‘Wild ‘N Out’ Host Nick Cannon Says He’s Trying to Remain Celibate Until 2022 After Welcoming Four Kids in a Year

“Place your bets… who thinks I can make it three whole months?!”

After welcoming four kids with three different women in the last year, Wild ’N Out host Nick Cannon claims he’s trying to remain celibate until 2022.

Nick talked about his baby boom on the recent episode of Revolt, telling the co-hosts, “I’m celibate right now.” 

The Masked Singer host added that he’s going to give his, um, baby-making “cannon” a rest, and is “going to see if I could make it to 2022.” 

” …and on that note, I’d like to invite all single ladies to my New Year’s Eve party!”

When the co-hosts doubted Nick’s celibacy commitment, Nick assured them he was actually planning to stick to it. 

“Nah y’all said I ain’t ready,” Nick said. “I’m saying I’m going in.”  

Nick has done quite a bit of “going in” in his time, as his recent additions have made him a father of seven. 

The universe is literally giving you a sign, Nick…

On June 23, Nick welcomed Baby No. 7, a son named Zen, with his fourth baby mama, Alyssa Scott. Zen made his arrival just two weeks after his half-brothers, twins Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir, whom Nick welcomed with Abby De Le Rosa. Six months before that, Nick welcomed daughter Powerful Queen with Brittany Bell. (Nick and Brittany also share a son, Golden.) 

Nick first became a father back in 2011 to twins Monroe and Moroccan, whom he shares with ex-wife Mariah Carey. 

Nick recently told Entertainment Tonight that celibacy was recommended by his therapist, though this advice came after Nick previously stated his efforts to single-handedly increase the birth rate are completely intentional. 

“I’m having these kids on purpose,” Nick has said. “I’m not having them on accident.” 

Nick also said at the time that he actually could’ve brought more babies into the world if he really wanted to. 

“Trust me, there’s a lot of people I could’ve got pregnant that I didn’t,” he said. “The ones that got pregnant are the ones that were supposed to get pregnant.” 

Back in 2017, Nick said his outlook on life changed when he was diagnosed with Lupus in 2012. 

“I got to a space now where [I can say] I’m probably gonna die sooner than most people,” he said at the time. “I mean, that’s what the doctor said… But I’m living life like, ‘F**k, I might die in the morning so let’s f**k all night! So why wear condoms? I’m might not be here tomorrow!” 

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13 Responses

  1. Remember when this came out and everyone collectively was like dude you need help and to learn how to use a condom.

    And he was like I meant to have all these kids at once, I knew what I was doing.

    Well…well…How the turn tables…

    He has like 7 kids, maybe just try to parent to all of them and get some more work, those child support payments don’t pay themselves.

  2. I blame the thirsty ass broads who keep sleeping with this man without a condom. Eww.

    Anything for a dollar. Anything for a check. Disgusting.

    Knowing that this guy is not a full time parent, and still having his kid.

  3. So not even money helps this kind to be good fathers….

    You might die young so whatever? You can’t even understand that if you die young you will leave your children fatherless. Did that occur to you at all?

  4. When I was a kid we had this dog, and he’d run the neighborhood messing with all the bitches. After finding homes for the 2nd oppsie litter, we neutered him. He never left the yard after that, and he got fat & lazy. Problem solved.

  5. He’s disgusting and the women he knocks up are disgusting. All of these innocent children deserve committed parents and real families.

  6. We always seem to place the blame with women for getting pregnant… this guy is a PRIME EXAMPLE for why male birth control needs to be a thing. Wtf.

  7. He said he won’t use condoms because he might die tomorrow. Well buddy, maybe you don’t give two f*cks about your life but you could give some stupid woman a STI that could kill her or ruin her life.
    What’s with these stupid women having unprotected sex with this imbecile and having his kids? Are you so desperate for money? Have some dignity

    1. I like how he thinks being a father is simply impregnating people. Do you think about those children at all? Can you fathom what losing their father early in their lives will do to them?

      If you know these things- why would you subject those you love to this knowingly? I know we all die, but knowing your time is especially limited & adding more kids to that short timeline is immoral.

      There’s lots of people who *can* have a kid that don’t because they actually care about what that life may look like to that child. CAN & SHOULD are two words NC should revisit in his vocabulary. What a POS.

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