EXCLUSIVE! Source Tells All On Anna Duggar’s Frequent Prison Visits with Josh Duggar; Anna Planning to Relocate to Texas & Sending Josh Relationship Books

“When I said I was a ‘Joshy Girl for life’ I meant it!”

Josh Duggar has been in a Texas prison for a few months now, but The Ashley hears that his devoted wife Anna is doing everything she can to keep their marriage going— despite Josh being sentenced to 12.5 years in prison for receiving child sex abuse materials (CSAM).

According to The Ashley‘s sources, Anna has been visiting Josh faithfully every other weekend, despite the nearly six-hour drive from her home in Arkansas to the Federal Correctional Institute (FCI) Seagoville where Josh is housed.

While Anna continues to visit Josh faithfully (even recently visiting on back-to-back weekends earlier this month, due to the fact that Anna was nearby attending an event in Texas), The Ashley’s sources tell her that the couple is actually at odds over one topic: whether or not Anna and their seven kids should move to Texas.

“Don’t bother, Anna! My dad is gonna get me out soon. Yup…any minute now…”

According to The Ashley’s source, Anna is currently looking for a home for her and the kids that is close to the prison. However, Josh— who recently filed an appeal— is unhappy that Anna is planning a move to Texas.

“He thinks he is going to beat his appeal and feels his wife’s move is unnecessary. He tends to think they are going to reverse his case,” the source tells The Ashley, adding that this has caused some tension for the couple.

“Josh and Anna had a dispute on the phone and Josh went two days without talking to her, which is big because he calls every day.”

The source claimed that Josh currently has 500 phone minutes a month, but he doesn’t have access to email “due to his charge.” 

“An inmate with a sex offender charge doesn’t [get email privileges],” the source tells The Ashley. “An inmate with a sex charge must prove himself with no trouble and time under his belt. Josh applied to the warden for email [privileges], but was quickly denied.”

“But…but…did you tell them you are a DUGGAR?!”

The source goes on to claim that Anna seems “tired, broken and worn out” during her visits with Josh. 

“His actions appear to have really affected her,” the source said.

In fact, The Ashley can reveal that Anna recently sent Josh some faith-based books that she feels will help their relationship. 

“She sent him the book Draw Close: A Devotional for Couples,” the source tells The Ashley. 

According to the book’s listing on Amazon, this book— which is authored by Willard F. Harley and his wife Joyce—brings “readers devotions to help them increase their intimacy with God and each other.” 

“Each devotion begins with a story and includes a brief meditation, a relevant Scripture passage, and application questions to help make the principles a reality,” the listing reads.

Anna reportedly also sent Josh the book Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires, The Respect He Desperately Needs by Dr. Emerson Eggerich. 

“While both men and women deserve both love and respect, in the midst of conflict the driving need for a woman is love and the driving need for a man is respect,” the book’s Amazon listing reads. ” When either of these needs isn’t met, things get crazy….If you want to feel peace, closeness, value, and to experience marriage the way God intended, this book will help you get there.”

Stay tuned…The Ashley will have more updates soon.

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(Photos: TLC; Washington County Sheriffs Department; Amazon)

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  1. She won’t be there long if she does move. I grew up near the prison Duggar is being housed, so I know the area really well. It’s a semi dangerous area, about as ghetto you can get in Texas. I’m still on some of the FB pages, not uncommon to see some comment about how all these gang banging kids are getting guns and shooting up the town. A few years ago there was a big gang fight at the annual city Christmas display. The safest area is about an hour away, but that won’t save her from the whispers and gossiping

    If she’s hoping for a warm welcome, she’s going to have a rude awakening. Staying loyal to a multi offending child predator and serial cheater isn’t going to earn her many friends in that area. She’s going to be isolated and have to homeschool her kids if she wants any peace.

  2. She’s such a spineless idiot. A fucking doormat. Be a mother to your children for once. Give them the lives they deserve. K syed of offering them and yourself on a platter for a damn pedophile. Jackass.

  3. She is more delusional than I thought. How would a book help your marriage to a man who molested his sisters, cheated on you multiple times on Ashley Madison and all of the child p0rn stuff… nothing is going to help your marriage!!!!!

  4. Their children are in danger as long as they stay with her. She’s not only an enabler, she’s actively supporting a pedophile. What is she going to tell her kids? ‘Say goodbye to everyone, we’re moving to Texas to be closer to your chomo dad in prison. God bless this mess!’

  5. I just did not understand how Anna can be supportive of her husband, Josh. What could she possibly tell her children why he is in jail? She obviously will not tell them the truth, but as they get older, they will have access to the computer and read it all then. Anna needs to face the facts and move on with life and stay back where all of her support is. I think she has a screw loose and her brain.

  6. How is Anna going to move to Texas with 7 kids and no job? There is no family or support for her. If she’s this tired and worn out after a few months, how is she going to feel in a year? I wonder when she’s going to hit her breaking point.

  7. Considering the ‘relationship’ between this monster and his willing but brainwashed hostage, the titles of those two books make my skin crawl.

  8. Anna is just as warped in the head as Josh is. What woman stays with an admitted pedophile and child molester? Some of the victims his own sisters! She has a duty to protect her children from harm but she instead makes the decision to allow them to be around a predator. It doesn’t matter that the predator in question is their own father. If she truly loved her children unconditionally she would put them first and not her sick ass husband or her desire to be a “dutiful wife”. Pretty sure God would be A-Ok with a divorce under these circumstances.

    1. And, remember, she found out about the stuff with his sisters BEFORE she married him. There was recent AMA on Duggarsnark on reddit with a childhood friend of Anna’s and oh my god, she was SOLD by her father to the Duggars. Courtship with Josh only lasted 12 HOURS before he showed up in Florida to propose because the Duggars we’re so desperate to get rid of him and Anna’s parents were so desperate to move up the fundie social ladder. She is too brainwashed to leave. I felt bad for the young woman basically handed over to a predator but she has seven children. My concern is for them now because everyone around them enables a predator.

  9. HOLD UP josh seriously thinks he’ll win his appeal for child p0rnography??? ?? i can’t believe but can believe that anna’s willing to uproot her and her 7 young kids to texas with no help just to be near someone she can’t touch for 12 years

  10. (Grabs popcorn sits back and waits.) Here we go. Also, Josh’s family refers to him as the next apostle Paul. That makes me sick as a Christian.

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