HGTV Star Christina Hall Reveals She Has Mercury & Lead Poisoning “Most Likely From All The Gross Houses” She’s Flipped

After dealing with “unexplained health issues for years,” HGTV star Christina Hall revealed this week that she has been diagnosed with mercury and lead poisoning. 

The Christina on the Coast star shared the health update Thursday on her Instagram Story, ET reports, confirming she recently underwent a scan to receive a diagnosis. 

“My scan said I have mercury and lead poisoning,” Christina revealed. “Most likely from all the gross houses I’ve been in (the bad flips) and I have small intestine bacteria overgrowth.” 

(As HGTV fans know, Christina co-hosted Flip or Flop with ex-husband Tarek El Moussa from 2013 to 2022.) 

Exhibit A…

Christina also stated that the scan was test was conducted in an alternative medicine center in Newport Beach, California, that uses the machine to reveal “anything that is negatively affecting health by finding energetic imbalances in the body by responding to the body’s electric reactivity patterns.”

She added that she is currently trying to get the harmful things out of her body.

“ … We are first detoxing all of this through herbs and IVs and then see how I feel and tackle implants,” Christina added.

In the comment section of one of her posts, she told a fan that she has been on LDN (or low-dose naltrexone) for five years. (This is sometimes used to treat chronic pain and/or autoimmunity.) 

Christina shared last week that she had been experiencing “some unexplained health stuff for years” and was wondering if her issues were “breast implant related.” 

In the same post, Christina revealed some of the other health issues she has been battling, including Hashimoto’s, Raynaud’s syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), skin rashes, joint and muscle pains, dry eyes, acid reflux and brain fog. 

In an attempt to Christina posted an Instagram Story of an over-the-counter bathtub detox treatment product, telling followers she would be “giving this a go… intense sweating & detox.” 

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(Photos: Instagram; HGTV) 

11 Responses

  1. I mean but wouldn’t her ex also have mercury and lead poisoning too?

    I mean I had my mercury levels checked a couple of years ago and they were through the roof, my doctor’s first question was, do you eat a lot of fish? I was like a lot, 4 nights a week.

    He was like you need to stop eating fish with high levels of mercury. I cut Tuna, farmed Salmon, and Seabass. And my levels went down fast.

    I’m just saying that sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one. She seems like a girl who eats a LOT of sushi.

  2. “Detoxes” are pointless. That’s what your liver is for. Some homeopathic stuff has it’s place, but it’s not a substitute for most of western medicine (not saying western medicine doesn’t have it’s issues, but c’mon). They say big pharma is out to take your money, as is they aren’t just as predatory ?

    1. One of my favorite nursing school instructors: “If you have a dangerous amount of toxins built up your body, you don’t need a ‘detox’, you need dialysis and maybe a liver transplant.” ?

    2. She needs chelation therapy if this is the case, not woowoo detoxes. And I’m dubious of a “scan” at a homeopath’s. They can bloodtest for heavy metals and get you the real numbers.

  3. Breast implant illness is no joke- a friend of mine had hers removed after five years due to her body literally falling apart at 28. Same goes for IUD rejection. I’d genuinely be curious to see if Christina having her implants removed alleviated all of these symptoms.

  4. Uh huh. Hypochondriac looking for attention and to hawk “alternative medicine” (also known as snake oil 99% of the time). Sponsored post for the snake oil coming in 3, 2…

    Seriously, look up some of the treatments she’s supposedly doing. Real doctors are looking at it and pulling a medical Mariah Carey, “We don’t know that.” Hawking this crap should be illegal. Go do some more toad venom, Christina…or stop doing so much cause you’re nuts. Messy, messy woman. Has her last name changed again yet? Isn’t she due for her yearly divorce and remarriage?

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