Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson To Undergo Weight Loss Surgery After Hitting 275 lbs; Procedure To Take Place After Her 17th Birthday In August

“I guess this means no more Sketti, right?”

“Honey Boo Boo” is about to say “bye bye” to her extra weight.

The reality TV star— whose real name is Alana Thompson— will undergo weight loss surgery next month, TMZ reported on Wednesday. Alana’s manager Gina Rodriguez confirmed to the site that the Mama June: Road to Redemption star plans to have a suture sculpt endoscopic sleeve from weight loss doctor Steven Batash. The surgery— scheduled for after Alana turns 17 on August 28— will take place at Dr. Batash’s surgery center in Queens, New York.

Also going under the knife will be Alana’s 21-year-old boyfriend, Dralin Carswell, who will be having the same weight loss procedure as Alana.

Alana’s manager told the site that Alana decided to have weight loss surgery after hitting 275 lbs. She reportedly hopes to get her weight down to 150 lbs.

“We’re told she’s trying her best to live a healthier life — trying diets and increasing her exercise over the past year — but hasn’t gotten the results she hoped she would,” TMZ reported. “Alana’s worried the weight she’s put on is genetic, and sees this procedure as the only way to get rid of it.”

“As always, Mama is somehow to blame for this!”

Alana’s legal guardian– her sister, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon— had to sign off on the surgery, since Alana is still a minor. In the past, Pumpkin has attempted to get Alana to eat healthier; however, during one 2021 episode of ‘Mama June: Road to Redemption,’ Alana rejected Pumpkin’s suggestion that she incorporate more vegetables into her diet after Alana was bullied online for her weight.

“Let me just tell you, I have needs,” Alana replied. “My needs are carbs. Carbs.”


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Alana has struggled with her weight for years. Back in 2015, Alana and her mother, Mama June Shannon appeared on The Doctors to discuss Alana’s weight. Mama June later slammed the show and its producers for trying to make her and her daughter look bad. At that time, June confirmed that then-nine-year-old Alana weighed about 125 lbs.

Alana will certainly not be the first in her family to undergo weight loss surgery. Mama June famously underwent a plethora of weight loss and cosmetic surgeries several years ago. She documented her transformation on Mama June: Not to Hot


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Alana’s sisters, Jessica Shannon (aka “Chubbs”) and Anna Cardwell (aka “Chickadee”)— each underwent massive plastic surgeries makeovers in February 2020. Jessica’s procedure list includes a weight loss surgery,  liposuction on her back, bra and flank areas, and a tummy tuck.

In the past, June has stated that she is OK with Alana turning to plastic surgery in order to lose weight. However, she insisted that Alana wait until she was 18 before going under the knife. 

“When you turn 18, you can do whatever the hell you want to,” she told In Touch Weekly in March 2021. “The whole family has struggled with their weight all their life. It’s a Shannon thing, honestly. So, for them, they choose to do it.

“If Alana chooses to do a weight loss thing, whenever she turns 18, that’s on her, you know?” June added.

June has yet to give her thoughts on Alana’s upcoming weight loss surgery.

UPDATE! In a follow-up interview on Thursday, Alana explained that she is considering surgery because she’s unmotivated to change her diet or exercise. Click here to read more!

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13 Responses

  1. There really isn’t a point for her to do a risky, expensive surgery- she will just gain the weight again. She’s genetically predisposed to be bigger and she refuses to eat healthy or exercise. It’s a lost cause.

  2. Heartbreaking. Alana is risking her life and will alter her body chemistry forever because she has no one to show her how to diet and exercise. Because of the road June chose, Alana thinks surgery is a cure-all. Sad. Sad. Sad.

  3. None of them have done the work AFTERWARDS to KEEP the weight off. Why would she be different? I think it’s totally sending the wrong message as well to convey to our youth to just have a surgery to take the weight off, instead of trying to get it off by changing eating habits and working out. While I realize some of the time, that it’s not enough to get ALL the weight off, I think they should HAVE to do that to prove their commitment to changing if they have to end up having the surgery. Plus, she is just SO young to have this surgery. There can be lots of complications and complications afterwards… And this may be a small matter of genetics but if you actually watch the show, they eat like crap. I mean in this article alone there is her eating a bowl of chicken nuggets… I wish her the best but I don’t think this is the answer and it’s a quick and temporary fix

  4. I mean if you watch the show they are not eating healthy.

    I feel like maybe just send her to a weight loss rehab for 3 months, where she goes through therapy, nutritionist education, and eats 1,500 calories, and works with a personal trainer.

    Just eating 500 less than her BMR she’ll lose a pound a week, with working out, maybe 2-3 lbs a week.

    It worries me that they want a 17-year-old to get gastric bypass, before trying or other non-invasive measures, like outpatient treatment or in patient treatment.

  5. June’s weight came back. Jessica’s weight came back. Alana’s weight might be less than it is now but it will come back also. Pumpkin was doing great before her last 2 pregnancies so I know she can lose weight and eat healthier and be a good influence for Alana.

    Honest question on y’all that keep saying Alana’s boyfriend is too old for her… First off the article says she turns 17 in August AND she had her 16th weeks ago on the show. So she isn’t 15. But where did you all come up with 20 for his age? I thought the show said they met at school? Why would he be going to school with her if he is 20? I’m not saying it’s impossible for him to be 20. I just want to know where you got that from?

  6. She will never be disciplined enough as a teenager to stick with a healthy diet. This is a bad idea

  7. Making your stomach smaller doesn’t change your genetics. It just forces you to eat less. Only a teenager and already throwing in the towel on diet and exercise

  8. I dunno .. I think she’s very young, like too young for this. She says she fears its genetic, however I think its more about what kinda food she was brought up with and in a family where health really was’nt a thing (sketti, never forget)

    This is not an easy way to loose weight tho. Bodies are individual and no weightloss is the same however I do think it starts with a understanding about what is healthy and what is not. I always thought you’d have to be either healthy or unhealthy – but in reality its a balance and I dont think that Alana or her siblings has ever been thaught that.

  9. i feel bad for alana ever since she was little she’s always been bullied by strangers for her weight and that must be such a horrible thing to deal with at such a young age and especially now. people don’t understand that not everyone can easily lose weight by simple diet and exercise but hopefully she can stay healthy after the surgery and i wish nothing but the best for her

  10. Poor Alana. Weight loss surgery won’t work if you can’t lose weight on your own. My clinic made me lose 25 lbs. with diet before they approved me for the sleeve. Otherwise you will not be able to keep the weight off. It’s serious surgery, too. Can have lots of side effects.

  11. They need to use their money for a trainer. They all have terrible eating habits, it’ll just come back, like her mother. June is the only crackhead I know that never lost any weight, and managed to gain! ? Honestly shame on Pumpkin for agreeing to this.

  12. Isn’t she too young to have that surgery? Also if she doesn’t eat healthy and exercise she’ll put on weight again

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