‘Flip or Flop’ Star Christina Haack is Engaged to Boyfriend Josh Hall

“Third time’s a charm!”

Christina Haack is taking yet another trip down the aisle. 

The Flip or Flop and Christina on the Coast star announced her engagement to Austin-based realtor Josh Hall on Monday, just a year after her split from ex-husband Ant Anstead. 

Christina shared the news on social media with a series of photos taken in Los Cabos, Mexico, where the couple is currently celebrating Josh’s birthday. 

In September 2020, Christina and ex-husband Ant called it quits after less than two years of marriage. Ant– who is currently dating actress Renee Zellweger– and Christina share one child together. Christina also shares two children with her ‘Flip or Flop’ costar Tarek El Moussa. The HGTV stars were married from 2009 to 2018. In July 2020, Tarek revealed he and Selling Sunset star Heather Rae Young were engaged to be married 

Got all that?

A day before announcing her engagement to Josh, Christina took to her Instagram Story to share some vacation photos, including one in particular in which a heart emoji was suspiciously covering her ring finger.

After confirming her engagement, Christina posted a close-up of her ring along with a shoutout to “great friend and best jeweler” Benny and the Gems. (Coincidently, jeweler Benny Hayoun is also responsible for designing Heather’s engagement ring from Tarek.)  

Christina previously revealed on Instagram in that she and Josh met in the spring and had been together for a few months. She has also fired back (more than once) at those who have criticized her new relationship. 

“I normally turn off comments with Josh and will continue to do so if people are rude,” she captioned a photo of her and Josh in August.  

“People are way too concerned about other people’s lives,” she continued. “They spend so much time judging others to avoid working on their own shit. … What I’ve seen in my life so far is when people spew hatred at me or anyone else for that matter those people are always the ones who have the most self hatred and the ones who truly need healing and self love.

“Life is short. Do what you love with the ones you love. For me, that’s Josh, my kids and a few close friends and co-workers.” 

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(Photos: Instagram) 


  1. “Judgement is like a mirror” No, honey- After I got out of my marriage I took awhile to heal and better myself before I started dating again. I sure as f*** wasn’t going to find someone within a year and get engaged to them. But whatever you gotta tell yourself I guess. The ink on your divorce papers haven’t even dried yet and it was very similar to the LAST time you got engaged. Sounds like you just can’t be alone. No one hates you Christina- we just think you are a hot mess. LOL

  2. The emots, especially the infinity one😂 queen elizabeth can use such sign in the context of relationship, notma woman who just dumped her 2nd husband

  3. Where are all her kids? Where is Josh’s wife Chelsea who he married in 2016? Also he’s 40 and has no kids— taking on 3 step kids is a big life change. Oh, right, she has MONEY.

  4. Is she super religious? Like she cant just live with someone or sleep with someone without being married? So strange.

    1. I don’t call it super religious, I call it having morals…good for her!!!

      Not enough of that in the world today, that’s why it’s so effed up…no morals

        1. Have you ever hear that saying “there’s plenty other fish in the sea”

          Well its true, so maybe she had to throw a couple runts back to find a winner?

          1. It depends on the grounds of the divorce, if hes being abusive (mentally or physically) to her and/or her kid(s), or he’s cheating and sticking his dick into anything that moves…YES GET THE HELL OUT!!!! I’d be pretty damn stupid to stay!!!

            We have no idea what goes on behind closed doors.

            And she isn’t shacking up with them before marriage or without getting married…that’s what I meant by morals. And her kids are by the same man so it’s not like she’s Kail (4 kids, 3 dads), Jenelle (3 kids, 3 dads), etc

            As long as she and the kids are happy, healthy and taken care of…WHO CARES!!!

          2. Then in that case, at least she ain’t a ho like those other girls I mentioned!!

            She was married to the dads.

            Kail and Jenelle we both pregnant before the marriage. I have to think that was the biggest reason for the marriage in the first place (plus Kail and her military benefits she’d receive)

            Those other girls never bothered with marriage!! Its was just a “wham bam thank ya ma’am, I got my kids now you can go” type thing.

          3. So when she has a baby with this guy (4 kids, 3 dads) then she considered a ho to you? Or no because you like her?

          4. Well if she was unmarried and just going around from dick to dick for a wham bam thank ya ma’am than yeah, shes a ho.

            But the fact is shes doing things right. She gets married, lives with the man and then has a kid.

            We have no idea what happens to end the marriage, but at least it’s a marriage!!!

            And not just a shack up or a quickie!!!

  5. Her poor kids. Here comes another temporary step dad, more half siblings, and then her next People magazine post breakup cover.

  6. Some people just can’t be single… In 2 years she’ll have another kid by this guy and will be in the path to divorce… Again. And she’ll meet her next love of her life and the cycle will continue until she reaches menopause

    1. One ex-hubby is engaged to a younger, hotter, her and the other ex-husband is dating a star. She had to do something.

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