‘Welcome to Plathville’ Star Kim Plath Arrested for DUI & Property Damage! See Her New Mugshot

“Do you see what 24 years of marriage to a guy like Barry can do to a person?”

Kim Plath of TLC’s Welcome to Plathville was reportedly arrested Thursday in Florida for driving under the influence (DUI), property damage and personal injury, The Sun reports. 

The site broke the news that Kim was busted in Wakulla County (near Tallahassee, Florida) and booked into jail at 2:43 a.m. She has since been released from custody…but not before having a fabulous new mugshot snapped!

This is not Kim’s first run-in with the law. According to Starcasm, she was charged with “Careless Driving, Single Vehicle Crash, DUI” in June, with the status of the case now listed as “Pending DUI.”

According to Starcasm, which obtained a copy of Kim’s original traffic citation from the incident in June, the incident’s status was changed to “Pending DUI” on September 8.

The Plath kids after hearing their mom was busted for DUI…probably…

The mom of nine was previously busted in Florida for having an open container of alcohol in her car at the age of 19–- years before she and husband Barry Plath were married. (As fans of ‘Welcome to Plathville’ know, Kim and Barry announced in June that they had decided to divorce after 24 years of marriage.)

Kim has also opened up about her past on ‘Welcome to Plathville,’ confessing to having some wild college years and even admitting to driving while drunk “and waking up in the car parked weird on the lawn, passed out.” 

Kim Plath: physically and morally flexible.

“ … You know, taking drugs and driving across town at 3 o’clock in the morning,” she claimed on the TLC series. “I could have died so many different ways when I was in college and by God’s grace I came out of it, and he saved me and I live a different life now.” 

UPDATE! More details have emerged regarding what allegedly happened on the night of the June incident, which led to Kim being arrested this week. Click here to read about it!

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(Photos: TLC; Twitter) 


  1. I got the impression Kim was looking for a piece of strange every episode. She brought that African in her house and admired him the whole time. She constantly shunned Barry and would never let him hit it towards the end. She has now found a another man, while Barry Is left to pick up the pieces.

  2. Guess who can kiss her dance studio goodbye? I would not let my child set one foot in her business again.
    Not leaving my child with someone like that.

    1. I see your point.

      But if she isn’t getting drunk during business hours I truly don’t see the harm in children coming to her classes. I mean, what she does when she’s off the clock (dangerous or not) is her business, she is an adult after all.

      An adult whom has been married to that douche Barry for what 24 years, I personally think she needs to finally let loose a little. I mean yeah, act responsibly, but there truly is NOTHING wrong with a person drinking ESPECIALLY after everything she’s been through all these years.

      1. Only douche is her letting fame go to her and leaving children to so called Dougherty to raise them. She no better than him, she ran that house Barry just followed.

  3. very sad for everyone . having your mom arrested at any age is a rough thing to handle i hope she has another coming to jesus moment that helps her find her way without the mind altering effects .

  4. Ha,ha ha,ha,ha,
    Could not of happened to a better hypocrite.
    I’m sorry I’m glad she didn’t hurt anyone,but I find this hilarious!!!

  5. There was only one arrest. She was arrested after her blood work from June came back revealing she was legally drunk and they issued the warrant. She turned herself in. Don’t understand what took blood work that long but that’s what TMZ is saying. 🤷‍♀️

  6. Wow, imagine the level of embarrassment considering her holier than thou attitude. But cracks were forming in that last season. Big ones. The best was when one of her younger daughters called her out on going against everything she taught them.

    Can’t wait til this show comes back on!

        1. Exactly, if you wanna point blame then you need to blame Barry for not being around to pay attention to HIS SON!!!

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