Kail Lowry Says She’ll Only Do Reality TV in the Future If She Has Her Own Show; Reveals Plans to Attend Law School

Kail, already thinking up a logo for the inevitable Kail in the Kourtroom podcast that no-one asked for…

After stepping away from Teen Mom 2 for a couple of episodes this season, Kail Lowry made her return to the MTV reality series this week, though her future with the franchise–- and reality TV in general–- remains unknown. 

As The Ashley exclusively revealed last month, ‘Teen Mom 2’ and Teen Mom OG will likely be combined into one show in an attempt to save the sinking franchise, with some cast members likely getting the boot in the process. (The Ashley will have even more details on this very soon!) While plans have yet to be set in stone, Kail said this week that she’d prefer to have a show of her own going forward.

“I think that’s the only way I would do reality tv moving forward,” Kail said during a Q&A on her Instagram Story. 

Kail’s solo-show comment comes just weeks after she spoke about her time away from ‘Teen Mom 2’ on an episode of her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast, admitting it was difficult for her to resume filming. 

“On the bright side, I’d have more time to file lawsuits!” 

“I was like, ‘I cannot bring myself, right now, to get myself into a mind space where I’m openly sharing things on camera,'” she said on the March 22 episode. “I’m having a really hard time with that because six months felt like a lifetime for me.

” …[it’s] so hard to put yourself back in the hot seat and film about things that are so personal,” she added. 

“I, for one, wouldn’t mind it if you stopped filming about our drama.” 

In addition to (maybe) appearing on her own show in the future, Kail revealed during her Q&A that she hopes to attend law school one day.

“Let me know if you need a study buddy…PER LAW!” 

Kail shared this news after a fan spotted some Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) prep books sitting in Kail’s office in a recent video. 

“That’s what I want to do & I was hoping maybe when [my youngest child Creed] starts kindergarten is the most realistic for me,” she said. 

In the meantime, Kail is getting plenty of courtroom experience after filing a defamation lawsuit against her ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star Briana DeJesus. (Click here to read The Ashley’s recap of Briana’s recent deposition; click here for a recap of Kail’s.) 

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37 Responses

  1. Perfect! She is off TV. Now to make that podcast disappear so she can work nights at a Winn Dixie like a normal person with skull sleeve tattoos and 4 baby daddys lol

  2. I just don’t know why she thinks her content is worth her own show! I was a Jail fan for years when she was a humble and struggling mom but since money has gone to her head, I’m not that fan anymore. Her story of producing one kid after another, to me, is not the message this story should be promoting. To give her a show of her own makes no sense. I know I’m not interested in what wallpaper or countertop she puts in her million dollar home.

  3. Kail ur Drama doesn’t sell TV. U don’t share enough positivity to stay filming on Teen Mom 2 nd U certainly don’t warrant ur own show. That’s more for Caitlyn & Tyler & Family, Maci & Family, Chelsea & Family(which I’m looking forward too.)

  4. This girl needs a reality check, not a reality TV show. Who does she think she is? Does she really think that she’s interesting enough that people would really want to just watch her? I’m just thank God she’s leaving the show. At least then I can go back to watching it. There’s definitely better people on that show that would do excellent with their own show girl. Get a reality check. You’re not all that. You’re a bully and all you do is produce babies with different fathers so continue down that road. Maybe you’ll make something out of yourself. Maybe you can Have your own baseball team.

  5. How delusional this heifer is to think she is so interesting that she should have her own show. That shit would crash and burn faster than her relationships.

    1. I agree that she’s delusional but unfortunately the word heifer is an incorrect term, that refers to a cow who hasn’t yet calved and that’s DEFINITELY not her!!

    2. Omg You took the words right out of my mouth. Too funny This girl is so full of herself. It’s not funny

    3. WTF would her show even be about?!? She already hides most of her life from the cameras. She can come up with all kinds of bullshit answers about why she didn’t film last season, but Bri is right, she didn’t want her arrest filmed and broadcast around the world for TV.

    1. Why would she get her own show? They are all boring. All we see are new houses or vacations. Amber sits on the couch. Any young girl would want this. Showing all they buy doesn’t help anything. I can’t stand Kail she acts so untitled. They can’t get her to film Teen Mom why would they give her a show?

  6. She might want to look into the character requirements needed to be accepted by the state bar association.

  7. The irony that Karl pretends she doesn’t know if she was arrested because she wasn’t put in handcuffs but is going to law school

  8. Oh Kail. Hahahahahahahaha
    She might know the ins and outs of the family law courts but Kail is far too unbiased to actually be a lawyer. ?? KAIL??IS??ALWAYS??RIGHT ?

    Her own show? Who is watching that? She can’t even be truthful with her life now and show what’s going on. Now she wants to make the narrative of a show her way? Boooooooring.

  9. I bet top dollar that WeTV already contacted her about doing one of those hot or not show( just like mama June). I also bet the only reason she is going to law school is to get knocked up by a childless dude, just like she did with Chris, she is as far as I know open to have more children.

  10. Jenelle thought she would get her own show too. ?? Kailyn is thinking she can get her own show like Chelsea but Chelsea has a loyal following and she is likable. Kailyn does everything Chelsea does. Chelsea builds a house then Kailyn builds a house. Chelsea has 4 kids so Kailyn grabs a man and has 4 kids. Chelsea gets her own show now Kailyn wants her own show.

    1. Correction, Kail grabbed 3 men and had 4 kids…lol

      At least 3 out of 4 of Chelsea’s kids have the same dang daddy!!!

    2. Just noticed that but Chelsea is way more mature then kail, she only has two baby daddies and one of those daddies is her husband. Chelsea always had a good head on her shoulders, she is honestly my favorite teen mom cast member. Plus Chelsea’s “reality show” is a home improvement show, which is an expert on.

      1. I totally agree, I was just making a joke on the Kail part. I swear I don’t like her AT ALL!!!!

        Part of me feels like Jo and Javi ought to sue for 100% custody as opposedto 50/50. I always liked Jo and yeah Javi is annoying and not a good partner or friend but he’s a good dad and actually teaches his kid all the while Kail just sits there doing nothing.

        And as far as Lux and Creed are concerned, I don’t think either parent is fit to raise them.

  11. if anyone who could for sure get a further education is kail but i hope she’s not biting off more than she can chew. but as much as i like kail even i wouldn’t watch her own reality show especially since i’m sure she’s gonna wanna be a producer as well and you know she’s not gonna let most of her personal life get filmed

  12. Well, the bitch gets her way ALL THE TIME anyhow!! So, maybe law school is the way to go?? At least that way we won’t have to listen to her run her big mouth…she’d be doin it behind the closed doors of a court room instead of on camera or on a podcast!!

  13. Does she realize there is absolutely zero interest in her life? She’s just going to end up like a cat lady but with kids. She can go to law school but it’s a waste of time. Kinda like when she puts on make up. Give up. No one wants to watch shows about lazy grown ass adults fermenting on the sofa while their children are off with their random baby daddies. Get a job, grow up and move on!

  14. Well the thing is…when you have FOUR kids(and maybe more if history tells us anything), by the time the youngest one goes to kindergarten, the one that you have to be saving for college isn’t YOU, it’s the OLDEST KID!!

    But, Im sure these Mom’s don’t have to worry about these kid’s college tuition. Not like they been spending all their money on huge houses, SUV’s, vacations, Glam, etc….


    1. Except that if she quits TM as she is (empty) threatening she won’t have enough money to even cover her mortgage never mind ANYONES college! She has no clue how heavily she is over paid! ANY other job will be for 10% of what she makes now, IF SHE IS LUCKY!

  15. Her own show ??? that’s problem with reality TV they actually begin to think their talented or something. Lets be for real u are on show cause u got PREGNANT there’s no talent in that. Kids deserve semi normal life and privacy not being paycheck for parents

  16. Kail probably already knows all about PFAs, divorce, and child custody.

  17. Gosh, that’s a big endeavor for her to jump into. Plus, will anyone really take her seriously enough to hire? The world has seen her entire messy life (which she brought on herself and aired publicly), so I don’t think employers would be yearning for her to work for them.

    1. Successful law firms are not looking for 40 yr olds with no job experience.
      A few months at “Sports Authority” 15 years ago doesn’t count.

      1. Kailyn was actually the only girl from the shows to hold down a regular job for quite some time. She was working as a dental assistant up until she had Lincoln.

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