Kody Brown Accuses Ex-Wife Christine of Not Being a Good Sister Wife or Mother to Robyn Brown’s Kids in Clip From ‘Sister Wives’ Season Premiere

Kody, pointing at the person he’s blaming for ending this marriage.

When Sister Wives returns next week, viewers will get to see the unraveling of Kody Brown‘s marriage to Christine Brown, including some of the conversations leading up to the former couple’s split. 

As The Ashley previously told you, Kody and Christine announced the end of their marriage in 2021. Christine— who was married to Kody for more than 25 years— left Kody and his remaining three wives– Robyn, Janelle and Meri– and moved to Utah with her youngest daughter Truely.

In a clip from the upcoming season premiere, Christine and Kody sit down for a conversation about their failed marriage, during which Christine says being married to Kody has “been a heartache.”

” … it’s been painful because I’ve tried for so long, so hard, to be what you needed,” Christine says. ” … I did everything that I could do to make it so you would want to be around me. I tried so hard.”

In response, Kody tells Christine she did everything except “treat your sister wives with kindness and respect.”

“I don’t know what you mean by that,” Christine replies.

When speaking to the camera, Kody argues that his heart has been broken for years due to Christine’s “complaints and hatred of plural marriage.”

” …until she started thinking for herself. It was all downhill after that.”

He also criticized Christine’s unwillingness to help parent Robyn’s kids. (Robyn brought three children from her previous marriage into the family when she and Kody were married in 2010. Kody and Robyn had two children together after that.) 

The Brown family has often stated that it was Christine who cared for the large family’s children—sometimes more than 10 at a time— while the other adults worked. But, according to Kody, Christine was unwilling to do that with Robyn’s kids. 

“Here’s the thing, Christine was great–– great at being willing to mother Janelle’s kids, OK? But she was never willing to mother or be a good mother to Robyn’s kids,” he says.  

“Nor did I realize she was incapable of caring for her own children.”

In another clip from Kody and Christine’s conversation, the two discuss the lack of intimacy in their marriage, with Christine accusing Kody of telling her that the intimacy part of their relationship “was over.” Kody denies ever making any comment at all, claiming he actually shrugged his shoulders when asked about the possibility of the two ever being intimate again. 

“You said that you were not attracted to me,” Christine tells Kody, who claims he never used “those words at all.”

“I don’t want to get all confrontational here,” Kody tells the camera. “She had been telling family members that she was wanting to leave me–- and we’re talking, I think, a year or so ago. She’s been telling everybody she wants to leave and she’s never told me, she’s never talked to me about it.

Kody, every time Christine has tried to talk to him over the last two decades…

“So when she says that she asks me if we’re ever going to be intimate, I’m hearing rumors from everybody that she’s been threatening to leave,” Kody continues in the clip. “She hasn’t been talking to me, I shrugged my shoulders because I’m not gonna be fooling around with a woman who’s talking about leaving me.”

As for Christine, she says she doesn’t want to be married to a guy who’s just going to shrug his shoulders when one of his wives asks him if the two of them are going to have an intimate marriage. 

“Figuratively speaking. Obviously.”

The season premiere of ‘Sister Wives’ airs Sunday, September 11, at 10/9c on TLC. 

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(Photos: TLC) 

21 Responses

  1. Christine took care of Janelle’s kids because Christine and Janelle were a team, a great team. Robyn has never wanted to be part of that team, she just didn’t want to be a single mom anymore.

  2. I think noodle ramen head is banking on sobbin robin becoming a star with her amazing break dancin skills. Then,maybe,they can build those houses on coyote pass.Tiny homes for Meri and Janelle and a huge mansion for Yoko and the stud.?

  3. Kody is delusional.

    1. Robin insisted on a nanny. And Also insisted on keeping the other women away from their house.
    2. Kody has always treated Christine like the basement wife. I think he’s more surprised that people like Christine because he finds her so repulsive.
    3. When your child is needing surgery and you would spend time with another wife and not show up. I’m sorry, you lost husband points and father points. Poor Truly.
    4. I can’t imagine how gut-wrenching it is for Christine to have tried for 25 years for Kody to love and respect her, and the new wife comes in and does nothing and get that respect.
    5. Robin is the Yoko of this family.
    6. Why should Christine be relegated to servant, what is she the nanny and housekeeper? She doesn’t watch Robin’s kids so she’s not worthy of love anymore? Kody doesn’t want to see her or sleep with her anymore but is going still spreading seed at Robin’s house.

  4. Kody should ask Nick Cannon for some tips on how to have successful plural relationships. Nicks sister-wives seem to be doing ok.

  5. Who is the common denominator in all of these troubled relationships? Oh, I know! It’s Kody Brown! Christina’s is a saint who doesn’t get the credit she deserves.

  6. I think Cody is missing his capability to have sex with more than one now. He is not a young person longer and not so good looking and he also is a mean person.
    And a narcissist ?

  7. Why did Kody want a plural marriage while he didn’t want to do the work?

    In a marriage you support your wife as much as you can, you have to talk about your relationship together, about your marriage.
    Your wife will discuss her relationships with others with you. You’ll listen and try to support her. In a healthy marriage that is.

    When you want 4 wives, you’ll have to do that times 4 and they will all discuss their issues in the relationships with the other sister wives with you. That’s only logical.
    When you don’t want to listen to that and support your wives, you don’t want a plural marriage, you want to have four girlfriends.

  8. So Kody, when you were hearing rumors for a year that Christine was thinking about leaving you, did you go to her and say, Christine, what’s going on? Do we need to have a conversation, go to counseling, spend more time together, figure this out? But instead his ego was too big so he just wrote her off, figuring she’d never in a million years leave.

  9. He’s such a right fighter. He takes ZERO accountability for ANYTHING. Let’s put everything Christine did or didn’t do aside. Take responsibility for SOMETHING. Christine parenting or not parenting Robyn’s kids is between her and Robyn. Butt out.

    1. Christine was a mother to everyone else’s kids because she was there with them in the same home since birth. Robin’s oldest was about 10 when they came into the family. The relationship was never going to be the same as the ones she raised alongside her own since day 1.

      Robin also didn’t want Christine involved. I remember Christine bring upset about that.

  10. Christine watched the kids so the other moms could work. Robin didn’t work so why couldn’t she watch her own kids? She still doesn’t she has a freakin nanny

  11. He said in the book he helped write he wasn’t attractive to her. And you never cut someone off of sex and think they ll stay. He didn’t even hold her hand. He is a sick sad little human.

  12. It always comes back to Robyn, doesn’t it? Judging from what we have seen on the show, Robyn never allowed the other mothers to ‘mother’ her kids. Even Meri has always been treated like an aunt instead of another mother.
    It’s sooo crazy to see Kody trying to give Robyn and her kids the world while treating his other wives and kids like garbage. Then for him to turn around and blame them for the horrible way he treats them is disgusting and abusive. You can’t have a prolonged newlywed marriage with one wife and a non physical, somewhat friendly marriage with the other 3 and then blame the other wives for not wanting to be there. Did he ever talk to Christine about the ‘rumor’ he heard that she wanted to leave?? Or did he just give up without giving her a chance?

  13. So when Kody says that Christine didn’t treat her sister wives (plural) with kindness and respect, he was really just talking about one of those wives. His only concern is for how Robyn and her kids are treated. Meanwhile, has Robyn ever tired to be any kind of mother to Christine’s kids? And wasn’t Christine hurt because Robyn got a nanny instead asking Christine when that was Christine’s main role in the family?

    Christine is so much better off without him.

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