Maci Bookout Says She Wants to Box Mackenzie Edwards After Watching Her on Tuesday’s Episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’: “I’m Done Playing Nice”

“Taylor can be my cornerman and squirt Bud Light into my mouth in between rounds!”

Maci Bookout is ready to ruuuumble!

The Teen Mom OG star came for Mackenzie Edwards while live-tweeting Tuesday’s episode of the show, implying Mackenzie is a “pig” and even offering to take her on in the boxing ring.

No, seriously… 

After Maci saw Mackenzie call her a “petty bitch” during the episode, Maci hit Twitter, coming for both Mack and Ryan Edwards, with whom she shares son Bentley.

“I’d rather be a petty bitch than a stupid one. #allday,” Maci wrote. 

When a fan asked Maci if she felt Mack had any other comebacks than calling Maci a petty bitch, Maci came out swinging.

“That would take a sense of humor, more education, and actual facts to speak about,” she tweeted. So… No she doesn’t.” (This was the second episode that Mackenzie called Maci that, by the way.) 

“I’ll never wrestle with pigs, you both get dirty… but the pig likes it! Truth hurts,” she added later. 

“Hey Ma, if you do end up wrestling…will you be following a strict 1200 calorie diet? Just wondering…”

After the episode, a fan suggested Maci take to the boxing ring to fight Mackenzie. 

“Can we set up a boxing match between Maci and the evil step-monster [Mackenzie]? She needs a good old fashioned beat down. I got my entire stimmy on Maci,” the fan wrote.

“If it’s for charity…SIGN ME UP!” Maci replied. 


Maci also called out Ryan for choosing to not attend Bentley’s events or call him regularly. (During the episode, Mackenzie said she was worried some of the actions of Ryan’s parents would give Maci a reason to keep Bentley away from Ryan. Ryan replied that Maci keeps Bentley away all the time.)

“When that girl [Mackenzie] says ‘if it has any effect on you seeing B’ & then he says ‘she does that all the time’ I’m like hold the damn phone,” Maci tweeted. “Do I have control over his bio dad showing up to 5 out of the 100 school/sport events Benny has? & why does he never call/text B?”

When Maci’s co-star Mackenzie McKee tweeted that she “couldn’t be as nice as Maci is” if she were to be in her situation, Maci replied, “The fuse is coming to it’s [sic] end.”

Although Mackenzie, Ryan and Ryan’s parents have yet to respond to Maci’s tweets, Maci followed them up on Wednesday with a clickbait (as you do).

After last night’s #TeenMomOG, I am done holding back,” she wrote. “There’s been SO MUCH I could say, could put out there, but no… I’ve held back. But I’m done playing nice. Game on.”

“Soooo….does this mean there’s hope of a Maci/Mack cage fight happening at the next reunion? I’ll wear a cup, if so!”

The Ashley knows that it’s unlikely that we will ever get that Maci/Mack boxing match (everyone pray to the Baby Jesus God Leah that it happens, please!), she volunteers to referee the match for free, as long as it’s filmed for our viewing entertainment.


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(Photos: MTV; Twitter)


    1. She acts high n mighty! Came in on the show and tried to take over as if she was queen s**t! I see no caring or bond between her n Bentley either!

  1. Mack is a step mom like my kids used to have (before she convinced my ex husband to get my husband to adopt his children so they wouldn’t have to pay child support). This lady thought her kids were going to find a cure for cancer and walked on water, and mine were horrific. It was a terrible time in our lives.

  2. Do these people know that there is kids stuck in the middle of this? These people er so effing selfish, all of them ..

    1. When a person (Maci) “fights” FOR your kid(s), how is that selfish?

      Those (Amber, Jenelle, the Edward’s clan) that fight just simply to get attention, yes that’s selfish.

        1. MY point is, when you the fight is FOR the kid(s) and not themselves, HOW IS IT SELFISH?

          Get MY point, just asking?

          1. I dont give a shit about your point or opinion random stranger on the internet, it’s you who keep barking at me, not the other way around 😄

          2. If voicing a difference of opinion is what you call “barking” then that’s you.

            I wasn’t barking…believe me.

        2. If voicing a difference of opinion is what you call “barking” then that’s you.

          What you call “the point” is “your point”. I was making “my point”.

          I have not “barked” at you…believe me.

      1. She isn’t trying to fight for her kid she wants to fight over something someone said about her. What is strange is her entire storyline revolves around her talking about Ryan but if they say anything about her it is a problem. She is exploiting Bentley and it isn’t okay. This show needs to be cancelled for the sake of the children featured in it.

        1. I agree, shes done just as much wrong as Ryan (not the same things, but wrong is wrong). But of the 2 of them who has been there physically, emotionally and financially for Bentley…Maci, right?

          That’s the thing, everyone complains about Ryan (and God knows that those complain about him are in the right) but nobody cuts Maci ANY slack.

          Mack running her mouth off about Maci is wrong, but besmirching the character of the one bio parent that has been there from day freaking 1 is wrong too…especially when Mack and her druggy hubby have done NOTHING for Bentley!!!

          All they have done is bitch

  3. Mack is the step mom that none of us women want their child to have. She’s an awful human being. Has she ever brought anything to the table except for negativity? What’s wrong with this world is people don’t get their asses kicked anymore. People can run their mouth and cause misery to others because they face zero consequences. Sorry. Just my opinion.

    1. I don’t understand why people dislike her so much. Maci’s entire storyline has revolved around talking about Ryan but if a single thing is said about her it is a problem. That isn’t fair.

      1. I’m not even a Maci fan but I think any mother would have lots of things to say about her sons Dad shoooting up drugs. She’s nicer than me. He wouldn’t be around my son until he proves himself. I’m a recovering addict. I jumped through hoops to prove myself. I deserved every horrible thing that was said to me. Then they have the nerve to condone his BS. But yeah, Maci has no right 😒

  4. I am not an attorney, nor do I have much personal experience with custody matters, but if Ryan was so serious about spending time with Bentley couldn’t he file for a new custody agreement to get more time with Bentley? Not saying he would have a decent case (we all saw that video of him driving high and he’s done some jail time for heroin) but I think we would give more credence to his claims (and those of Larry, Jen, and Mackenzie) if he really fought to have a relationship with Bentley.

    It’s easier to blame Maci than to admit your fault in the current state of your relationship with your son. Or grandson. Does Ryan even interact with his other children? Any time Ryan is on screen, he is in the vicinity of his babies but I don’t see actual positive interaction with them. As for Mackenzie’s comments about her kids feeling disappointed by not spending time with Bentley—if you want what is best for your children, sometimes as the parent you have to eat a little shit. Swallow your pride and take the steps necessary to repair the relationship with Maci and Taylor so your kids can spend time with their brother. Calling Maci a bitch (repeatedly) on tv or in interviews or on Insta isn’t going to give your kids time with Bentley. Here’s an idea Mac—Bentley is involved in a lot of sports. Try taking your kids to his game. Maybe they won’t be interacting but I think it would go a long way to improving the relationship.

    Good luck Maci in dealing with this madness.

    1. They don’t have a custody agreement at all, though; Maci has just always been fairly generous with whatever time the Edwards’ wanted with Bentley and also allowed B to decide how much time he wanted to spend with them once he was older. Ryan talked a lot when Bentley was younger about taking Maci to court but he never actually did. That’s what makes the whole thing ten times as ridiculous! Here’s a guy who has never had any LEGAL custody, yet he and his wife (and now his parents) love to scream about Maci keeping Bentley from them. Even if it was really happening, there’s ways to make sure she can’t do that. And even if you have a court order and she refuses to abide by it, drag her ass back into court. It costs money, but that family clearly has money, so there you go. Actions speak louder than words, and Ryan just doesn’t actually want what he claims he does.

      Also, others have commented how Mack clearly changed the whole dynamic of Maci and the Edwards’ relationship, which she did. Then she had two kids with Ryan on top of it. Does anyone else think that maybe Jen and Larry have backed off from their relationship with Bentley because they believe that Bentley is well taken care of with Maci and Taylor, so they’re throwing all of their energies at Jagger and Stella, because of the train wrecks that those two got for parents? They feel like they have to choose, so they’re choosing the two that they feel need them the most? I’m not defending Jen and Larry because they’ve done some super shady things over the past year or two, not to mention enabled Ryan all of those years, but just wondering if this might be the reason behind some of their actions.

  5. Can we please talk about the dead animal that is Ryan’s hair on this weeks eppie? I honestly took pause when I saw it and had to convince myself that this wasn’t a Halloween episode.

    1. I know! I was thinking did his head explode? Is that what happens when you’re so stoned, even your hair looks stoned? He is seriously f-ed up!

    2. Lol!! Reddit has a whole thread about Ryan and his hair on that episode. He also always looks so spaced out.

  6. So Maci woke up and chose violence LOL…but seriously Mack, Rhine, Jen and Larry trash talk Maci entirely too much. They’re putting on this ridiculous act like Rhine wants to be a dad to Benny so badly, but Maci’s in the way. I 10000% believe Maci when she says that Rhine only attends 5/100 games…I honestly think she’s probably being too generous with that (I bet it’s probably 2 a year).

    1. Maci’s been awake and knowledgeable about Ryan pretty much since day 1, but was putting up with it until the drugs/arrests happened and she had Jen and Larry in her corner, now Mack is in the picture making an already bad situation way worse. It’s HER NOT MACI that’s the problem.

      1. Agreed!!!!! I don’t even watch the show anymore, but I do remember the dynamics changed when MacKenzie entered. I think the last season I watched was when she STILL MARRIED Ryan when he was SWERVING to their wedding!
        That was disgusting that she went ahead with it! No damn standards!

        1. Right? It was crystal clear what an enabler Mack was when the episode aired of him driving them to their wedding high as a kite.

        2. Does anybody else think Mac was SUPER COMFORTABLE taking over the wheel in that episode where he was high off his ass? Like, how many times has she done that to get to that level of calm? Oh, the driver seems to have passed the hell out, let me just fix that…

  7. i don’t blame maci at all for blowing up at them. unlike chelsea with donna and adam, we’ve all seen how graceful and patient maci has been with ryan and his parents, she encourages bentley to have a relationship with his dad and it’s not her job to make sure ryan does his part as a parent. even after what ryan said to taylor she was never petty. mac is just pissed she married a junkie for 5 minutes of fame and got stuck with him

    1. Are you saying Chelsea should put up with A-d-a-m and NOT go off??

      Boy I’d go off on him if I was her!!! Truth be told if it wasn’t for the muscles I’d probably kick his ass!!!

      And Chelsea never even mentioned Donna until the custody agreement included her. And that was because she wasn’t following the court ruling that A-d-a-m was not supposed to there when Aubree was but she allowed it anyways!!

  8. Honestly, the winner is the one who takes the high road. (No Rhine, not THAT kind of high!)

    Seriously, name calling and literally fighting is ridiculous, especially when youre trying to show who the MATURE one is.

    Eventually, your kids see it all, so just keep being the person you want them to see.

    1. Maci and Taylor have already expressed how they want their kids to act as adults. First try to talk through their problems and if that dont work they “do what they gotta do” (Maci’s quote not mine).

  9. I know you’re supposed to support your husband and everything, but is MacKenzie not aware that Rhine has been taped now for over a decade and it’s abundantly clear that he just doesn’t care about Bentley. I think he used to go over to Jen and Larry’s every weekend or every other weekend and Rhine was too busy getting High High to care. Working a 9-5 does suck, but I wonder if Mackenzie ever regrets marrying that paycheck, because Rhine literally has no redeeming qualities.

  10. Lol I’d watch that but we all know Mac would never do that because she is “too classy”.

  11. Mac is so jealous of Maci. Let’s see, Ryan is still triggered by Maci (aka never got over). Mac has nothing going on but to try and ride out the teen mom train. Never is Ryan anywhere but on a couch. And what happened to Larry? He used to see though Ryans act. Go Maci.

    1. I have always thought it was Maci not over Ryan not the other way around. She literally makes a living talking about him. Her entire storyline is about him. Even when she got him kicked off the show her storyline still was her talking about him.

      1. Well, he is unfortunately Bentley’s father and every action her makes as a human being is gonna effect his son!!

        For someone who claims to be a “grown ass man” he should know this!!!

    2. Yeah remember Larry said he hated Ryan, didn’t want anything to do with him and if he was on fire he wouldn’t even spit on him! But now a whole different story! Such harsh words to just be all forgotten

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