Father of 7 Nick Cannon Gives Update on His Goal of Abstaining From Sex Until 2022

“FYI, I’ve knocked up zero women recently!”

Despite welcoming four children within a year, Nick Cannon has reported that his newly proclaimed celibacy journey is going well. 

The Wild ’N Out host, who is a father to seven children, announced earlier this year that he planned to abstain from sex until 2022 at the advice of his therapist. Despite his friends having doubts that Nick would be able to keep it in his pants until the new year, Nick claims that, so far, he’s done just that!

According to The Blast, Nick has practiced celibacy in the past as a way to prove he’s not addicted to certain things, claiming “too much of anything can ruin the process.” 

Nick’s “process” is what led to him becoming a father to seven children.


On June 23, Nick welcomed Baby No. 7, a son named Zen, with his fourth baby mama, Alyssa Scott. Zen arrived just two weeks after his half-brothers, twins Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir, whom Nick welcomed with Abby De La Rosa. Six months before that, Nick welcomed daughter Powerful Queen with Brittany Bell. (Nick and Brittany also share a son, Golden.)

Nick first became a father back in 2011 to twins Monroe and Moroccan, whom he shares with ex-wife Mariah Carey

The topic of Nick’s sex life– or lack thereof– came up during a recent episode of Entertainment Tonight, as he was asked about comments made on his daytime show, The Nick Cannon Show, while playing a game of “Plead the Fifth” with guest Andy Cohen

During the game, Nick joked with Andy that his “favorite baby mama is the next one”– a comment he went on to clear up on Entertainment Tonight

“Everyone knows I’m crazy, everyone knows I say things that will get me in trouble,” he said. “At this point, if you’re in my life and don’t know that every day I’m going to say something out of pocket, you really don’t know me.” 

Nick went on to say that he was only trying to be funny and that the whole point of the game “is to not plead the fifth and say something that makes people go, ‘Wait, what?’ and I play the game very well.” 

As for his motivation to be celibate, Nick said it is mainly to allow him to take time to focus on work and focus on the children he already has. 

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  1. But will he be able to wait a whole two months until 2022 ? like pp have said, if he can’t wrap it up, he should just get fixed like the dog he is!

  2. Ohhhhh, will he be able two wait a little less than two months until 2022?! Someone should give him a standing ovation, that’s such a long time ?

  3. Dude needs a vasectomy! And he needs to be a DAD to his kids! Having SEVEN kids to parent means he shouldn’t have time for ANYTHING else!!!

  4. I can’t stand him or the ridiculous names he gave those poor kids. Can everyone stop paying attention to him so he can finally STFU?

  5. He’s walking birth control. Arrogant asshole..

    The last thing I want to think about is his sex life. He’s just so gross.

  6. More like women are keeping a distance, they don’t wanna disease or get knocked up, by an asshole who sleeps around.

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