Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Says a “Mental Health Issue” Keeps Her Husband Jionni LaValle From Filming For ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’

“Don’t worry, babe… I like attention enough for the both of us.”

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi fired back Thursday after a Jersey Shore Family Vacation viewer accused her of keeping a “whole part” of her personal life off TV by not appearing on camera with her husband Jionni LaValle.  

While Jionni has shown his mug on MTV in past years on Jersey Shore and Snooki & JWoww–- the spin-off starring Nicole and Jenni “JWoww” Farley–- the father of three now prefers to live a more private life without the presence of cameras.

On Twitter, Nicole explained that a “mental health issue” is the reason Jionni no longer films.

Raise your hand if you thoroughly believe opposites attract.

When asked this week about Jionni’s decision to not appear alongside her on ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation,’ Nicole revealed her husband struggles with “severe anxiety” and was never a fan of being on camera to begin with.

“Well Miss Darcy, he has severe anxiety and hates being in front of camera,” Nicole wrote. “He never liked it. He hardly lets me post pictures. It’s a mental health issue that I respect and choose not to push him to be on camera. But please, proceed to be nasty about it. It’s fine. Good day, Mam.” 

While some fans appeared to be accepting of Nicole’s explanation, others sided with Angelina Pivarnick, who on this week’s episode of ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ called out her former roomies for not sharing more of their personal lives on TV. (Case in point: Angelina’s crumbling marriage to ex-husband Chris Larangeira is playing out on the currently-airing season.)

“Let’s be honest, my drama is keeping the sh*t show rolling at this point.”

“Oh, so it’s ok for Jionni to have a reason for privacy but not Angelina?” one person tweeted. “All of you in Angelina’s business against her will & constantly intruding about her sex life? She doesn’t ‘choose’ to share, you all bully and force it upon her. She’s finally learning how to handle you all.” 

“I mean c’mon dude I’m sure Angelina has had anxiety since Season 1,” another wrote. “I’m sure Jionni don’t mind the paycheck that comes with you. You gotta pay a price.” 

As for Nicole, she went on to call Angelina’s comments offensive to the entire cast. 

“We all share our lives on this show for the past 10 years and we all took offense to that comment,” she tweeted following Thursday’s episode. 

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  1. The only thing I’m going to say is Angelina signed up to be on the show. Jionni didn’t. If she didn’t want to tell her business she could’ve declined. But SHE wants that check too!

  2. I think Miss Darcy was just asking a legitimate question. The nastiness was definitely not coming from her.

  3. I suspect their marriage has evolved into more of a business deal, but that’s their business and apparently MTV is willing to let Nicole participate on her own terms. IMO, that was a wise decision since the ratings plummeted after she left. Not sure what the ratings are now but I lost interest and stopped watching a couple years ago. Between Pauly D’s fake relationship and all the contrived and scripted interactions, it lost the thing that made it great to begin with – its authenticity. Jenni alone could be a case study in the loss of authenticity.

  4. at least snooki respects that her husbands not comfortable with being on camera. mackenzie from tmog knows this yet still pushes him and their family to be on camera

  5. Marriage problems.

    She was seeing some “business owner” where they live. Undoubtedly he stays for the kids and the optics. And the money.

    She does the show bc she needs to. They live a lifestyle they cannot afford on his salary.

      1. Yeah, this dude who owns a business where they live. Was before the reboot. I wanna say he owns an appliance store or computer store but that might not be it.

  6. Mental health issues….ffs. no he hates being exploded in front of a camera for money. I’d say he’s pretty fucking mentally healthy.

  7. Geez the girl just asked a question! She didn’t say it in a nasty way at all. Her snipping back at her was mean. Guess she just lost a fan.

    1. Nicole must be dealing with some mental issues on her own. You don’t just snap back like this to someone just genuinely curious about her husband. (And yes, it is very noticable in even earlier seasons how much he hates being filmed…but she made him do it anyway) I also have a feeling her marriage is prob crumbling. Jionni seems like a genuine chilled dude (having a rumored Ashley Madison account aside)

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