‘The Challenge’ Star Stephen Bear Officially Charged with Voyeurism, Harassment & Disclosing Private Sexual Photographs in Revenge P0rn Case; Georgia Harrison Responds

“You’re facing some ‘beary’ serious charges, buddy!”

Stephen Bear has been officially charged in regard to the revenge p0rn allegations his ex Georgia Harrison made against him last year.

The BBC News reported on Friday that the former Celebrity Big Brother winner and star of The Challenge faces charges of voyeurism; disclosing private sexual photographs and films with intent to cause distress; and harassment without violence. These charges stem from the allegations Georgia made against him in December, claiming he filmed and shared an intimate video of her without her consent. She also claimed that he shared the video on his Only Fans page without her knowledge or consent.

After news of the charges went public, Georgia took to her Instagram Stories to make a comment on the situation.

Last year, Georgia alleged Bear used the closed-circuit television (CCTV) – primarily used for surveillance purposes – in his home to record some NSFW footage of her without her consent. Georgia claims Bear showed the video to multiple people and used it to earn a profit on his OnlyFans page. Bear denied Georgia’s accusations and even claimed in a statement to be victim in the situation as well. 

In January, Bear was arrested at Heathrow Airport in London. 

On Friday, the Essex Police released a statement to the BBC confirming the official charges against Bear.

“A man has been charged in connection with an investigation into the disclosure of intimate photographs without consent,” the statement reads. “Stephen Bear, 31, of Bryony Close, Loughton, was arrested in January. He has now been charged with voyeurism, disclosing private, sexual photographs and films with intent to cause distress, and harassment without violence.”

He is due to appear in court on July 2. 

Bear has yet to comment publicly on the charges, which could result in a prison sentence of up to two years. (Revenge p0rn has been illegal in the United Kingdom since October 2015, according to the BBC.)

While Bear has remained silent, Georgia spoke out on Friday to encourage her followers who find themselves in similar situations to speak up for themselves.


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A post shared by Georgia Harrison (@georgialouiseharrison)

“Thank you to everyone for all of your continued support,” she wrote. “I hope I can help encourage others to stick up for themselves even though it’s scary and eventually have the right to talk about the poor compliance issues on social media platforms that helped escalate this situation on an international level without my consent or even my knowledge until it was far too late.

“As it stands I am unable to make any further comment for legal reasons but I see & appreciate you all.”


To date, Bear has appeared on three seasons of ‘The Challenge’: 2019’s ‘War of the Worlds’ and ‘War of the Worlds II,’ and 2020’s ‘Total Madness.’ Georgia also starred on the ‘War of the Worlds’ and  ‘War of the Worlds II’ seasons.

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  1. Hes a prick, not all British men are like this overgrown manchild, steven isabout as mature as a mouldy dog turd.

  2. He is the worst. He treats women like shit and just does not care how it makes them feel – it’s like he’s dead inside. He’s not even good looking either – especially when his personality is revealed. Women should steer clear. I have an ex like him; will say anything to get you into bed and when it comes down to it the only thing he really cares about is his penis. Sad individual.

  3. I really hope the rest of the world don’t think all UK men are like this. He’s one of those people that somehow thinks a bit of “fame” means he’s above the law.

    1. I promise not to judge all UK men by the actions of a visible few, if you promise the same for the US men who are often featured here (and elsewhere)! ? Thankfully, they’re not representative of (most) of the men I know!

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