‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Stars Leah Messer & Jaylan Mobley Reveal Details Of Their Upcoming Wedding: Family Member Singing; MTV Filming & More

Jesus God (Leah)…think of how many wedding-related photoshoots are coming our way…

Wedding bells will soon be ringing throughout the holler!

Leah and her new fiancé Jaylan recently revealed that they have begun to plan their wedding. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter stars opened up about some of the things they are planning to do at their wedding, which will take place in the summer or fall of 2023.

Leah— who has already had two jaunts down the aisle in her life— said she and Jaylan have chucked the idea of having a small, intimate wedding and will be going whole-hog for the nuptials.

“At first I was very much like an intimate wedding, and I’m like, ‘Why not? Let’s have a big wedding!” the future Mrs. Messer Simms Calvert Mobley told the site, adding that they may have a destination wedding. (The couple had a “destination” proposal, as Jaylan proposed to Leah during a trip to Costa Rica in August.)

Naturally, Leah plans to involve her three daughters in the festivities as much as possible. She wants her twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah, to help her come up with her wedding day look.

Not gonna lie, it’s going to be hard to top the epitome of fashion that was Leah’s second wedding “lewk”…

“Ali really wants to be a part of doing the makeup…she really does an amazing job. She’s very artistic like that,” Leah said, adding that Aleeah will help her choose a bridal gown. (This time around, Leah has her eye on a designer frock.)

“Well, I told her they done had white house dresses on sale up ‘er at the Walmart, but she don’t wanna listen.”

“[Aleeah] is very, very fashion forward with all of that, as she’s mentioned Vera Wang, we’ll see,” Leah says. “She…wants to be a huge part in the dressing everyone.”

Um…maybe she could throw a suggestion or two Jaylan’s way?

Leah is also hoping that Aleeah will perform at the wedding, although she’s not sure the 12-year-old will agree.

“I really want to Aleeah to sing, but I don’t know if she will,” Leah said.

She also mentioned that Aleeah and Ali will be junior bridesmaids. (She didn’t mention if her youngest daughter— Addie— will have a role but we can assume she might be put in charge of the dessert table?)

“I’m a sommelier of Fruit Roll-Ups, sugar packets and frosting!”

She does plan to make a major change from her first two weddings: she wants to go solo down the aisle for Trip No. 3.

(During her wedding to Corey Simms, Leah was escorted by her stepfather, Lee Spears. For her wedding to Jeremy Calvert, Leah was walked down the aisle by Lee, as well as her biological father, Gary Messer.)

“I want to walk myself down the aisle. That’s a big one for me,” Leah said. “It’s empowering for me… I’m going to be nervous. I’m going to be excited, but I know even just looking into Jaylan’s eyes, that’s calming for me…That’s one big thing for me.”

As for who will be invited, Leah predicts the wedding may have around 200 guests. Whether or not the MTV cameras will be invited, Leah said it’s likely, under “certain circumstances.”

“I would, absolutely [have the wedding filmed],” Leah said. “Honestly, everyone that has watched my story unfold for years now, 13 years, I would love [for] them to see. They saw the lowest moments. This would be my highest moment…To not be able to share that with everyone, it wouldn’t be ideal.

“It would depend, under certain circumstances. That’s our big day. We want nothing but joy, laughter, family,” Leah added.

‘I’ll tell you who’s NOT invited: that dern Robbie Kidd! He ain’t messin’ this one up, too!”

Leah and Jaylan are just one of several ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ couples to be planning a wedding. Cheyenne Floyd and her fiancé, Zach Davis, will be getting married later this month, while Jade Cline and Sean Austin recently announced that they will be getting hitched in October 2023.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

25 Responses

  1. TheAshley, your wicked comments about the teen plus 12 years moms are always entertaining. But Leah, well has not bolstered the reputation of our state. There are many West Virginians who do live in the holler and love it. West Virginia is a beautiful state. We have our challenges; alcoholism, drug addiction, joblessness…But the people of Appalachia are strong. This is truly wild wonderful West Virginia. There. I got that off my chest ?

    1. I’m a Maryland girl, went to WV for the first time this summer at Berkley Springs . It truly exceeded my expectations- absolutely beautiful area and lovely little town, we even happened upon a rather large Pride Festival at the park for a pleasant progressive surprise! Will be going back for sure.

    2. I live about 10 mins from Beckley and I grew up closer to New Martinsville,WV is a great place to live and raise a family…

  2. Watch it be super over the top like the other wedding MTV paid for (Angelina’s wedding from Jersey Shore). I wonder what drama they will manufacture for this one.

    This dude creeps me out. That fake looking smile paired with a dead eyed stare…Leah is going to eventually be a 3x divorcee.


    1. 100 percent the best way to describe a lot of fans feelings on the whole thing. He seems off but she seems so happy and so much further than she was that you hope you’re being the a-hole.

  4. Might as well face it, she’s addicted to love!! But hey, there are worse addictions. Hope they’re happy and long-lived.

  5. Leah don’t force the girls to participate in the wedding, sounds like they’re not interested. Course this is if the wedding even happens. I wouldn’t say he’s in it for the fame but there definitely is something fishy about the whole thing. Esp when he parades around in uniform. Which unless he’s on duty but wait, MTV and home isn’t on duty ? Leah feels like she’s always trying to shove a new man in the girls lives. She needs to back off the men and put the girls first instead of her charades.

    1. Exactly!!! As a child of divorced parents who moved on to other people I was a bridesmaid and I didn’t want to be one for my mom’s wedding bc the man she married is verbally, physically, and emotionally abusive towards her!!! Recently my mom found out how much I hate my stepfather!!! Leah is moving way too fast with this one here!!! There’s something weird about him I think that he is in it for the fame and there’s absolutely no way that he can afford that big ring!!!!

    1. Especially since they used to call one of them Gracie.
      But I’m pretty sure “Ali” is the twin with dark brown curly hair.

    2. Aleeah Grace is the blond twin (called Gracie when she was youger). Aliannah Hope is the twin with brown curled hair (called Ali).

  6. Pffffftttt….. like she was never going to let MTV film it …… she needs them to pay for it!!!

    This wedding alone will prove that money can’t buy you class

        1. Ol greazy glasses. Ah yes. Yes. He very much made huge purchases in the name of love, including cars and a house, all on Amber’s dime.

          I wonder when his facade will drop publicly, if it hasnt already privately.

          It would be nice if he were real, but the odds are against her on this one.

  7. pour moi, Leah est la plus naturelle de toute les autres. Ravie pour elle si elle est heureuse! (petite blague): et Addie, elle fait quoi, le service et la vaisselle!! Félicitation pour eux !
    biz de paris

    1. We have to see if they even make it through the engagement! Teen Mom might be canceled before they even make it down the aisle if ratings stay as low as they are and the strike continues.

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