EXCLUSIVE! Matt Baier Responds to Amber Portwood’s Claims That He Forced Her to Take Pills & Hit Her: “Amber Knows The Truth”

“Come on, Ambuh!”

Amber Portwood made some shocking claims against her ex-fiancé, Matt Baier, in her new book, and now Matt is chiming in on the Teen Mom OG star’s claims, stating that Amber has chosen to rewrite history when it comes to portions of their four-year relationship.

As The Ashley previously report, Amber claimed in her new memoir, So You’re Crazy Too? that Matt once shoved a hydrocodone pill down her throat, despite the fact that she told him she was no longer using pills. In other parts of the book, Amber claims Matt would “slap” her around during arguments and even injured himself and threatened to call the police on her, stating that no one would believe she didn’t hit him, given her domestic violence track record.

Matt denied these claims in an email sent to The Ashley shortly after the story posted on Wednesday.

“Amber knows the truth… Does anyone really believe if those stories we actually true that Amber Portwood would wait five years to tell them?” Matt wrote.

“He DOES have a point there…I feel like she would have been screamin’ about it on Instagram long ago…”

He went on to state that Amber’s claims that Matt wanted her to be the “party girl he had read about in the tabloids” are also false.

“I’ve stated numerous times that in the time I knew Amber that she was sober and she wasn’t drinking early in our relationship because she was on parole so there was no ‘party girl’ at all,” Matt told The Ashley. “She took her parole very seriously and spent 90% of her time on the couch watching TV. In fact, even when she completed parole she wasn’t in any way a party girl.”

“If you’re lookin’ for a true party gal, I know how to get down! Just sayin’!”

Matt remarked that he even defended Amber, after Andrew Glennon— who was Amber’s boyfriend after Matt—stated that Amber would allegedly stay in her closet taking pills all night during their relationship.

“When asked for comment [about what Andrew claimed] it was me who said ‘that wasn’t the Amber I knew,'” Matt stated.

“I find her revisionist history of events interesting to say the least,” Matt continued. “Amber knows quite well what the truth is and if she thinks telling stories to improve her public image is what she needs to do then I wish her nothing but the best.”

How Matt feels about Amber’s claims…probably…

Matt then stated that he has not spoken poorly of Amber in the years since they broke up.

“For the last five years, my only comments about Amber have been that she is a far better mother than people think and when I knew her she was sober and that’s all I’ll ever say about her,” he said. “When I met her I made her a promise that anything I knew about her good or bad are things I’d never repeat and that’s a promise I’ll always stick to. Anything bad in our relationship I put behind me the day I left the relationship.

“Amber knows the truth and I know the truth and to me that’s really all that matters. I wish her nothing but the best and I hope her book is wildly successful,” he added.

As The Ashley previously reported, Amber also claims in her book that Matt stole money from her and took cars that she paid for when they broke up. (You can read about those claims here and here!) Matt did not comment on those claims.

Where art thou, Mamber?

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  1. So she spent 90% of her time on the couch watching TV but she’s also a better mom than people realize? Uh…which is it, Matt? A good mom doesn’t waste her time on the couch while neglecting her children.

  2. I’ll say it… I kinda agree that if he did all that she wouldn’t wait 5 years to say so she’s drug him through the mud enough.

  3. Who knew Matt Baier would be the voice of reason. Smh. Amber has joined the ranks of awful teen moms like Farrah and Jenelle. She’s admitted wasting all her money, this girl has never had a real job. Time to humble her. I can’t wait for her to be terminated so I can drive up to her local Burger King and order large fries with extra ranch. Trash.

    “ and spent 90% of her time on the couch watching TV.” Still the same. This is why the ratings drop week after week. Who the hell wants to watch any of these people anymore.

  4. So which proven liar is currently lying? My money is on Amber. The victim good is strong with that one. But, both of these people are trash.

  5. I hid the keys to the space ship in the broom closet. I knew he would never look there because, that’s where I keep the loud sucking machine. Now he’s on Amazon ordering Little Ceasers filets in gravy. I ordered the loafy kind in error. He hates me.

    As believable as these two clowns.

  6. I’m going to go out on a limb here but I think Amber might be lying here. Just a hunch,

    Stay lit

  7. the mooch from the past speaks, he is a loser with a million illegitimate kids he doesn’t support, I heard he had about five more more since his last grift on MTV. No man that had their life in order would ever have anything to do with Amber Portwood, can’t believe this crappy nonsense is still on TV.

  8. Amber sounds rediculous!Okay so you were not seeing your daughter or didnt want to pay child support and CLAIMED TO BE SOBER/And said shes REAL AMBER what you see is what you get ummmm yah RIGHT!!!YOUR BOOK MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE A HORRIBLE MOM who had a precious daughter to see but instead had to BUY friends boyfriends ect.You can take the girl outta low income trash life but you cant take the trash life outta her!The scene where you faint over starving yourself after wanting sympathy from the machette incident 100% showed your a manipulator and attention seeking nutjob.The live footage of your abusive ugly evil behavior came out and proved your a liar just like Janelle.Why arent you two besties???To anyone reading this THE REASON RATINGS DROPPED IS BECAUSE MTV HAS ALLOWED THESE GIRLS TO HAVE HORRIBLE BEHAVIOR AND AMBER SHOULD HAVE BEEN DROPPED TOO.Jade allows a drug addict in and out in and out he doesnt work.Disgusting.Leah lied and hid abortion and drug problem.Brianna is too dumb to see SHE CHOSE THESE MEN shes a bad person and it shows.Kail is The only real good mom on there.She has ALWAYS BEEN A GOOD MOM.Leah slacked during drug use but seems better now.Ratings drop because of AMBERS RANTS AND BRIANNA DOING LUIS YUCK AND JADES stupid story line over n over the same shawns druggie ass.Catelynn is a great mom.Reallymiss chels she is a winner.Mtv you got rid of trash porn farrah just clean house already.We dont want to watch trash trailor moms.Geeeeze

  9. In light of e fact that he ignored the stealing claims that everyone knows is true, I am inclined to believe GreaseMeister Matt on this one.

  10. I know the truth too. Only a pig like her would date a pig like him, only a pig like him would date a pig like her. #MTVSucks

  11. They’re both POS, but he certainly comes off as the less-messed-up one based on this statement.

    No one can argue against Amber being an absolute menace, and at the same time, she wasn’t exactly an upstanding member of society when they met. She was fully-established bat$#%! at that point, and Matt voluntarily chose to go after her. Same with Andrew – as ‘normal’ as he tries to portray himself, he watched Amber and Matt on a reality show and thought “Gee, I want to start a family with that gal!”

    Kristina is the only one in this whole mess who appears to be an actual, responsible adult. Very glad Leah has her, and I hope James is able to spend time with her as well.

    1. Agreed on all fronts, especially re Kristina. Gary isn’t all he portrays to be – the nice guy just trying to help out Amber. Would he do that for free and off camera? Doubt it. And I’ve seen him gaslight Amber many times through the years. But Kristina is a saint, and she definitely deserves every ounce of gratitude she gets.

  12. So Amber is embellishing because she knows Matt won’t correct it….cool, cool….gotta get those book sales somehow.

    But I do feel like he didn’t mention those cars because he did take them. He is/was an opportunist.

    That crack about “My Side of The Sectional” has me rolling. Kudos! Please Matt…take THAT opportunity!

  13. The only thing I believe to be the complete truth from Amber and Matt are that Amber spent 90% of her time watching TV. I’m surprised she hasn’t become fused to her couch by now.

    Matt’s also a weasel, he probably took a lot of money from Amber, but a lot of people around her probably did the same thing. Ambers trying to rewrite history, the same as Jenelle did last year with those ridiculous YouTube videos.

  14. Eh. The second liar is always right.. So..

    Only Amber has time for “who shot John”.

    Even if he did this, the sentence should have been “I messed up and had Matt give me some drugs” but that would be her taking responsibility.

  15. “spent 90% of her time on the couch watching TV” <—– I will say that Matt is sounding like a truth teller in this timeless romance.

    After reading that article, I'll also say that as bad as that relationship was, Matt saying that no matter how shitty slAmber treats him, lies about him, etc…..that he won't shit on her and squeal about what an asshole she was(and make $$ off it), proves that he is either a gentleman(in this instance), OR she has a TON on him.

    Or writing his own tell all, "Stories from MY end of the sectional"

    1. Matt did write a book a few years ago. He looks like he was naked and covering himself with a black trash bag on the book cover.

  16. “Amber spent 90% of her time on the couch watching TV.”

    And 5 years later nothing has changed. Amber is still permanently attached to her couch.

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