‘Jersey Shore’ Baby Mama Jen Harley Checks Into Rehab for Alcohol Dependency Following Latest Arrest for Domestic Violence

“If The Situation can do it, I can too!”

Jenn Harley has apparently grown tired of getting drunk, fighting with her boyfriends and getting arrested, and is ready to make a change.

The baby mama of Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro reportedly checked into rehab on Saturday morning. Her manager, Gina Rodriguez, confirmed the news to TMZ on Sunday. (If Gina’s name sounds familiar, it’s probably because she appears on Mama June: From Not to Hotand was Farrah Abraham‘s manager during the whole ‘Backdoor Teen Mom’-apolooza!) 

Anyway, Jenn will apparently be getting her sobriety on in Las Vegas.

“Jenn Harley has decided to check into a Las Vegas rehab facility to seek treatment for her alcohol dependency,” Gina told TMZ. “She made the decision to get help because she wants to be the best parent she can be for her children.”

(In addition to Ariana— the daughter she shares with Ronnie— Jenn also has 11-year-old son Mason from a previous relationship.)

Gina told the site that Jenn is doing a 28-day rehab program.


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This decision comes just a month after Jenn was arrested for domestic violence and assault with a deadly weapon. Back in June, Jenn and her boyfriend Joseph Ambrosole allegedly got into a nasty argument about parking and Jenn’s drinking. (This argument took place in the parking lot of the Crazy Horse 3 strip club in Las Vegas, naturally.)

Things escalated and strip club security gave them the boot. The couple kept arguing, with Jenn eventually “wailing” on the back of Joe’s head and throwing his cellphone out of the car. When Joe went to look for his phone, Jenn reportedly drove off and left Joe in the middle of the street. Joe claims when he finally made it back home, Jenn pointed a gun at him and threatened his life. She was eventually arrested, and Joe and Jenn made amends. 

Jenn’s latest mugshot offering, courtesy of TMZ…

(The drama between these “lovebirds” may not be over though, as Joe posted to Instagram Stories on Sunday that he was “about to be dropping some” bombs. It is unknown if these “bombs” have anything to do with Jenn; however, the message was posted shortly after news of Jenn going to rehab went public.) 

Jenn— who currently works as a real estate agent in Las Vegas— has long been accused by various men in her life of having problems with alcohol as well as drugs. In addition to Joe making accusations about Jen’s drug use in the past, Ronnie has posted numerous accusations against Jen. Back in April, he posted screenshots of a text convo between Jen and someone where he claimed Jen was “begging” people to sell her cocaine. In that same social media rant, Ronnie called Jen a “crackhead” and made note of her multiple DUI arrests. 

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14 Responses

  1. Manager? What does she need a manager for? To manage her arrest record?

    Who would hire this idiot as a realtor?

  2. If Jen wants to be present in her children”s lives, being sober would be a start. For Ariana’s sake especially, I hope Jen finds it in her soul to commit to this. I think both of Jen’s parents are deceased, so Ariana’s only backup is…Ron. Another violent addict! Yikes. Praying for baby Ariana.

  3. The only reason she went to rehab is to make her case look better when she goes to court to face some serious charges. Any smart (even dumb) lawyer will tell his client to do the same. It looks better that you took the initiative to change your life which in reality is bs because she’ll be back at it again. She needs more than 28 days of rehab and not just for alcohol. Anger management alone should be a mandatory 90 days rehab for her. I don’t see her changing but I do know this won’t be the last time we here about her and I don’t mean it in a good way either.

  4. Poor Ariana has 2 violent, addicted losers as parents, poor child. I hope she has at least some decent grandparents or she will likely follow their disgusting footsteps

  5. “Jenn Harley has decided to check into a Las Vegas rehab facility to seek treatment for her alcohol dependency,” Gina told TMZ. “She made the decision to get help because she wants to be the best parent she can be for her children.”

    Or in other words, Gina told Jen the best way to beat her latest domestic violence charge was to go into rehab voluntarily.

    It’s a shame that Ariana and Mason has a mother that beats the shit out of everybody and is a longtime addict of drugs and alcohol. I don’t believe that she wants help. In Ariana’s case, her father Ronnie beats the shit out of everybody he is with and is also a longtime addict of drugs and alcohol. Here’s hoping that Mason has a stable father.?

  6. Jenn strikes me as a very scary person, and my unprofessional opinion is that substance abuse is the tip of the iceberg of her issues. I hope she receives treatment at a facility with experience in dual/multiple diagnoses – their daughter is still so young, and she still has a shot at a healthy childhood if these two can get healthy!

  7. Oh wow. I hope for her sake and the sake of her children, she’s not just going to rehab to get a lesser sentence in court.

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