Mama June Shannon Slams Daughter Pumpkin For Allowing Alana Thompson To Have Weight Loss Procedure at Age 17: “It Kind of Bothers Me”

“Run along now Mama. You’ve done said your piece and no one cares what you think.”

Mama June Shannon is giving her two cents on her youngest daughters’ upcoming weight loss procedure— and slamming her older daughter for allowing it!

The Mama June: Road to Redemption star told TMZ that she is upset that her soon-to-be-17-year-old daughter, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, is planning to get a suture sculpt endoscopic sleeve procedure in August. As The Ashley previously reported, Alana’s older sister (and legal guardian) Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon had to sign off on the procedure due to Alana being a minor– and Mama June is not happy about it.

“I’m supportive if this is something Alana wants to get, but I would say she needs to wait until she’s 18 years old,” June said, adding that Alana and Pumpkin didn’t run their plan for the surgery by her before deciding.

“It kind of bothers me that Pumpkin didn’t tell me. If Alana wants to do it, she should wait to sign her own paperwork at 18,” June said.

“”I’ll admit. I have no idea when Alana would be turning 18. She’s ’bout 12 or so now ain’t she?”

Alana’s procedure— which will be performed by NYC weight loss doctor Steven Batash and normally runs about $13k— will almost surely be done for free, and June fears this may be the reason Alana agreed to do it so last-minute. However, a source close to Alana told TMZ that Alana will not be having her procedure done for any TV show and will be doing it privately.

Although Alana is June’s underage daughter, June doesn’t have any say in what she does. As The Ashley previously reported, Pumpkin was awarded full custody of Alana back in April, with June being ordered to pay Pumpkin $800 a month in child support. Having full custody allows 22-year-old Pumpkin to have sole decision-making authority for Alana.

“Snack on that, Mama!”

Pumpkin has stated that she’s supportive of Alana going through with the procedure, even if she is under 18.

According to Dr. Batash’s website, a suture sculpt endoscopic sleeve is a “non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that reshapes and reduces the patient’s stomach size by 70%-80%.

“The results of the procedure are similar to that of gastric sleeve surgery (VSG) but without all the associated surgical risks,” the website states.

It reportedly is done as an outpatient procedure, so Alana (and her boyfriend, Dralin Carswell, who is also having the procedure done) will not have to stay in the hospital to recover.


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The website clearly states that results will vary, based on the “patient’s degree of dedication to making permanent lifestyle changes.” This may be a problem for Alana, who admitted in a recent interview that she has “no motivation” to eat better and exercise.

“I have no motivation to just keep going to the gym every day. I have no motivation to keep eating healthy because, like, I’m gonna eat what I think is good,” Alana told Entertainment Tonight earlier this month. “I ain’t gonna sit here and force myself to eat no Caesar salad because I think it’s healthy. I’m gonna eat what I think is good.

“I just think I don’t have no motivation, and I just think the surgery would probably be the easiest way to lose it fast,” Alana said, adding later, “I know for a fact that I could get in the gym, and I know for a fact I could diet…”

“I CAN…but that don’t mean I WILL!”

Pumpkin made it clear that she feels Alana needs to make the changes to her diet and exercise habits before going through with the procedure.

“Before she takes that big step she needs to go ahead and start making the lifestyle changes,” Pumpkin told ET. “Because I know it’s a lot easier to be like, ‘OK, let me go out to California and let me get my stomach chopped off.”

Alana said that she would like to get her weight down to about 140 lbs. She stated that she currently weighs 275 lbs.

“A healthy low-calorie diet and plenty of exercises will help determine the weight loss potential. Many of our patients have lost close to 100 pounds in only 12 months after having the Suture Sculpt ESG procedure,” Dr. Batash’s website states.

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10 Responses

  1. Funny, I bet they felt the same way when she didn’t tell them she was married, turn about fair play. Never seen someone so hell bent on not having for their kids feelings before smh

  2. Alana shouldn’t have this kind of procedure before she’s 18


    June needs to stfu. She let her kids down again and again, that’s why she doesn’t even have custody of Alana. They doesn’t need your approval for anything

  3. This is such a bad decision for so many reasons… at least it is apparently a non-surgical procedure, but if Alana’s eating habits and understanding of nutrition are so poor that she thinks CAESAR SALAD is healthy, she is definitely going to fail… I’m sure she will lose weight initially like her mom and then gain it all back when she inevitably stretches her stomach again. Pumpkin should have insisted that Alana at a minimum showed a 3+ month consistent workout routine and healthier eating habits before she signed off.

  4. She’s not wrong. Alana herself literally said she’s not going to eat healthy or go to the gym. Getting surgery will do nothing when she continues her very unhealthy lifestyle that got her to 275 pounds. Her interview shows her age and why teenagers should not be getting major surgery. Shame on her sister for allowing this without Alana showing any kind of understanding of what surgery she is getting..

  5. The last I heard Alana was just “thinking” about the surgery. Now it’s scheduled for August?

    Do I think Alana shouldn’t do the surgery? Yes because of her lack of commitment. I doubt very, very seriously that having surgery will make Alana want to exercise and eat healthy. She is under the mistaken impression that you have the surgery and weight drops off without changing anything about your lifestyle. Sorry, it just doesn’t work like that.

    Having said that, I could care less about June’s opinion. June would have a say in it had she not chosen drugs and men over her children. It sounds like June is salty that the free procedure isn’t being offered to her. She knows damn well that the reason she can’t have a revision is because she has stretched out her stomach from shoveling food in her pie hole.

  6. Well she’s not wrong. Alana is still very young to be getting this kid of surgery. If she isn’t going to eat healthy and exercise it isn’t going to work. She is putting her health is jeopardy for no reason if that’s the case.

  7. I can’t figure out if Mama is trying to be a good Mom by saying this…or if she’s a little jealous because she has to lose weight first to get HER surgery. So shes using the age thing as an excuse.

  8. Oh, this bothers June? It bothers me that she put men before her daughters.

    Much like my opinion doesn’t matter here, neither does June’s.

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