JoJo Siwa & Paris Hilton Are Returning to Reality TV With New Shows on Peacock: Get Details on JoJo’s New Dance Competition & Paris’ Wedding Docuseries

Bridal dress shopping and big bows, coming soon to Peacock.

Two reality TV stars are staging their comebacks via the Peacock streaming service! 

The Wrap reported this week that both JoJo Siwa and Paris Hilton will appear on new shows for the streaming service. The first show sees JoJo Siwa heading back to reality TV with her mom, Jessalynn Siwa, in tow. The mother/daughter duo will work to put together a new pop music group.

JoJo’s show— which has the working title of The Siwa Dance Pop Revolution—will have the former Dance Moms star and new LGTBQ+ icon serving as a choreographer and mentor to a new pop group handpicked by her mother.

“Jess has searched the country for the most talented kid triple threats, and through a series of competitions and performances, she will determine the members of their new pop group,” announced the NBCU streaming service.

“With Jess as the manager and JoJo as the choreographer and mentor, Team Siwa will put to use all of their expertise in converting raw talent and skill into a worldwide phenomenon.”

The show is being developed by Bryan Stinson of Stinsa Media and Jessalynn, with JoJo serving as executive producer.

Jessalyn excitedly announced her new venture on Instagram this week. 

“Finally we can tell the world what we have been working on!!! It is going to be absolutely amazing! The stage is @peacocktv !! Everyone get ready for the best show ever !!!! XO!” Jessalynn wrote.

Also in the works for Peacock is a unscripted show starring one of the OGs of reality TV. The streaming service announced that it will bringing the married life of Paris Hilton to the small screen.

The 13-episode docuseries, Paris in Love, will follow the former star of The Simple Life star to the altar as she gets ready to marry Carter Reum, a venture capitalist and entrepreneur. 

“From bridal dress shopping and choosing the venue to designing her dream destination wedding and participating in what certainly will be a fun and crazy bachelorette party, viewers will be along for an entertaining and emotional ride and will witness a personal side of Paris that only her closest friends and family get to see,” the announcement stated.

Paris is far from a stranger to reality television. She appeared with Nicole Richie on ‘The Simple Life,’ which ran for five seasons between 2003 and 2007. From there she was a constant figure in the media and has been called one of the first “influencers.” 


In recent years, Paris has claimed that few knew “the real Paris.” Her first attempt at explaining herself came in 2008 with the documentary, Paris, Not France. In 2020 she tried again with her YouTube original documentary, This Is Paris, which gave people a look at the woman behind the dumb blonde persona so often thrown at her.

‘Paris in Love’ seems to be a continuation of that as well as a re-entrance into the reality television world. The docuseries will be produced by Warner Bros. with Paris serving as an executive producer alongside Bruce Gersh.

No premiere dates for ‘Paris in Love’ or ‘The Siwa Dance Pop Revolution’ have been released yet.

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13 Responses

  1. What’s with this 2021 obsession with Paris? Yes, it’s sad to hear she was abused at a boarding school and that’s awful- but her vapid and crappy personality really hurt women when she was huge.

    I don’t care that she made a s€x tape or dressed to go clubbing. I’m talking about how she’d bully other people and used her inherited fortune to bring others down. She was a straight up bully and really loved to look like an idiot.

    She can go back to 2001 and live there. Or she can keep being a dj and then I don’t have to be reminded of another talentless person contributing NOTHING to society.

    1. Who did Paris bully? I’m curious because the only thing I remember is her calling Lindsay firecr**ch.

      1. There were several women. I know N Richie spoke of it, Kim k and Lindsey. The fire crotch was stupid, but she would also talk about Lindsey’s wealth (or lack thereof) like the trust fund baby she is/was. She would often equate her lack of wealth to get worth.

        She’s beautiful and prob tons of fun to party with- but I don’t see her as this champion of girls and women. She’s a mean girl through and through without the atonement.

  2. Nope ?. ?

    Paris try being private
    Jojo. Get rid of that side ponytail & bow.
    I would watch the golf channel before I would watch either of these shows. ?

  3. Yeah, doubt Paris will make it down the aisle. She never does.

    And I’ve seen JoJo’s show before. It was called Making The Band. Urgh. Love the girl, but just no. New ideas, Hollywood, come on. ?

    1. Yeah this is like her 4th engagement. She’s no Leah Messer or Jenelle, those girls know how to get a guy to commit lololol!!

      Ugh to JoJo. She wasn’t my favorite dancer as a child on DM, her ppl need to let her be 19, not 7. It’s just so played out.

      There are no new ideas anymore. It’s just so much easier for them to reduce, recycle and reuse.

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