‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Jade Cline Says She Wants Another Baby Next Year; Catelynn Lowell Wants Her Husband To Get On OnlyFans

When your wife wants you to show your wee-wee on the Interwebs and you don’t know what to do…

From making babies to making bank off your husband’s newly buffed body, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the Teen Mom franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last few days…

Jade Cline Says She & Sean Austin Will Be Trying to Make a Baby (Likely With a Poorly Spelled Name) Soon 

“The natural next step is to have another baby. Obviously.”

Come 2023, the stork may be seen circling the Austin residence.

Also likely to be seen circling the Austin residence next year…

Jade– who is currently engaged to her baby daddy Sean Austin— recently told E! News that she and Sean are considering banging out another baby next year. The couple is set to get married in October 2023, and Jade says she will consider having another child after saying “I do.” (Jade and Sean are already parents to five-year-old Chloe Klooie Kloie.)

“We’ve definitely been contemplating it and talking about it more, especially since Kloie now is five,” Jade said in a video interview this week. “She’s getting older and older and I want them to at least be closer in age and not too far apart.”

Jade said that she’s hoping her experience having Baby No. 2 is less crazy than her pregnancy with Kloie, which was featured on the first season of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant

“I feel like our first child, we were so young and it was an out of nowhere thing. I want our second child to be more planned and more structured,” Jade said. “Like, we have everything set up and it’s more of like a peaceful thing.”

“Sooo…does that mean you don’t want me in the delivery room hollerin’ at you to push? I think my voice is soothing but whatever…”

“I feel like with our first [child] it was scary, chaotic and now it’s kind of like, I know what to expect. I’ve done this before,” Jade added, stating that she wants to complete her college degree before crawling back into the birthing stirrups. 

“I think there are some things that I want to check off my list that I started that I really just want to finish out before we have another [child],” Jade said. 

Despite Jade wanting to wait a bit, Sean is ready to get the baby-making started.

All of us to Jade right now…

“I think it’s just when I’m ready, because I feel like he’s ready every single night! He’s like, ‘Let’s do this’ and I’m like, ‘Let’s chill. Let me get through the wedding.'”

Jade had previously stated that she wasn’t sure if she wanted to have any more kids; however, things have recently changed. 

“Last year I was like, ‘Ugh, no I just don’t want to do it’ but I think over the last few months I’ve actually been contemplating it more,” she said.

“Even if Mama gets knocked up again we’ll still take the time to yell at you on the regular!”

Jade said one of the main reasons her feeling about shooting out another Sean spawn have changed is that Sean got sober last year. While Sean was away at an in-patient rehab facility in Texas for four months, he also received plenty of therapy. 

“I feel like he needed to do [this healing] with things that had happened in his life that made him turn to drugs initially. So I feel like he healed a huge part of himself. While he was in rehab, I was healing a huge part of myself. I did a lot of therapy. I did a lot of stuff at home so it was like we were both working on ourselves, separately but at the same time.”

Catelynn Lowell Says She’s Encouraging Her Husband Tyler Baltierra To Start An OnlyFans Account To Make Them Some Money

All of us watching Catelynn’s interview…

Tyler recently underwent a physical transformation— and his wife Catelynn is eager to make a buck off his newly buffed bod.

(And, yes, in case you’re wondering— I did cringe as I typed that sentence.)

In an interview this week, Catelynn talked about the diet and exercise routine that has helped Tyler get ripped over the last year. While Ty’s new physique has inspired him to take plenty of shirtless selfies, Cate says she’s hoping it will also inspire him to start an OnlyFans account so they can profit off his pecs (and nether region).

“I’m trying to get him to sign up for OnlyFans!” Catelynn said. “I was like, ‘Boy, we could be raking in some dough! Like, straight up.”


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Tyler Baltierra (@tylerbaltierramtv)

Catelynn offered to take the thirst trap photos of Tyler’s body for the site, which is mostly used for posting adult content.

“I give him full-blown permission,” Catelynn said. “I’m like, ‘We’ll never have to work a day in our lives!'”

Tyler, trying to figure out which day of their lives they’ve actually had to work so far…

“I mean, boy, he look good! Let me tell you!” Catelynn added. “So that’s a plus.

“I tell him all the time, ‘You need to sign up for OnlyFans, man. You’d be making some big bookoo bucks!”

Tyler’s muscled-up man-bod has also inspired Catelynn to take an interest in her own health. She stated that she is currently going to the gym “five days a week now.”

Jade Cline, Maci Bookout & Catelynn Lowell Say They’re Too Old to Fight With Their Co-Stars On Social Media & In-Person

“Grow up, peasants!”

There’s a big brawl coming on the new season of Teen Mom Family Reunion but Jade, Maci and Catelynn say they won’t be part of it because they’re too mature for that stuff.

The girls— along with ‘Young and Pregnant’ star Kiaya Elliott— recently spoke with TooFab about the giant fight that went down on the set of the show’s second season (as well as on social media afterward between the involved parties.)

(In case you actually have a life and don’t keep up on this stuff, Ashley Jones and her mom Tea, and Briana DeJesus and her mom Roxanne, got into a physical fight on-set that led to Ashley spitting at Briana. Both mother/daughter duos were eventually kicked off the show. However, both sets of mothers and daughters continued to duke it out on social media for weeks afterward.

Jade stated that she felt it was wrong for them to keep talking smack online, “especially at our age.”

“I’m too grown. I ain’t got time for that,” Catelynn added. “I’ve got three babies. I ain’t got no time for that.” 

“I don’t know why Catelynn’s suddenly speaking like that. Maybe she’s going through her Madea period?”

Maci says she doesn’t want to set a bad example for her oldest son, Bentley, who is now 14 and on Instagram.

“With Bentley getting social media, I can’t expect him to behavior accordingly if I am doing stuff like that,” she said, adding that it’s more appropriate for someone Bentley’s age to be rantin’ and fightin’ on Instagram than someone that’s the age of some of her ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars or their moms.

Roxanne’s face as she reads what these girls said…

“Having a kid that’s older and is at the age to start doing these things, and social media being a very scary thing for kids, because of everyone who wants to say whatever they want online it’s like…practice what you preach. If I don’t want my kid behaving like this, or someone treating my child like this, I’m for damn sure not gonna go do that. That would make zero sense.” 

“Sure, I’ll put my kid’s personal therapy business out there on TV. But fight? Never!”

The girls then discussed the giant fight The Ashley told you occurred during the filming of ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Season 2 in September. 

The girls who witnessed the brawl said it was “chaotic.” 

“When bodily fluids started being thrown around, I was like, ‘OK, that’s enough!'” Catelynn said.

“But, I mean, to be fair, if it weren’t for bodily fluids being thrown around, none of us would have a job on this stupid show…”

“We’re in a pandemic. You can transfer diseases that way,” Catelynn continued. “If anyone spits on me, my fists are gonna be swingin’! I feel like if anyone gets spit on, all your morals and ethics and values go out the window and rightfully so.”

Vee Torres Claims Kail Lowry’s Son Isaac Hated Filming For ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“Not a fan…or a bathroom designer.”

Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Kail Lowry made the decision earlier this year to step away from reality TV and it appears those around her are grateful she did so. 

Vee Torres, wife of Kail’s ex and first baby daddy Jo Rivera, recently spoke about her reality TV experience, claiming Kail and Jo’s son Isaac hated being on the MTV series and that she never wanted her and Jo’s daughter Vivi to appear on the show to begin with. Vee explained that the kids were one of the reasons she would never return to reality TV, The Sun reports. 

“The kids, I would never put them in that,” she told her Vibin’ & Kinda Thrivin’ podcast co-host Alessandra Gonzalez. “Isaac already hates it. He loves that we’re not on the show anymore, so I would never bring that back up. And for Vivi, I never wanted her on the show anyway.” 

Vee, who also co-hosts the podcast Baby Mamas No Drama alongside Kail, said the kids weren’t the only ones who didn’t enjoy filming. 

Kail, showing off the very same hands that cashed all those MTV checks over the years…

Vee explained that after her experience on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ she decided there will be “no more reality shows” for her.

“ … Reality TV is what it is. It’s drama,” she said. “They create s**t. They want you to lie sometimes and redo scenes.” 

Please tell us producers didn’t make Vee, Jo and Kail redo THIS scene more than once.

Vee said she wouldn’t even entertain the idea of appearing on a reality TV show with her co-host Alessandra, or any of her friends for that matter. 

“Trust me,” Vee said. “It’s not worth it.”

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: MTV; Instagram; TooFab) 


  1. Why does CPS not get involved when the parents are getting involved with this kind of behavior? Just like Farrah’s websites? Who is watching and protecting these kids?

  2. It’s finally coming to pass with the demise of the MTV money train. They are transitioning from ‘Teen Mom’ and ‘Unemployed, Broke and Desperate.’ No one has seen that coming since season two.

  3. Cate, pimping out your spouse is gross. Get fit yourself and pimp yourself.
    I bet Carly is thanking her lucky star every day for having normal parents and not these idiots

  4. I don’t think anyone cares whether Jade has another kid! I can’t stand that girl and refuse to watch her! Man, they dug the bottom of the barrel for that one! As for Tyler!!!! Get a job lazy ass!!

    1. I know their plans prior to TM and I honestly wonder if maybe MTV didn’t tell them to not carry out their plans so they could continue filming since MTV knew they can’t go into counselor offices to film and that’s why they aren’t working? I mean, they can’t even film outside schools, which I think is dumb because they’ve filmed outside courthouses during both Jenelle and Ryan’s stints on the show, so what’s the difference? As a matter of fact, they filmed INSIDE the courtroom for Jenelle when Nathan was fighting for more custody of Kaiser.

      Plus, Cate and Ty probably make more filming for MTV so they didn’t follow through with what they originally wanted.

      They could very well just be lazy when it comes to working outside the home, but that is a thought I’ve had since the very beginning.

    2. I would rather watch paint dry then to watch Jade.
      With that being said,wonder if her recent baby plans will wreck havoc on her recent surgeries?
      Will she become one of the girls like Briana and Kail who had mommy surgeries and they didn’t hold up well.

  5. I really, really dislike these dumb fucks. Everyone of them are just gross. Like the shit you scrape off the bottom if your boots after slopping the hogs.

  6. Cate or Tyler never have worked in there lives who she kidding. Talk bout crappy example for their young daughters, just take off your clothes dont use your brain to make living. Lowlife at their finest.

  7. Jade and Sean don’t know how to be parents to the one child that they have. They don’t need another one at this point.

    Tyler on Only Fans? Please spare us, Catelyn.🤢🤮

    1. If you have to yell all the time to get a child to listen, you’re a shitty parent who doesn’t deserve the one you have yet alone another one. My best friend is on an adoption wait list at the moment that I know from personal experience is a nightmare because she can’t conceive and people like these two trashbags can? Doesn’t seem fair. I’m also 14 years sober myself and no rehab on earth would be okay with this plan. I was instructed not to date for two years to focus on my sobriety and mental health and they think it’s a good idea to have a child after ONLY A YEAR?! I had to wait six years before I was confident enough to adopt and be a present, healthy mom/foster mom. This is an all around idiotic idea. Her one and done idea was way better. Irresponsible and in no way helpful to staying sober.

      1. Maybe their waiting until next year so that Sean can have two years of sobriety, and they are supposed to wait two years to date, but that’s kinda hard when you have a girlfriend already, I mean what was he supposed to do “oh sorry honey, we have to break up…but we can get back together in 2 years”…yeah, I somehow didn’t see that happening.

        And they have to yell to get her attention and struggle to get her to nap because they’re giving a 4 year old straight cola, I didn’t have straight cola until I was at least 8…and definitely no coffee!!

        I’ll confess, my parents did give me diluted cola at 4, which was honestly mostly water.

        But my parents were in there 30s when they had me. Age and maturity level have alot to do with how good of a parent you will be, as well as how the person themselves were raised, if they were raised bad then they’re probably not gonna be good parents, that’s why kids should not be having kids.

        But I agree, it sucks that a person who would be a good parent can’t conceive while these two can.

          1. Im 35 (ive said that a number of times), but how is my previous comment childish?

            It’s common knowledge 1+1=2, he already has 1 year of sobriety so waiting until next year will give him 2, and an unattached person is supposed to wait 2 years to jump into a relationship but he was already in a relationship so how would it be possible to wait?

            And that is the reason Kloie has to get yelled at, her attention span is next to 0 because of TOO MUCH DAMN COKE at 4 years old!!! That is way too young to be given straight coke!!!

            And a person’s age/maturity level and their childhood do determine how they will parent, as will how they themselves were raised.

            It’s pretty thought out i think and everyone with an ounce of brain should know this!!

  8. Ah! So the OF thing is true!! Yuk!

    Yeah Tyler lost a bunch of weight so he could start one. It’s not an after thought as portrayed by Cate, it was the plan all along.

    1. Just think how it would sound if a husband wanted his wife on OF?? Such a double standard when it comes to these 2, Cate is just so gross!

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