Jon Gosselin Accused Of “Interfering” With Daughter Hannah’s Beauty Line; Jon Denies Company CEO’s Claims That He’s “Difficult” To Work With

“Stop trying to DJ events for my line, Dad!”

Hannah Gosselin‘s new “Gosselin Girl” beauty line is not doing as well as she’d hoped and, according to the company’s CEO, Hannah’s dad Jon is to blame!

In a recent interview with The Sun, Gosselin Girl CEO Diane Simon accused Jon of trying to “interfere” with Hannah’s line and of not having “any regard for Hannah’s best interest.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Hannah launched the beauty line in May, at the same time she (and the rest of her sextuplet siblings) turned 18.

“Hannah had such potential. I thought it would be fun for us to launch her and make her a big star with a good brand,” Diane told The Sun, later adding, “I feel so bad for the kid. She’s such a nice girl. I’ve witnessed some concerning behavior from [Jon] and I became frustrated. Just the dynamic on how he operates with Hannah.”

Diane stated that Jon’s antics— which she says includes him bashing Hannah’s mom Kate Gosselin in interviews– have caused Hannah to have to cancel events meant to promote her line.

“I’d like to go on record to say I’m not surprised!”

“The line is doing very well, but it’s not doing as well as it’s supposed to,” Dianne claimed. “He’s been interfering. The loser has been Hannah. We’ve had to cancel a lot of the amazing events to launch her. It’s not where we’re supposed to be right now. We are disappointed on how we had to handle the business because of his behavior.”

Diane, who claimed she had “financial issues” with Jon when they worked together on a previous Red Cross project, said she is “disappointed” and “extremely unhappy” with how things have turned out working on Hannah’s line.


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Jon responded to Diane’s claims via statements issued to The Sun from his rep and attorney.

“This seems to be a sad attempt at getting her 15 minutes of fame at Jon and Hannah’s expense and it’s incredibly disappointing,” Jon’s rep stated, adding that Diane is the one who has dropped the ball with Hannah’s line and their previous charity project.

“Unfortunately, we never saw any follow through with the Red Cross charity project that Jon was originally hired for and was excited about. She also never followed through with Hannah’s company.

“We suggest that Diane focus on the cause and use Jon’s work for the charity in which it was filmed, and worry less about getting her name out there.”

“It’s unfortunate that she has taken aim at Jon and Hannah when Jon was trying to help a wonderful charity, The Red Cross,” Jon’s attorney stated. “I am in touch with [Diane’s] attorney.”


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As The Ashley previously reported, Jon and Kate are currently in the middle of yet another financial battle. In September, Kate demanded her ex-husband and former Jon and Kate Plus 8 co-star fork over $132,000 in back child support. That came just weeks after Jon accused Kate of stealing $100,000 from their children’s trust fund accounts.

Hannah currently lives with Jon, as does her brother Collin. The rest of the Gosselin sextuplets live with Kate.

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  1. So basically, Diane and Jon are competing against each other because they’re both vultures trying to cash in on Hannah. Does this poor kid have a single adult in her life that isn’t trying to take advantage of her? This woman sounds just as opportunistic as Jon and Kate.

    1. Or, she’s trying to do right by Hannah and the cause.

      Jon is a lying and manipulative douche. Isn’t that clear?

      1. Lol yeah, that’s why she’s running to the press? And Hannah is 18 and probably knows nothing about running business. She’s super easy to take advantage of.

      2. She’s definitely not trying to do right by Hannah, Diane has flaked on every single project she’s been a part of. That’s not just coming from Jon, it’s in her track history. As soon as it stops being about her and what she’s doing or her involvement, she bounces.

        Jon can be an ass and definitely has his faults (many, lol), but he has done a pretty good job of trying to look out for his kids, especially where finances are concerned. I can see him being difficult, but I can also understand why any parent would be difficult when there is a grown woman trying to take the limelight from their child. In this case, the business should be Hannah’s, she should take the focal point, not Diane.

  2. People have always been distracted by how loud Kate was with her bad behavior that they forget Jon is a dickhead too

    1. I know! I didn’t even know she had one & who would really go to an event to meet one of the kids because they aren’t famous anymore! ITs a little creepy.

  3. Just another leech trying to get a famous name stamped on anything with her name and “CEO” title. Pathetic. Hannah, stay away from women like this and get your education.

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