‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Star Briana DeJesus Says She Wants Another Child Soon: “Hopefully I Can Make That Happen”

“”I’ll have one more baby and one more BBL and then I’m done…probably.”

The (very tired) Teen Mom stork may be making an appearance soon— if Briana DeJesus has her way!

The Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star recently revealed in a promo video for the show that she wants to add another child to her coven family— and she wants to do it soon. 

“Yeah, I want more kids,” Briana— who is already the mother of 10-year-old Nova and five-year-old Stella— said. “I want to have one more child, and hopefully it’s a boy.”

Briana did not state who will become her third baby daddy; however, she has been dating Bobby Scott, a former ‘Teen Mom’ franchise security guard (who got fired for boinking Briana).

She did say, however, that she would like to get knocked up in the very near future.

My prediction? A pregnancy, a breakup and at least two seasons of storylines about your awful third baby daddy…

“Hopefully I can make that happen sooner [rather] than later,” Briana told the cameras with a wink.

Briana has had several serious relationships over the last few years, but none resulted in a pregnancy. She was previously (kind of) engaged to Teen Mom 2 dad Javi Marroquin, and was betrothed to Javi Gonzalez before the couple broke their engagement off last year. 

“Just FYI– I’ll be staying out of Florida for a LONG time! Safety first!”

Shortly after breaking her engagement with Javi II in August 2021, Briana told her fans that she would like to have another child “maybe later on in life after I settle down…Need to get married before I start trying tho.”

Back in 2018, Briana tweeted about her desire to have another baby, even revealing what she plans to name the kid if she does find herself once again “with child.” 

“My 3rd baby is going to be named Whimsy Rose if I ever have another girl,” Briana tweeted at the time, adding that if she has a boy she wants to name him Maddox Moon.

Fans who have watched Briana fight with her existing baby daddies, Luis Hernandez and Devoin Austin, did not seem to support Bri’s quest to get knocked up again by another man. Several people even pointed out that Briana had previously shamed her nemesis and former co-star Kail Lowry for having a trio of Baby Daddii.

“No, Luis, I am not naming my son DJ Lu to help you promote your deejaying business.”

“Briana looking for next baby daddy. 3 kids by 3 baby daddy’s. Wasn’t she the one who put Kail down for that?” one person wrote in the comment section of the post.

“Which 1 of @kaillowry baby daddies it’s gone be,” another person joked, referencing the fact that Briana has a habit of “interacting” with Kail’s exes.

“The last thing Briana needs is another kid to complain about that dad too,” someone else wrote.

In the same video, Bri’s co-star Leah Messer also revealed that she is ready to have another child. In a recent episode of ‘Next Chapter,’ Leah— who is already the mother of three girls— spoke to her now-fiancé, Jaylan Mobley, about the possibility of her shooting out more spawn.

Leah predicting her future…

“[My youngest kid] Addie is about to turn 10 and it’s been a long time. At first I was like, ‘I’m not having any more,’ but now I am definitely open to having more,” Leah said in the video.

The other girls asked in the video– Jade ClineAshley Jones and Cheyenne Floyd— said they are not looking to get pregnant any time soon. 

(This is, of course, rather awkward in Ashley’s case, given that Briana took it upon herself last month to announce that Ashley is currently pregnant with her second child.)

“I don’t want any more kids right now because, number one, the world is f**ked up, number two I’m already busy and stressed and number three the American dollar is not stretching!” Ashley said. “On that note, I’m gonna say no.” 

“But apparently my reproductive organs were saying YES!”

You can watch the full video below!


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  1. Boy, all those viewers weren’t kidding about her following Kail’s footsteps just a chapter behind. Is the Wawa parking lot the next milestone?

  2. How about not thinking about what YOU want. How about thinking what’s best for a child? Having TWO stable parents. Use some common sense this time!

  3. So Briana is already pregnant? It always seems that when you start talking publicly about wanting another baby, odds are good the stork is already on the way?

    Has Nick Cannon taught us nothing?!?!

  4. Why complain about 2 baby daddies not being involved when you can complain about 3 not being involved. Simple math.

  5. Absolutely The Psycho needs serious help in the psych ward and to be a mom to her daughters before adding a new one to the mix!!! Right now she is NO mom to do those daughters!!! She constantly criticizes their fathers in front of them and cries saying that she needs help so The Psycho should really think about it long and hard!!!! But knowing her, I can see The Psycho being knocked up soon!!

  6. Please for the love of all that is holy , men…listen up, do not knock this chick up. Unless you want to catch a high heel upside the head. Unless you want to deal with these 3 raging crazy chicks for life. Unless you want to be bashed on TV by the men hater DeJesus’ and most importantly, unless you want your babies middle name to be STAR (like the other 2 crotch goblins). Then please , don’t do it. Wrap it before you tap it!

  7. It’s not that hard to go to a club and get knocked up again in the bathroom, Briana. 😂 Then she can have a 3rd baby daddy to complain about. I wonder if Devoin will help parent this potential child as well, since he was so good to Nova and Stella.

    Hasn’t she only been with the former TM staffer a short while? I mean, that’s kind of a weird to bring up after what, 6 months?

    1. By Bri’s standards, 6 months is a very long term relationship. Normally it’s only how many seconds that it takes for the dude to get off.

  8. Why do these teen mom degenerates want more kids? I don’t get it! Especially Briana with all her family drama and lack of emotional regulation. Not something to be passing on to children.

  9. funny how karma’s catching up to her for the same things she would talk shit about kail. she should really focus on getting herself on the treadmill

    1. I have a question, don’t hate please. But what is the dark patch of skin under her lip? Is it a birth mark?
      Has it always been there?
      Or is it new from her pregnancy?

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