Former ‘Counting On’ Star Jed Duggar & Wife Katey Expecting Their Second Child Only Seven Months After Welcoming Their First

“Don’t worry, hun. After this kid, you only have to shoot out 17 more to catch up with my mom!” 

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes and Duggar babies. 

Former Counting On star Jed Duggar and wife Katey announced over the weekend that they are expecting their second child, just months after welcoming son Truett in May 2022. 

Jed and Katey revealed their baby news on social media, telling fans “Baby #2 is on the way.”

In true Duggar fashion, Jed and Katey shared a video to YouTube featuring some Duggar reactions to their baby news. In the video, many of the Duggars and Duggar-in-laws appear surprised to find out that Jed and Katey had been keeping their baby news under wraps for so long. 

And don’t even get us started on the Josh Duggar spawn wearing a Hanukkah sweater and yarmulke to the Duggar ugly sweater party…

We even get to see reactions from Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar during the family’s holiday ugly sweater celebration. 

“Aside from that whole ‘My Firstborn Is In Prison’ thing, of course…”

Of course, Jim Bob opted not to participate in the ugly sweater theme and instead, rock some sort of stupid hat, though unfortunately the hat just wasn’t big enough because we could still see his face. 

The official holiday song of the Duggar family…

Jed’s twin brother Jeremiah Duggar will also be adding to his family soon, as he and wife Hannah Duggar are currently expecting a baby girl. Duggar sister Joy Forsyth will also be bringing another blessing into the world as she and husband Austin Forsyth announced in October that they are expecting baby no. 3

In their YouTube video, Jed and Katey told the Duggars that Katey’s due date is the day after Joy’s, which is in May. That means that Jed and Katey’s babies could be less than one year apart. 

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(Photos: Instagram; YouTube) 


  1. I would like to add that thankfully (obv hoping there are no problems but conscious decision to wait having kids…despite being young (or esp because of that), I think they are smart enough) Justin, his younger brother doesn’t appear to become a dad soon. That’s the only silver lining I see in all of this. Move along Kendra, Katey will try to beat you!

  2. I don’t know why, but I actually watched their video. Was anyone else alarmed by the amount of crap in the baby’s crib?! Pillows, blankets, and it looked like he was sleeping in a cocoon! Oy vey….

  3. I can’t understand these people having a newborn and wanting to have (unprotected) sex. Seriously. You are more than a baby making machine, Katey. Good grief.

  4. In a not too distant future the world will consist of Duggars or Cannons. They seem to be the only ones reproducing like rabbits. And at this point it’s probably pretty darn close in numbers! 🙄🙄

  5. Well they have to keep having kids to keep that cult going, after all they need parishioners and that’s how it works the more they have the bigger it gets that’s why they have to keep popping them out.

    1. Obviously I don’t care for the Duggars but Truett is a common name in both the American south and Ireland. I have a cousin named Truett that we call Tru. You don’t have to insult other people to rag on the Duggars. They give us plenty of material. Plus, picking on a child’s name is just…being a bully. The kid didn’t name himself and has no choice who his parents are. There’s a line and you crossed it with this comment. Kids are off limits.

        1. Another Irish person here who lives in Ireland. Truett is certainly not a common name in Ireland, never heard of it in my life.

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