Split! “90 Day Fiance” Stars Colt Johnson & Vanessa Guerra Say They’ve Separated Due to Colt’s Mom Debbie Interfering In Their Marriage

“And don’t try to blame this one on the cats, Mother!”

Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra have separated and, according to the couple, it’s all Colt’s mom’s fault!

During the first Tell-All episode for 90 Day: The Single Life Season 2, Vanessa revealed that she has moved out of the home she shares with Colt (and his mom, Debbie Johnson), due to feeling “smothered” by Debbie’s constant interference in their lives.

“I moved out,” Vanessa— who eloped with Colt in 2021— said, adding that it’s been three weeks since she has lived with Debbie and Colt.

“We’re separated,” Colt confirmed.

According to Us Weekly, Colt and Vanessa stated that Debbie depends on Colt so much that it is destroying their marriage.

“It’s non-stop,” Vanessa said of Deb’s interruptions. “‘Hey, Colt. Hey, Colt.’ Even if our door is closed at the room.”

“Knowing your mother could walk in at any time really kills the sexy time moments, believe me!”

Vanessa, who suffered a miscarriage last year, says that event played a major part in her split with Colt.

“I was just very stressed about well, one, are we gonna raise [a baby] here in this house? It was just a lot of stress … so I kind of felt guilty, like maybe I did something wrong, and then I took it out on [Colt] a lot,” Vanessa said.

Vanessa pointed to Debbie’s dependency on Colt as the reason she left.

“Colt is her go-to, always,” Vanessa— who stated that she will move back in with Colt if Debbie leaves— said. “I just feel very smothered because you’re constantly in Colt’s face. If I need him, you’re in his face.”

In a clip posted by People, Colt describes all of the things he has to do for Debbie, as she calmly asks him to stop complaining about her.

“I can’t stop because this is very important to me,” he says. “You raised me to be just a subservient person to you. I just want to know why. I need to know why you’re this way…I shouldn’t be bothered with your life. This is your life, it’s not my responsibility.”

“You’re going to upset the cats who are watching back at home!”

Debbie then tells Colt that she’s moving out of the home the trio shared, which he says is fine “as long as you stop influencing me so much, always there, there, there!” 

Debbie seems embarrassed and asks Colt if they have to have this conversation “in front of the world” to which he replies that they do. (During this part, other cast members watching the fight are shown cringing.)

“I am 36 years old!” he said. “Stop treating me like I’m a kid!” 

You know your behavior is embarrassing if even BIG ED is cringing…

Debbie declared that she’s “done with” Colt and Vanessa and storms off stage, muttering “I wish he and his wife would move far, far, far away.”

This is not the first relationship of Colt’s that Debbie has interfered with. He was first married to Larissa Dos Santos Lima, with whom Debbie clashed with. After their divorce, Colt dated Jess Caroline, whom Debbie also did not get along with. However, Debbie was once very close to Vanessa, who had been her friend and cat-sitter. It appears that this is no longer the case, though.

“I knew(ee) this marriage(ee) wouldn’t last(ee!)”

During the “90 Day: The Single Life” Season 1 Tell All episode last year, Colt and Vanessa revealed that they had secretly eloped in Reno, Nevada, shocking the audience and Debbie, who had not known about the wedding.

“Debbie didn’t know. I didn’t tell mom,” he said. “I wanted something just for Vanessa and I. It was very important that I showed Vanessa that it was just for her and I.”

Mother Debbie didn’t find out that her son was hitched until he and Vanessa announced it during the “Tell All” taping. Still, though, she took the surprising news like a champ.

“As long as they’re happy [and] they did what they want, I’m perfectly fine with it,” Debbie said. “I went to his first wedding [to Larissa] and it didn’t end well, maybe this is better. It shows how independent they are.”

“Well that last quote didn’t age very well, did it?”

The first episode of the “90 Day: The Single Life” Season 2 Tell-All is available on Discovery+. You can watch a clip of it here!

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(Photos: Discovery +, TLC)


  1. Doesn’t it occur to them to get their own place? And after that, set boundaries with Debbie? It’s not rocket science, guys!
    Why anyone wants to be with that creep, Colt, is beyond me anyway (he is just so immature and repulsive), but Vanessa picked him and they need to move out to really start their own lives together.

  2. Well color me shocked…Debbie came between Coltee and ANOTHER girl? No way. Lol.

    I dunno what Vanessa thought was gonna happen. Larissa and Jess weren’t bitching about Coltee and Debbie’s super weird relationship for no reason. Vanessa had no business marrying him in the 1st place. Pretending they were just friends meanwhile she was screwing him behind his girlfriends backs. This is their karma.

  3. This was a good reunion show for once. Shaun was actually asking questions that got some interesting responses out of these famewhores. I could have done without Stephanie’s overshare though 🤮🤮

  4. Gee. Sex w/ the husband. while the M-I-L listens in the next room? I guess such a wonderful expression of love is beyond my grasp. And to think I won’t even let the cat in the room! I’ll miss you all… off to therapy. /s

  5. Colt is one of the most disgusting people to ever join reality tv… he is like a former incel who lucked out finding a desperate, equally disgusting woman (Larissa) who would do anything for a green card, and then he somehow continued to get women because of his small amount of fame. He makes me sick. Trying to manipulate women into having sex 4-5 times a day with his tiny little chub? He is absolutely repulsive and I don’t know how Vanessa stayed with him for so long

  6. He is a grown ass man at 36 years old & he has a job. Why exactly is he not moving out if he is so tired of his crazy mother? I think he likes the push and pull between his mother and whoever he is with. It makes him feel wanted and needed. Like he is so great they are fighting over him. Why anyone is fighting over Coltee I will never understand.🤢🤮

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