‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Claims In New Book That Her Ex-Fiance Matt Baier Forced Her To Take Hydrocodone: “He Shoved A Pill Down My Throat”

“Do I look like a guy who would give away a pill?”

Trigger Warning: This story contains claims of domestic violence.

Amber Portwood admits to taking plenty of drugs in her short 30 years; however, in her new book, the Teen Mom OG star says that it wasn’t always her choice to use the harmful medications.

Amber— who released her new memoir So, You’re Crazy Too? last month— claims that her ex-fiancé, Matt Baier, once forced her to take a pill, despite knowing that she was doing her best to maintain her sobriety. (In the book, Amber doesn’t use any names. She refers to Matt as her “fiancé.” However, based on the time period and the fact that she has only been engaged to Matt and Gary Shirley, it is very clear that she’s talking about Matt.)

Anyway, in the book, Amber admits that she was drinking when she met Matt, but says she was doing her best to stay away from pills. 

Also a good thing to stay away from? Bucket hats and Matt…

Amber–who had previously had an addiction to a variety of opioid medications– states that Matt was aware that she didn’t want to take any pills, but that he allegedly forced her to swallow one in order to get her to be more lively.

“I was doing the best I could staying away from the amount of drugs that had messed up my life so badly before jail, and my fiancé knew it was a daily struggle for me,” she wrote. “I think the biggest red flag in our relationship was when he forced a hydrocodone in my mouth.

“We had just met and he wanted to see a little bit of the party girl he had read about in the tabloids,” Amber continued. “I guess depressed Amber wasn’t enough for him. When I said I had given up pills, he shoved a pill down my throat. If that isn’t true love, I don’t know what is.” 

Amber also claims that Matt would frequently threaten to call the cops on her during their fights.

“I mean…who HASN’T done that in their relationship, am I right?”

“He would throw himself down a flight of stairs during a fight and then tell me nobody would believe me if I say I didn’t push him down the stairs,” Amber wrote. “He once hit himself in the face and told me he was going to have me arrested for beating him. It was a bad cycle and it only got worse.”

Amber claims that Matt also hit her. (She eluded to this on the most-recent season of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ telling Gary that she often avoided seeing her daughter Leah because she had bruises on her face from fights.) 

Amber claimed in recent episodes she was battered by a man she dated…

“My fiancé used to slap me around on a pretty consistent basis during arguments,” Amber wrote. 

The Ashley has reached out to Matt for comment on Amber’s claims and will update this story when more information is available.

You can order Amber’s book using The Ashley’s Amazon Associates link below! 

UPDATE! Shortly after this story posted, Matt Baier responded via an email to The Ashley, giving his thoughts on Amber’s claims. Click here to read what he had to say! 

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29 Responses

    1. @TRD: Yes, earlier in the book she describes the Matt relationship exactly. Also she and Andrew were never engaged. In the book, she refers to Andrew as “my son’s father.” -The Ashley

  1. Excuse me, but is this the same woman who viewers saw put the back of Gary Shirley’s head clean through a wall while she choked him on a TM episode years ago?

    Yet she was so weak and frail with Matt Baier that he was able to pry her mouth open and pour pills down her throat?

    My only hope is that this horse sh*t book she’s written sells ZERO copies.

  2. My dog flew to the moon yesterday. He had two martinis, and caught a show. He was late getting home so I’ve taken the keys to his space ship.

  3. Fire this girl already. What a trashy mess. So when you FIRST MET, he did this…… you threw a tv at Gary for nothing but this was fine at the time to continue a relationship? Thank god her daughter has Kristina and Gary to give her a normal, non-toxic environment to grow up in. She’s just as bad as Jenelle.

  4. I don’t believe a word of it. At all. Was Matt a great guy? No, not at all but I don’t think he was shoving Hydrocodone down her gullet. And I doubt seriously that machete wielding, punching Gary in the face, shoving Gary down the stairs Amber was “getting slapped consistently” either. I can see Amber punching herself in the face and threatening to call the cops. Probably while screaming that she is going to ruin whoever she is with because she is a “celebrity”.?

  5. So that’s why she didn’t see her kids, Wasn’t her fault.

    On another note, who here hasn’t rifled down a hydro or two after a big gym day when you got a big night of debauchery to attend.

    stay lit

    1. Nibs, I’m also a male and feel threatened sometimes here. I like Amber and think she is a bit troubled. I’m more of a fan from Young & Pregnant. I love Racheal and the Beaver family!

  6. Wasn’t she engaged to Andrew too? I’m not saying the Ashley is wrong in the deduction, but I thought she was engaged to him a some point too.

    Regarding this bullshit, Amber is a violent scrappy individual who beat up men who were a foot taller than her. Yet she expects us to believe that Matt who was her same size beat her up and she did nothing? Yeah right. He wasn’t a saint by any means, but if Amber was beaten by him, he would have been beaten back twice as bad.

    1. Hi fellow Pants/z!!

      I generally agree. But I can also see Matt also hurting himself and threatening to call cops. Maybe by writing this and owning (kinda sorta) her past…she won’t repeat it. Not holding my breath.

  7. Are we to believe Matt shoved anything in Amber’s mouth against her will and lived? “Nah… that’s a no from me, dog.” – Randy Jackson

  8. Anyone sticks anything in my mouth against my will and they’re losing whatever body part they use to do so.

  9. Amber. Seriously? I can’t see Matt punching himself in the face and throwing himself down a set of stairs, and then NOT call the police to pretend it was you, LOL. Who would ever throw themselves down a set of stairs??! Just to say “I will tell the police it was you”. Why not just say “I’m going to throw myself down the stairs and tell the police it was you”? But you’re saying he actually DID it? Just to threaten it? That makes no sense whatsoever. Same with punching himself in the face. I’ve watched Matt on YouTube and on reality shows and he would be the last guy I’d think would intentionally hurt himself. He’s not some tough, young, wild risk-taker.

    I do believe a lot of the things Amber says. I can tell when she’s being honest and when she’s lying. She’s not always lying. But all the truths get thrown to the side if you also tell lies at the same time. No one’s going to believe even the truthful things you say, if you also lie half the time.

    If Matt threatened to throw himself down the stairs and punch himself in the face, just say that. Don’t embellish it and say he actually did it, when that doesn’t make any sense in context.

  10. Ok Amber…believable . No one forced you to swallow the pill. Stop blaming all of your problems on everyone else. One of the first things you learn and utilize in rehab is accountability. The victim mentality isn’t cute. The real victim(s) here are your children, you trash bag.

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