Mackenzie Edwards Criticizes MTV for Using the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Kids’ Emotional Distress to “Make a Buck”; Calls Maci Bookout & Taylor McKinney “Very Aggressive People”

“I didn’t bring a letter today, but I did bring some fightin’ words.”

Mackenzie Edwards is calling out MTV for cashing in on its young stars’ problems and issues, and for working to hide the “very aggressive” behavior exhibited by her nemesis Maci Bookout and Maci’s husband Taylor McKinney.

“They’ll use children to make a buck,” Mackenzie told In Touch Weekly of MTV, clarifying she was misquoted in the interview she originally gave to The Sun.

Mackenzie, the wife of Maci’s ex Ryan Edwards, told The Sun that she didn’t want her stepson Bentley’s therapy to be filmed for the last season of ‘Teen Mom OG,” but Bentley’s mom Maci Bookout and stepfather Taylor McKinney obviously didn’t see anything wrong with putting the 12-year-old’s issues on the show.

“I mean… it was awkward…”

“We didn’t want to film about the therapy thing [because] that’s something that should be private, hence the pushback,” she told In Touch Weekly. “All MTV cares about is money. And no, I’m not cool with that; I’ll never be cool with that.”

On the most-recent season of the show, Bentley’s relationship with Ryan, as well as on-camera discussions about the 12-year-old’s therapy sessions, were Maci’s main storyline on the MTV show. 

“Umm… how else do ya expect us to pay for all this dang wrestlin’, baseball, softball, football, basketball, golf, interpretive dance, kickball and semi-pro laser tag?!”

Mackenzie also told the magazine that the show’s producers have no problem blasting the casts’ personal issues and struggles in order to get higher ratings for ‘Teen Mom OG.’

“[MTV] uses everyone’s very real emotional distress as a way for them to make a buck,” she said. 

Just last week, Mackenzie echoed similar sentiments when she accused Maci of being “all about Maci” and all about “Maci making money.” She also called Maci and Taylor “hypocritical” and continued to blame the couple for Ryan’s strained relationship with Bentley. 

While she believes Maci is all about the MTV paychecks, Mackenzie told The Sun that “life has been great” for her own family post-‘Teen Mom OG’ and that you couldn’t pay her enough money to return to the show. 

“But, like, how much money would y’all be willin’ to throw down? Just outta curiosity… “

“I just can’t get down with a false narrative about our own lives and I’m happy to be gone,” she said. “The things that I was seeing on TV didn’t match up with real life, especially in what pertained to me and Ryan.” 

As The Ashley previously reported, the Edwards Family was let go earlier this year from ‘Teen Mom OG’ after Maci and her management team went to the network’s higher-ups and insisted her storylines focus on her ventures, rather than Ryan and his family. 

Despite not have a say in the matter, Mackenzie insists that because of her “values” and “morals,” she just wasn’t “okay” with being part of the reality series anymore. 

“I would work until my fingers bled before I went back,” she said, adding that she is now working as a sales rep.

“It’s called a ‘job,’ Maci. You should try it some time!” 

When last season wrapped, Mackenzie said she and Ryan were under the impression that it had been “the best season that we ever had, just no drama, no nothing,” however, she said they were both “blindsided” while watching the season air on TV.

According to Mackenzie, show producers hid stuff and ultimately gave her and Ryan a bad edit. 

OK, but who can we blame for the bad situation on Ryan’s head?

“The people who run the show hide stuff from you so you just don’t really know what’s going on,” she said. “They take stuff out of context and make you look like an a**hole when you were just trying to answer a basic question not about somebody else.” 

Mack also stated that MTV hides how Taylor and Maci really are.

“Maci and Taylor are very aggressive people but they don’t like to portray that,” she said. 

“I don’t care how much money you’re waving in my face, I’m going to stay true to myself and I’m not going to follow behind like a little puppet,” she added.  

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. So it was bad editing when you called Maci a petty bitch? lmfao I can’t stand the way Maci parents Bentley, she’s part of the reason he needs therapy. But don’t blame “bad editing” when it’s really just being a shitty person.

  2. Do I think Mackenzie is lazy and just trying to make a quick buck from this interview? Yes
    Do I think she’s wrong? No

    Putting your child’s therapy session on a reality tv show is awful and something that should have never happened.
    I grew up with narcissistic parents and I recognize that same behavior in Maci. Let me be clear, I think Ryan sucks as a person too but that doesn’t negate the mental abuse we have witnessed Maci pile on Bentley. Regardless of how Maci feels about Ryan, it was never okay to put Bentley in the middle of it. It is never okay to talk badly about your child’s other parent to them and making them agree with you. It was never okay to put a 4/5 year old Bentley on the spot and make him say on camera that your current boyfriend is a better dad than his own( and things like this have happened repeatedly). If never okay to put children in situations like this. A real parent would want their child to feel as much love and acceptance as possible. It isn’t rational or okay to hurt your child by constantly putting them in the middle and making them choose because you have some type of grudge against your ex. Maci has 100% put her anger at Ryan ahead of her love for Bentley.
    Just to be clear, I’m not in support of Ryan and Mackenzie either. I can call out Macis abusive behavior without propping up Ryan.

  3. Look at the wife of a heroin addict doling out judgments about others.
    How about straightening out your giant mess of a situation before worrying about anyone else Mackenzie? Damn, she’s getting as embarrassing as Jenelle & Farrah.

  4. Mac will do trashy magazines for money. There’s a lot of stories coming from them lately. Mac has morals but will marry Ryan high out of his mind in a parking lot. Stays with Ryan while he has affairs but she has morals. Mac and morals don’t go together. SMH

  5. Imagine being this infatuated with your husband’s ex…. All you can do is talk about her..
    That is so weird.

  6. Maci’s statement about Mack being so full of s***her eyes were brown is looking increasingly accurate with each passing day. Their desperation is showing and I think they are so self absorbed they don’t even see it. Sure Maci has faults, but child you are making her look better and better with every word out of your mouth.

  7. So, she doesn’t care about being on Teen Mom but like Farrah and Jenelle can’t resist still talking about it. They would never have left on their own so they need to quit pretending. They are both horrible to Bentley. I am not a Maci fan but she takes care of her children. All of her children, not just a chosen few. Mackenzie needs to get off of her judgmental high horse. Pretty sure we all watched Ryan driving on drugs endangering the lives of everyone on the road. Mackenzie knew damn well that he was high. Did she make him pull over so she could drive? No, she turned the cameras off and went on got married to a loser. Mack and Ryan deserve each other.

  8. While I do think the t shirts Maci put out were in bad taste and that some of the conversations they had with Bentley around sex and other things would have been better left off TV, Mack needs to have several seats, she has took part in poking fun of Bentley several times, let Ryan drive high on drugs and even married him in that state and got pregnant with him twice after seeing how horrible a dad he was to Bentley, he missed Jagger’s birth and a lot of his first year because he was either in Jail or rehab and she gets pregnant with Stella almost immediately after he is released from jail. She is just mad MTV won’t be filming her anymore.

  9. How many jobs has this girl had? She was a medical assistant or something when she first came on, then she was a fitness coach, and now she’s a sales rep? Seems like that MTV paycheck doesn’t look so bad now.

  10. Ironic that the guy who is so concerned about Bentley’s therapy is the reason he’s in therapy in the first place.

  11. Why is she reaching again to get attention. She just made statements a week ago. I do agree that Maci capitalized on bentleys private matter but she has already been heavily criticized. She also kicked this family to the curb so they can refocus her segments (not sure they will be any more interesting than the same story line for 5 years)
    Mack’s working- great. Clearly signing up for this she was in it for the money and options the publicity gave. Is Ryan? I mean the bad edit comes from continual bad footage

  12. LoL she sounds just like a woman recently dumped by her fiance or something lmfao go get a job and take care of the children you had with that jobless deadbeat

    1. Says the person who literally married someone while he was high on drugs to get that mtv paycheck! Oh and brought two additional kids into the world with a drug addict dad…again…to keep those paychecks coming…gtf outta here!

  13. The toxic Edwards clan has done 3 interviews just this week to make a quick buck….for people who state they don’t care, they sure have a lot to say and a lot of failed careers.

  14. Mack is sounding an awful lot like Jenelle. Newsflash: If you’re a decent person, they can’t give you a bad edit.

  15. When is Mackenzie gonna learn to shut her fucking mouth? It’s not her business. It’s not her children. Stop inserting yourself where you don’t belong. You’re shit stirring. Get a job or something. You’ve been fired. Suck it up and move on!

    1. Totally agree we should invest in getting a muzzle!!! Mack just doesn’t know when to shut up and mind her own business!! She loves to start trouble and blame Maci when in reality, she’s absolutely a “crap starter” I knew that she was going to be trouble the minute the show introduced her to us. Grow up Mack!!!

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