Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer Wrap Filming On First Season of Their HGTV Show ‘Farmhouse Fabulous”: See All the Behind-the-Scenes Photos

“We’re all done, guys! And we didn’t even have to talk about A-D-A-M one time!”

Chelsea Houska‘s new HGTV show is wrapped and ready for viewing!

The former Teen Mom 2 star and her husband, Cole DeBoer, announced over the weekend that filming on their upcoming home renovation/design showFarmhouse Fabulous, is over. The couple and the show’s crew celebrated the completion of Season 1, which will air on HGTV sometime in early 2023.

“That’s a wrap!” Chelsea wrote on Instagram. “Had the time of my life, designed some pretty kickass spaces and lots of memories and new friendships made. Lookout @hgtv.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Season 1 will show Cole and Chelsea launch a  renovation and design business, while renovating and making over local homes in South Dakota. The makeover of six homes will be shown during the first season.  

Filming of ‘Farmhouse Fabulous’ began in early April, with Chelsea and Cole following a grueling filming schedule over the past few months. 

“The schedule is one of the biggest differences between [filming this show and ‘Teen Mom 2,'” Chelsea wrote in a recent Instagram Q&A session.

“Not to mention I no longer have to dodge crazy biotches who are attacking each other at Reunions, so there’s that!”

“We film a lot– a lot— long days,” she added, stating that they filmed five or six days a week for sometimes up to 10 hours a day.

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Chelsea left the MTV show that made her famous back in November 2020. As The Ashley reported, Chelsea’s decision to leave ‘Teen Mom 2’ was rooted in the fact that she did not want her oldest daughter, Aubree, to have her personal life on television during her teen years. Although Aubree and the other three DeBoer kids may appear on ‘Farmhouse Fabulous,’ the focus of the show is on the homes, rather than the kids, Chelsea has said.

“This [HGTV] world is completely different than the [‘Teen Mom’] world I was filming before,” she said. “The kids are on the show; they make appearances. It’s just different from ‘Teen Mom’ where it’s not, like, diving into their lives.”

“It’s like a night and day difference for me,” Cole added. “I’m thoroughly enjoying this, and I actually feel comfortable. So it’s been amazing.”

No word if the DeBoers will bring their signature baby talk to HGTV…

“He’s working his ass off!” Chelsea exclaimed, adding that she is excited that the new show doesn’t focus on the negativity and drama like ‘Teen Mom 2’ did. 

“We are definitely authentic and we get to show more of our personalities,” Chelsea said. 

Check out the behind-the-scenes photos of Chelsea and Cole filming ‘Farmhouse Fabulous’ below!

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

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  1. She really got the pick of the litter as far as Teen Mom husbands go. He kept a real job. Happy to see this.

  2. Lol at 50-60 hours a week for part of the year being “grueling”. Welcome to the world with the rest of us (though they are probably making hundreds of thousands to millions for this, so it doesn’t quite compare ?)

    I’m happy for them though, I’ve always loved Chelsea and it is awesome that she is able to do this. She seems to have a true knack for home design. I personally love her asthetic.

    1. God seems like some people just can’t let you but happy. She’s a good girl she was a young teenager and made it last mistake and then she completely turned her life around and made something wonderful with her money and her opportunity. Good for you girl!

  3. We love it Chelsea you guy’s kicked ass? we can’t wait to more see of this amazing beautiful young woman that that turned out to be a wonderful mother and wife and I’m so proud of you!!✨?✨

  4. She’s probably one of the best off of the TMs. She had decent parents, stable financial situation that TM money only helped, and seems to actually like her husband. I can also understand how different a show based on homes feels alot different that having fake conversations with a *friend* over whatever is in your storyline.

    Good for her and hers.

      1. Who’s the chick with Cole? Just kidding! But Chelsea looks nothing like Chelsea anymore! A more “Hollywood” version if you will. ??‍♀️

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