‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus Addresses Rumors Saying She’s No Longer Engaged to Javi Gonzalez; Reveals Why He’s Been Totally Deleted From Her Social Media Accounts

“We truly couldn’t be happier. Is that not obvious?”

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus still has a wedding to plan, despite recent actions suggesting otherwise. 

Shortly after Briana shared the news of her engagement to Javi Gonzalez last month, fans began to speculate that the couple had already called it quits, as Briana seemed to delete all traces of Javi II from social media – including the proposal montage she had posted to TikTok. The supposed lovebirds also unfollowed each other on The ‘Gram.

However, Briana insisted (in a #LinkInBio article, naturally) that everything is fine in her relationship. 

“I was going to stay silent on this… and I even ignored this when it first popped up last week as I laughed it off,” she told Celebuzz. “But since it’s coming up again that Javi and I are no longer together, with reports even aiming to investigate ‘what went wrong,’ I feel compelled to speak up.” 

Briana said not only are she and Javi II still planning to walk down the aisle, but the tattoo artist has already made an upgrade to Briana’s bridal bling. 

“First off, Javi and I are 100 percent together and we are happy,” she said.

“In fact, he went to the store to upgrade my ring today. You can see in the text [shown to Celebuzz] where he says that he loves me and ‘the wedding bands that go with it for after we’re married are so fire.’ So yes, we’re together, very much in love, and engaged.” 

As for the lack of Javi II photos on her social media, Briana claims there were never photos of him on her page.

“ … There NEVER were,” she said. “They were only on my IG Story. All of these ‘social media stalkers’ who claim to ‘know so much’ should’ve been able to pick up on that and, in addition, should know that an Instagram Story post expires in 24 hours (thus they would be deleted after the 24 hour period).” 

“Unlike some things… ” 

Briana also explained that she doesn’t follow her fiancé on Instagram because she doesn’t follow anyone on the social media platform, but even if she did, “that would never be indicative of my relationship status.”

(For the record, Javi II isn’t following Briana on Instagram either.)

Unrelated, but OG Javi isn’t following her either… 

“That’s just stupid,” she said. “This is SOCIAL MEDIA – it’s not someone’s real, 24/7 life. People really need to get their facts straight and come correct before continuing to perpetuate completely false allegations and rumors. 

 “So to reiterate – yes, I’m with Javi,” she continued. “Yes, we’re engaged. Yes, we’re in love. And yes, we are planning on getting married. Sorry to the haters, and likely some of my co-stars, who tried to get a good laugh, but this time the joke’s on you.”

“I wonder which ‘co-stars’ she’s talking about…?”

“To my supporters, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and look forward to continuing to share my progress towards marriage with Javi with you all,” Bri continued. 

When Bri and Jav II do finally make it down the aisle, it likely won’t be a fancy affair. During an Instagram Q&A session on Tuesday, Briana stated that she may just have a “quickie” wedding.

“Don’t you tell me that I’m not gonna get to wear my new pumps I bought for the wedding! Oh, HELL NO!”

When asked if she would prefer a small or big wedding, Briana replied that she wants her nuptials to be “very small, [we may] even elope. 

“I don’t like big weddings. And no I’m not getting married [right now],” she added.

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(Photos: Instagram; Briana DeJesus/Celebuzz; MTV)

34 Responses

  1. Let’s be honest, she doesn’t want a large wedding because aside of the Coven and Shirley, who else is she gonna invite?!

  2. I know the Ashley post facts
    Sorry i do not beleive Brianna said the word “indicative”
    Even if coached by a publicist.
    Unless it was a quote direct from her publicist.
    Bottom line that word didnt come out of her mouth.

    1. Thank you! Nor do I believe she said, “perpetuate” and “reiterate”. A publicist wrote this, while attempting to mix in enough colloquialisms to make it appear that Briana actually said these things.

  3. The fact you need an upgrade before you are even married should tell him to run. Also the other million reasons

  4. The way Briana brags and blows money…If that marquise is an upgrade from that original engagement ring, then that original one must have been a cubic zirconia and just used as a prop for her to get attention…cuz if that marquise is a real diamond, then the clarity on that thing looks like it SUCKS. This girl is so full of it.

  5. She may have written that statement… Only because Javi II had mentioned something about comprehension. It just took her. Couple weeks to out the statement together, and also, I HIGHLY doubt he upgraded so called ring. Is that a thing? To upgrade a ring right away? (I was engaged at 23 and we put off our wedding until 31 for one reason or the other. We decided to update my ring as we actually began planning just because it had been so long, but that was just us). I believe she may have done her thing where she sends these texts to herself from a different phone like she does when “Devoin” sends her messages and she puts him on blast on national television. I guess she didn’t realize some of us have caught on to the fact that his name is different on her phone when it comes to his texts. As much as she feels “compelled” to respond, she should more so worry about setting a good example for her kids instead.

  6. 1) I don’t believe she didn’t have pictures. I believe she removed them because people hadn’t talked about her in 15 minutes and she was feeling neglected.

    2) What does #linkinbio mean? I rarely use Instagram and only for 90 Day Fiance purposes, so I see it but I don’t know what it means.

    1. The hashtag directs people to a link in the persons profile bio. They get a kick back from the website for driving traffic to it.

  7. “Indicadive, perpetuate, reiterate”

    I see Bri took herself to thesaurus.com after Javi’s comment about comprehension. ?

    1. Lol I thought the same thing! Needless to say, she has a point. Good for her for keeping her relationship as private as she can keep it. But let’s be real, she didn’t write that statement lol.

      1. Umm. I know a bunch of “big words” too due to my English degree, but I also swear like a truck driver. You can have it both ways.

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