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“If I send you an spin bike, can we call this whole lawsuit off?”

The Ashley does her best to bring you all the latest news on reality TV shows and their stars. The Roundup can’t cover every reality TV show and event, though, so here’s a listing of some reality TV stories that haven’t been covered by The Ashley this week!

Legal Issues! The Hollywood Gossip: Briana DeJesus Reacts to Being Sued By ‘Teen Mom 2’ Co-Star Kail Lowry, Says It Shows Kail’s “White Privilege” 

Sticking Up For Shake! Reality Tea: ‘Love Is Blind’ Alum Jessica Batten Defends Shake Chatterjee & Shaina Hurley

Quick I Do’s! Teen Mom Madness: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Ashley Jones Explains Why She & Bar Smith Had a Super-Fast & Secret Wedding

More “90 Day!” In Touch Weekly: “90 Day Fiance” Star Mike Berk Says He’s Filming For New Season After Ximena Morales Split

RIP. TMZ: ‘Party Down South’ Star Joshua Tharpe Dead From Heart Attack At Age 42

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  1. Kail is just disgusting inside and out. she’s miserable and a walking trash bag. Instead of being in these insane feuds, maybe she should raise her children and look into therapy as to why she continues to have children with a man that wants nothing to do with her and is a “deadbeat dad”. Sounds like that’s more of HER issue, not Chris’. She should also probably get a refund on that plastic surgery- LOL. As far as Briana goes- she’s an idiot. I’m Latina and honestly I’m tired of the white privilege bullshit getting tossed around as well as the term “Karen”. It’s quite annoying. YOU make your circumstances. I don’t believe in white privilege- I’ve seen plenty of white people in shitty situations and plenty of Latina/Latino, Black, Asian, Indian etc make fantastic lives for themselves. I’ve seen white people get killed by cops because they pushed the situation too far and I’ve seen other races get let go because they complied with what they were told to do- period. Anywya- But Bri is right about something- this is ridiculous to take to court. Of course Kail took it there because that girl literally has nothing to do but start drama.

  2. Ew. Why so many Kail defenders? Gross. One of these days she’ll be held accountable for all the bullshit she should be choking on.

  3. By definition, Briana is a Caucasian Hispanic. She is not African, Asian, Aborginal, Eskimo nor is she Native American. So..

    Lots of young folks just dropping dead of heart attacks these days. Wonder what that’s about..

  4. Looks like Briana needs to look up the definition of ‘white privilege’.

    Mike B got a great edit in 90DF, people feel sorry for his ‘aw shucks’ wimpy schtick when his true nature is now revealed online.
    Rumours that he allegedly met Ximena via a cam girl situation and not a dating site, plus his racist and disgusting comments he’s made online. He knew what he was doing paying for female attention, when he wouldn’t pay, the attention stopped, don’t know why he’s surprised when he wouldn’t pay for her plastic surgery that she suddenly fell out of love with him.
    Not interested in watching him any more on TV.

  5. No Briana, it’s called “holding people accountable for talking sh*t about you”. If you don’t want to get sued, mind your own business and stop victimizing yourself. It’s pathetic

  6. It’s because of “white privilege” that white people pretend to be black/indian/whatever to get somewhere at the Universitys. And why they get those jobs even though real black people also applied…..

    1. Do you have a traumatic brain injury or what? I mean, there has to be a logical explanation for your ignorance right?

  7. I don’t think Brianna knows what white privilege means. If she would just keep her mouth shut when it comes to things that have absolutely nothing to do with her she wouldn’t be in this situation. She doesn’t talk about her other costars like that. Girl is majorly OBSESSED with Kailyn.

    1. Yes if Kailyn has done, Briana wants to do it!! Clearly she is obsess with Kail but there are differences between the two of them!! Kailyn is always there for her children, lost weight on her own without help, and fights her own battles. As to Briana ALWAYS ABANDONS her daughters leaving them in the care of her sister and very sick mother, buying them extravagant gifts and trips, depends on a doctor for continuous plastic surgeries, and ALWAYS sticking her nose in other people’s business, starting trouble by spreading false information about Kail and not the other cast members, sending Kail a treadmill as a “surprise”, telling Kail that she needs to lose weight, blaming everyone else for her own actions expect herself, and throwing things along with temper tantrums at people on stage, and has her family to fight her battles since a immature Briana runs away from then like a scaredy-cat!! If she trashed someone she clearly should fight her own battles instead of depending on family members to fight for her!!!

  8. I would like to see a good outcome for Mike, but only if he has the sense to LEARN from his mistakes, of which he’s made plenty.

  9. as a latina, ima need briana to quit pulling the race card. she only wants to act innocent and mature whenever it’s convenient for her to make it seem like mtv & kail are being racist when in fact she’s the one causing herself all these problems. kail has a problem with literally everyone and anything so that doesn’t help brianas case

    1. Briana clearly doesn’t understand what white privilege means. Maybe Momma needs to smack her upside the head with her High heel and knock some damn sense into her. Poor Bri…being held accountable for her actions. Nope, couldn’t be that. Must be white privilege.

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