’s that

Elizabeth, 30, and Andrei, 34

Last season, Elizabeth (from Tampa, Florida) and Andrei (from Moldova) walked down the aisle for a second time in another wedding funded by Elizabeth’s dad, Chuck

There are a few people on this boat that deserve some “dogging” if you ask us…

More memorable than the ceremony was the nearly physical altercation that took place between Andrei and Elizabeth’s brother Charlie leading up to the festivities. Animosity among Andrei and his in-laws still lingers in Season 6 and another wild fight is on the horizon (and on the seas). 

Yara, 25, and Jovi, 29

On Friday night, the @FraudedMedia Instagram account revealed the fifth couple who would be appearing on ‘Happily Ever After?’ Season 6. Yara (who hails from Ukraine) and Jovi (from Louisiana). However, TLC has yet to officially confirm that the couple is officially part of the cast.

“90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” returns Sunday, April 25 on TLC. Check out the first look at Season 6 below!  

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(Photos: TLC; YouTube; Instagram) 

7 Responses

  1. The Teen Mom recaps were what brought me to The Ashley, but honestly now I would much rather see recaps of the 90 Days shows! At least they have more original characters than the TM.

  2. Mmmkay… I’ve not watched 90 Day for a couple of months, but I know basically all of the couples listed here.
    Angela is disgusting and I can’t believe Michael is still putting up with her shit.
    Tiffany is stupid for bringing Ronald into her kid’s life with all this turbulence.
    Andrrrrrrei is an abusive dick and Elizabeth needs to stop mooching off her family.
    I can’t believe Asuelu is only 25. He needs to stop snogging his mother and Kalani needs to stop being an unreasonable bitch.

    I think that’s covered it.

  3. Angela and Michael are beyond entertaining. I root for Tiffany a lot, but I don’t think it was a good idea to get married to Ronald that quickly, especially right out of rehab. I’m just waiting for something bad to happen, even though I hope it doesn’t.

  4. Kalani is the best. She is the sweetest, best mother I have seen on the show. I have no sympathy or patience for Elizabeth. She mooches off her dad then complains that everyone is in her business. I can’t wrap my head around full functioning adults who still live off their parents, and parents who allow it.

    Let’s be honest. We’re all here for Angela and Michael!!!

    1. Khalani gets a lot of help from her parents ..never doubt that.. she lives in their house for free. She admits that she doesn’t work and I Ashwelo only works part time at a frozen yogurt store..

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