10 of the Hardest (Halloween-Themed!) ‘Teen Mom’ “Would You Rather?” Questions Ever: Play Now!

“I know these are extremely disturbing, but try not to think about it… Tyler, I may need an extra therapy horse after taking this quiz!”

As a special Halloween “treat” for her readers, The Ashley has once again dipped into her demented mind to bring you her own version of the classic elementary school game “Would You Rather?” Readers will be which forced to choose one of two impossibly hard, Teen Mom-themed Halloween scenarios. These terrifying situations will shake you to your skeleton and leave a taste in your mouth that’s worse than candy corn!

The Ashley is proud (and a little creeped out, honestly) to present… “Would You Rather? The ‘Teen Mom’ Halloween Edition!”

Take the quiz below, and choose between two impossibly hard scenarios!


“What is WRONG with you!?”

To play more (disturbing) ‘Teen Mom’-themed “Would You Rather?” quizzes, click here! 

(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. Do you prefer: taking a weird quiz or keeping a healthy brain without a horrible image inside? I may have chosen badly …
    Thank you The Ashley!

    1. Hear Amber’s new college speak (you know, she wants to be a Dr…I didn’t know felons could be Dr.s), or hear Farrah speak for an hour? I think I’d smuggle Ambie’s RX stash and zonk out for as long as possible…

  2. These are fantastic…..ally awful! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Eww, eww, eww, too many naked baby daddies fighting in my head now.
    Thanks for the belly laugh and dry retches!

  3. Frisky Butch didn’t sound that bad..

    As long as I dont have to watch any current episodes.. That would be torture.

    1. Weirdly, for me that was also the least hard one. (It’s the mullet, isn’t it?) Also the skeleton tattoo vs David’s chewed candy (ew!)

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