‘Teen Mom’ Dad Zach Davis Enters–and Exits— LA County Jail; His Wife Cheyenne Floyd Talks About His DUI & Jail Time

“Let’s just pretend this little ‘jail vacay’ never happened, OK?”

Zach Davis spent a little time behind bars this week in Los Angeles County— very little time, despite the Teen Mom OG dad being sentenced to 120 days in jail last month for DUI. 

During the latest episode of her Think Loud Crew podcast, Cheyenne addressed Zach’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it jail stay and legally challenged situation. 

“There’s a lot online about my personal life right now. Apparently people think that I’m going to be a widowed wife or something, or that Zach is going to jail for a year or something like that,” Cheyenne said in an episode that appears to have been recorded before Zach went to jail. “They want to know how I’m going to survive without him. So I think there’s a lot that needs to be clarified.

“To understand it, you have to deal with it. We’ve dealt with it,” she said. 

As The Ashley told you last month, Zach changed his plea on October 4—- just days after his lavish wedding to Cheyenne—- from not guilty to “no contest.” He was found guilty of one count of Driving with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.08% or more–- a crime he committed in June 2020, right before he was introduced on Teen Mom OG.   

He surrendered himself on November 1 as ordered by the court, and, according to jail records obtained by The Ashley, checked in at 9:35 a.m. November 1 and was released at 10:16 a.m. on November 2. 

“It’s nice to have you home. Now, if you ever do that again someone better buy a casket and call a hearse.”

(In addition to the jail time, Zach was sentenced to 60 months of probation and will be required to pay a $500 fine. Zach must also complete four days of community labor and participate in a 18-month licensed alcohol education and counseling program.)

On her podcast, Cheyenne stated that she and Zach knew that Zach would spend nearly no time behind bars, despite his 120-day sentence.

“Would it be inappropriate to throw you a party for making it through 24 hours in the clink?”

“The fact is that, in California, you do 10 percent [of your sentence]. So if he was sentenced to 120 days, he only does 10 percent of 120 days which is, what, 12?” Cheyenne said. “So it’s hard for him to come out and say, ‘I was sentenced to this but I’m only going to be [in jail] for a day.’ Then I feel like people are like, ‘You’re not owning up to your crime’ or ‘You’re not doing the time for your crime.’ 

“But it’s also like, this is how the system out here works,” Cheyenne added.

(This blog post by a Los Angeles County DUI lawyer does a good job of explaining why sentences like Zach’s are cut so short.) 

Later in the podcast, Cheyenne explained that Zach had already served some of those days back in 2020. 

“When he got arrested originally for the DUI, he did time then, so this is just the sentencing for now,” she said. “So all that time that he served back then is [credited to him]…so basically when he goes in [to jail], he’s checking in and checking out.” 

During the podcast episode, Cheyenne laughed about the big fuss fans made online about Zach having to go to jail.

“It’s just GEL! What’s the big deal?”

“I’m not laughing at what happened. A DUI is extremely serious. I’m laughing at all the assumptions that are made around it…to answer them sometimes it feels like we’re downplaying the situation which we’re not trying to do,” she said. 

“So when people are coming at me like, ‘How are you going to feel for four months by yourself?’ I’m not going to respond and be like, ‘He’s coming right home the next day’ because, number one, I don’t need to respond to a random person online. It’s not my answer, it’s Zach’s answer, but he’s talking about it now, so that makes me feel comfortable to talk about it.”

Cheyenne said she is annoyed by fans asking her about Zach’s jail stay and legal situation.

“How dare you ask me about my husband’s crimes! Peasants!” 

“The legal questions [I’m getting from fans] are just so obnoxious … like, ‘How are you gonna tell Ryder?’ Um, Ryder don’t know,” she said. 

Cheyenne’s sister, R Kyle Lynn Floyd, also defended Zach, stating that her new brother-in-law has been working to complete his legal obligations.

“It’s also that he’s done hella classes,” R Kyle Lynn stated. “He’s done so much more than people talk about.”

Now that Zach has his jail stay behind him, he will have to abide by the terms of his probation, and check in for a “Progress Report” court date in March 2023. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Zach has an extensive criminal history, dating all the way back to at least 2015. (You can read all about that here.) That history caught up with him in January of this year, when he was returning from a Mexican vacation with Cheyenne, their son Ace, her daughter Ryder and other members of Chey’s family. Cops confronted him at LAX airport and arrested him for an outstanding warrant.

That warrant stems from Zach breaking his probation for other past theft and DUI charges (not related to the June 2020 DUI charge).

“Can we make that happen, Zachary?”

According to court records obtained by The Ashley, Zach was arrested in October 2018 and charged with Grand Larceny (Theft). (This is charged when the money, property, etc. taken is valued over $950) At the same time, he was charged with five counts of “False Personation & Cheats” (essentially taking someone’s personal identifying information and using it for unlawful purposes); all five of those charges were dismissed or not prosecuted though.

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(Photos: MTV)

5 Responses

  1. I have no sympathy or empathy for her and her situation. She does not care about any other innocent person on the road, when he puts their lives at risk. He drinks and drives, and she laughs it off knowing he will not serve allot of time for it. But she wants our sympathy when someone puts her family at risk? Hypocritical much? You reap what you sow….so deal with it. Get you boobs fixed, and cry when it interferes with your party. WTF is wrong with you?. Rule and laws don’t apply to your family? Just when they affect you?

  2. She obviously does not grasp the concept that his actions are illegal, and dangerous. He has put other people’s children in danger by driving drunk. Time to think about others and stop being so naive and selfish. You seem to belittle the seriousness of his CRIMES.

  3. Seems like mtv rewards bad behavior and jail birds. Surely there are better people that could be on show instead of these criminals, abusers and drug addicts. Remember when mtv was MUSIC AND BANDS. these teen mom shows need to be canceled kids deserve semi normal life and privacy not being paycheck for parents

  4. You married a criminal and you make $$ because you are some kind of celebrity so people have the right to ask whatever question they see fit. Without those random people you would be a nobody so thank your lucky stars for those random people asking questions about your criminal, good for nothing husband

    1. Your comment was spot on!! ? I couldn’t have said it better myself!! Cheyenne, and all of the other TMs, for that matter, seem like they want us to think their lives are all rainbows and unicorns!! She wants us to see the extravagant parties & wedding that costs more than my house but doesn’t want to share the real rest of her life!! She wouldn’t mind those random people asking her all about her over the top wedding to the criminal but everything else is off limits!! I wouldn’t have as much of an issue with Zach if he made a mistake, learned from it and was, now, paying for it!! He just seems like he keeps making the same mistakes over & over and making excuses for them!! I’m sorry but him taking “hella classes” doesn’t mean shit to me if he’s not learning a damn thing from those classes!! He just seems like a fraud and I’m kind of surprised that Cheyenne would even marry someone like that bc she cares so much about her image!!

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