‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown Responds to Brother Matt’s Shocking Video About His Time on the Family’s Show: “He Needs Professional Help!”

Brown bro vs. Brown bro.

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown is denying recent allegations made by his older brother Matt Brown regarding the authenticity of the family’s show and the money the family earned, which Matt claims went entirely to their father, the late Billy Brown. In an Instagram video rant posted last weekend, Matt also accused the ‘ABP’ producers of giving him and his parents drugs.

Bear took to Instagram this week to “set the record straight,” insisting to his followers that none of what Matt has alleged on social media is true. He also criticized his brother for speaking ill of their father, who died in February. 

“It’s heartbreaking that he would say such horrible lies about Da just a few months after he passed away,” Bear added. “I pray that he can find the peace and serenity in his life that he needs. God bless everyone!” 

In his lengthy video, Matt— who has not appeared on the family’s show since 2018— alleged that the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ production crew gave his parents drugs, “mainly cocaine.” He said that’s where he got his drugs, too, ultimately leading to his stint in rehab. (Matt will reportedly celebrate three years of sobriety in July.) 

Matt said this all culminated in him starting to drink heavily and becoming an alcoholic, as well as having an affair with a married woman. In addition to the many claims made in his Instagram video (click here for The Ashley’s full recap), Matt said he was currently cold, without money and had hardly anything to eat.   

The day after Matt posted his truth-bomb video, he went on to post a couple of follow-up videos thanking fans for their support and explaining that he is unable to accept money due to his sobriety plan. He did, however, ask fans for help finding a good attorney.  

While many of Matt’s social media followers seem willing to help him, some fans of the show criticized Bear and the rest of the Brown family for not doing the same. In response to a comment on Bear’s page, Bear said his brother needs help beyond what the family can provide. 

“You have no idea what [you’re] talking about,” he wrote. “We have done nothing but support him! He needs professional help!” 

As of press time, Bear is the only member of the Brown family to respond to Matt’s claims publicly. Discovery Channel has also not responded. 

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(Photos: Instagram) 


  1. Wow….Bear your brother Matt may need professional help and maybe the things he said aren’t true, however professional help includes family, maybe all some of you could help him.

  2. Matt Good for you. Stay clean and sober. Glad you were able to break away from them. All you kids were your parents little soldiers.. They have made millions from this show. You should have your share. Those 2 girls married to your brothers are just gold diggers. Alot was easy to figure out about your parents if anyone watched and listened closely… Its very sad that this has happened to you and your siblings.

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