Former ‘Counting On’ Stars Joy & Austin Forsyth Are Expecting Their Third Child

“Either way, you’re not getting out of rotating the tires on my truck this week.”

The Forsyths will soon be a party family of five.  

Former Counting On couple Joy and Austin Forsyth announced Wednesday that they are expecting another baby. 

The couple, who are already parents to son Gideon and daughter Evelyn, shared their latest pregnancy news on social media. 

“Baby #3 is on the way!” Joy announced on Instagram. 

Joy and Austin also shared a video on their YouTube channel, documenting the moment they found out that Joy is pregnant. The video begins with Joy hanging out in a bathroom during her trip to Alaska, revealing–- in a very creepy whisper–- that she believes she may be pregnant, as she and Austin had been trying. 

“And in other news, water is wet.”

Joy goes on to take a pregnancy test–- not on camera, thankfully-– which turns out to be positive. 

“Never leave home without one!”

After putting her Duggar homeschoolin’ to use, Joy does the math and figures out that baby Forsyth will make its arrival in May-– right around her and Austin’s wedding anniversary. Joy mentions the due dates of her previous pregnancies, noting “this is our first spring baby.” 

As the video continues, Joy decides to surprise the friends she and Austin are shacking up with on this trip with the news of her pregnancy. Oddly, Joy chooses to do this by leaving her pregnancy test right on the bathroom counter and waiting for one of her friends to stumble upon it. 

“Congrats…but did you have to leave your pee stick so close to our toothbrushes?”

When the video picks back up, Joy and Austin are back home from Alaska and preparing for Joy and baby Forsyth’s first doctor appointment. Joy briefly discusses her previous pregnancies, as well as the child she lost 20 weeks into her second pregnancy. 

“If not all of you know, with my second pregnancy, I had a late-term pregnancy loss at 20 weeks with our daughter Annabelle,” she said. “So with Evelyn’s pregnancy and this pregnancy I’m considered high risk, and so the doctor wants to make sure that baby’s growing at a good rate and that mom’s healthy.” 

Joy says in the video that she is “doing well” emotionally and isn’t “very fearful” about this pregnancy, as she knows God is in control. She also mentions that she “started off this pregnancy really healthy.” 

“See? Aren’t you glad I let you resurface the driveway all by yourself?”

“I’m feeling really good and I’m just so excited … I’m trying not to dwell on all the what-ifs, because in my mind, there’s always something that could go wrong, and so I’m focusing on all the positives and praying that baby is growing well and going to be healthy and we get to meet her or him in eight months,” Joy said.

“Hey Joy, when you’re done being excited and stuff, can you grab me another bowl of cereal?”

After her appointment, Joy gives fans a quick recap (from her car) and says she’s “so thankful for this little baby that God’s blessed us with.” A few days later, she reveals that her prenatal lab results were “amazing” and that she would be returning to the doctor that week for her first ultrasound.  

Joy and Austin’s pregnancy announcement comes just days after John-David Duggar welcomed his second child with wife Abbie, making grandchild number 25 for Jim Bob and Michelle. 

“In case you’re looking for name suggestions, I’ll go ahead and throw Jimalena, Jimberly, Jimothy and Jimbert out there.”

Next up in the birthing stirrups– or on the trusty Duggar birthing tarp, if Michelle has any say in the matter– is Hannah Duggar, wife of Jeremiah Duggar. 

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(Photos: YouTube; Instagram; TLC) 


5 Responses

  1. I really feel so horribly for Joy that she’s simply going to keep being used as a birthing mule forced to push out child after child, regardless of the toll pregnancy takes on her. It clearly has a very negative impact on her body and her mind during each and every pregnancy. If any of them (aside from married spouses) needed to either stop having sex or start using birth control beyond the pull out method, it’s Joy.

    I am not saying that her health caused her to miscarry, btw, before anyone assumes I am, although it’s not at all unlikely as pregnancy very clearly has a negative impact on her. I know that this can happen to perfectly healthy women as well-happened multiple times to me as well, and it’s just awful. However, in her case, it has been apparent during each one that her overall health does not tolerate being pregnant, even if she wants it to. It’s a really hard lesson to learn, I know, been there as well, can be heartbreaking at times and I still struggle, despite now having a family a less traditional way.

    Austin needs to see this nonsense for what it is and stop this train before their kids no longer have a mom at all. Not all women can function like a baby pez dispenser. MOST women, can’t and shouldn’t try to do that, speaking purely from a health standpoint. Having multiple children does more damage to literally every part of you, than most bad habits people pick up including drinking and smoking (mostly because pregnancy affects EVERY system in your body, simultaneously, while other things don’t). The difference here is that you might not know the negative impact it’s really having on you until it’s too late, or even years after the fact. When Joy is pregnant, it’s very obvious that her health is taking a hit and it really hurts my heart to see, I’ve been there, super struggle between the desire to be a mom (to as many as you can, lol) and the desire to put my health first. They need to just stop at the three they’ll have and stop putting her health in jeopardy.

  2. Hopefully the pregnancy goes well and baby is born healthy . Joy is 24 years old and this is her 4th pregnancy. Her uterus has to be … Tired lol. Slow down kiddo , please don’t compete with Ma Dugger.

  3. Hope her pregnancy goes well, and that they are healthy. I recently watched an old season of Counting On, and I just felt sad for Joy. Totally brainwashed, getting married so young, and being so subservient to Austen. She even admitted she didn’t want to take her parents cult on as her own, but here she is.

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