‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Sean Austin Reveals How He’s Remaining Sober, When He’ll Marry Jade Cline & If They Currently Speak to Jade’s Parents

“Since I’m putting my music career on hold, I finally have some time to chat!”

Sean Austin recently took to Instagram Live to open up about his life, as Teen Mom 2 fans are watching his decision to go to rehab play out during the current season of the show.

Sean– who went to a three-month inpatient rehab facility in Texas in 2021— answered fans’ question about his sobriety, as well as his life post-rehab with Jade and their daughter Kloie. During the Live, Sean covered topics such as marriage, his “music” career and whether or not he and Jade currently have any relationship with Jade’s mom, Christy Smith

Sean said that, while watching old episodes of ‘Teen Mom 2’ isn’t “triggering” for him, he is surprised to see how obvious his addiction was to the viewers.

“I actually thought I had [my addiction] hidden well,” he said. “I actually thought I had everyone fooled, you know what I mean? When I rewatch it, it’s a perfect example of what I don’t want to look like, and how I don’t want to be portrayed as and how I don’t want to be. It’s a good reminder that I’m in a better spot right now and I don’t have to live that way anymore.”

“That’s who I needed to find at the end of the day, myself. And [I had to] come to terms with things I hadn’t came to terms with, and get s**t off my chest that I didn’t know I needed to get off my chest, and unbury stuff that I had had buried for so long, you know?”

Here are some of the other things Sean talked about during his Instagram Live session:

On going to rehab:

Sean, to himself before going to rehab…probably.

Sean was in rehab during the fall of 2021, while Jade was in California filming for the first season of ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion.’ He stated that, although he did know he was going to rehab, everything happened “very sudden, very quick.”

“I called somebody saying I needed some help and that I couldn’t do it on my own. And I was fortunate enough that they knew exactly who to call and what to do. I was on a plane [to rehab] two-and-a-half hours later,” Sean said. 

In January 2021, Jade did an Instagram Q&A where she discussed Sean’s rehab stay.

“I knew I had to step up and take care of everything so he could better himself,” she wrote. “Sobriety is hard but he’s made it. He not only wanted substance abuse help but mental help. He had a lot of stuff repressed and he was hurting.

“He got so much counseling and therapy which got to the root of his substance abuse issues. He’s doing amazing and is proof people can change.” 

Since Sean was in rehab during the filming of ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Season 1, he obviously was unable to participate. However, he says he plans to appear on the next season, if he’s asked. 

“We’ll save ya a spot on the boat, Bro!”

On things he’s doing to maintain his sobriety:

When Sean was asked if he had to cut friends out of his life because they use drugs, he confirmed he did.

“I don’t have very many close friends [now] who I could call on if I needed something,” he said. “I’m kind of like Jade in that sense, I like to do things myself. But I definitely have cut off a lot of people. But I have a good circle of people if I need to call somebody or talk to somebody. I still talk to a lot of people that I recovered that are still doing good that I keep in touch with.

Sean also confirmed that he also does virtual 12-step meetings.

On whether or not he has a job:

Sean on his past employment attempts…

Sean admitted that, currently, he is sans work, though he does earn money for appearing on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“Right now the only income that I have is from the show,” he said, adding that he plans for that to change soon.

“Here in a few weeks, once I get things sorted out with my license and stuff, I’ll be able to start driving and I’ll be able to start working again. But as of right now, we’re fine. We’re content.” 

On the house they live in:

“We bought this house,” Sean said before correcting himself. “Well, I shouldn’t really say ‘we’; that was all Jade. Jade is a very independent woman and I was blessed to be able to come home from treatment to a house that I could call home, and a family that loves me. That was, like, everything I needed.”

“Um, yeah, you’re welcome!”

On his “music”: 

But at least he gets to keep the cool sweatshirt…

Sean has long stated that he wants to “do music” as his career (although he never really provided a plan as to how he would make that happen.) In his Live, Sean said that his music is now “on the back burner.” 

“I’m not trying to put too much time into it because music’s one of those things that it’s like, if you’re going to do it you have to…put your all into it. You have to put all your time into it and right now I can’t do that, or I don’t want to do that because I’d rather have my attention focused somewhere else.” 

“I like his music… but, as you know, I don’t exactly have great judgement.”

On when he will marry Jade:

“Oh, I don’t know,” he asked. “If we do it right [Jade] will have a whole year to plan the wedding.”

Sean seemed to want to change the subject when fans were asking about him and Jade getting married; however he did say that “Jade will probably tell you all.” 

On the status of their relationship with Jade’s parents:

“You don’t have to talk to me none, but can you at least loan me 20 bucks?”

Sean said that, currently, he does not talk to Jade’s mom Christy or Jade’s dad. 

“We don’t want Kloie to not have a relationship with her grandparents, but some of the choices that they choose to make, we have to make a choice ourselves. We have to do the right thing in that situation.

Later, Sean was asked if Christy is clean. He stated that she was “not in treatment when I was.” 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. Great job Sean. I know sobriety isn’t easy nd it’s a constant struggle. But if U surround urself wit the rite people nd work the program U will have nothing but Positive Results. U got this Sean!!!

    JADE🌹 U r an amazing Mother, a genuinely good hearted , independent person. U r a truly a phenomenal role model for ur daughter Kloie💜

  2. The way they treat Khloie is heartbreaking. Shawn uses her as trap baby to stay in Jades life but he acts so bothered and annoyed by Khloies presence. Jade always blames Khloie for stressing her out when its actually the druggy adults and bum boyfriend thats stressing her out so much that she has no energy or patience to deal with her own kid. Khloie is a normal active toddler. They put their addiction and relationships first then act like Khloie is the problem. No wonder Khloie love Jades mother. Shes the only one that actually plays with the little girl and isnt screaming at her nonstop.

    1. I don’t think they’re new, I think being away from Jade is giving him a reason to smile and allowing people to actually see them for a change.

      1. He definitely got new teeth. If you check his insta older pictures his teeth weren’t as pearly white and were not as straight

        1. Drugs (I think he smoked meth) can mess up a person’s teeth, maybe they fixed the ones he had, idk.

          There were jacked up but work can be done to restore teeth to their natural state.

          I was mainly making a joke about him having reason to smile now that he’s away from from Jade.

          I honestly don’t know if they’re new or not nor do I know who paid for them. And I honestly DON’T CARE.

        1. I was not even responding to you so WHY do you feel the need to constantly comment to me? I read the sarcasm and responded in the same sarcasm. Now can you PLEASE end this obsession with me?!? It’s fucking creepy!

          1. I’m responding because your comment is STUPID, no it’s not a REAL question, it was fucking sarcastic!!!

            INDIANGIE knows that if his choppers are new that MTV or the rehab paid for them. They, as well as you and I know it wasn’t him that paid for it.

            And I am not the one obsessed, if memory serves me correctly and I’m sure that compared to yours that it does, YOU are the one that replies to ME.

            So if anyone should stop it should be you.

            So I’ll thank you to not reply to me anymore Mimi, i would appreciate it greatly!!!

          1. INDIANGIE or me (COME ON PEOPLE not TRUDAT, get it through your thick skull) it doesn’t matter. The comment was still STUPID.

            “Please, like that a question lol…”, yes it was a question but it was a question wrapped up in a joke, like how stupid does a person have to be not to see that??!!

            But we’re talking about Mimi here so her stupidometer is through the roof. And in my opinion, it started climbing the day she came out her mama’s hoohah.

  3. I hope he stays clean for Kloie.

    But Jade shouldn’t marry him.

    I don’t get Ashley and Jade, like they are hustling, working multiple jobs to get by. Getting through school, and they are dragging these deadbeat losers with them everywhere they go.

    Jade needs a man with a job, who can at least support himself. And she needs to get away from her mom and step dad. Just dump all the addicts in her life.

  4. All the best to him. You could tell he was an angry man.
    Does anyone know what was his drug of choice?

    1. Maybe pills. Funny how they dont say.

      He looks great though. The comparison between now and then– yeah he was really out there on the drugs. You can see it.

      1. Jade said once but I can’t remember if it was meth, heroin or maybe it was both. I honestly can’t remember

      2. Who’s business is it, last I checked it wasn’t yours. Both meth and heroin do a number on teeth, because they dry out the mouth. And, on meth especially, you hardly ever drunk liquids. And on H, you crave sugar and soda, if you haven’t sold your food stamp card. Ironically, the two drugs to help stop opiates: methadone and Suboxone, do a worse job cause subs you gotta hold in your mouth for as long as they take to dissolve, some of those generic pills can take almost an hour.. and methadone makes you gain a huge amt of weight. I quit heroin June 2016 on methadone, quit meth a little over 4 years ago, got pregnant 5 months later, and I’m still 80 pounds heavier, same as when i had my son in march 2019. I’m 41 now thihgh, so that weight is a lot harder to fall off. Plus I have EVALI from vaping that I’m on oxygen for and can’t run around with my son and exercise.

        1. I was literally only replying to MY NAME saying they didn’t say what kind of drugs he was on.

          They didn’t say in the article but Jade did say once on TM2.

          I’m glad you’re recovering and sorry you’re still struggling but slow your roll before attacking a person for a simple comment

          1. MY NAME was replying to LEAH’S METH PIPE about what drugs he may have been on

            It doesn’t matter whose business it is, they were answering a simple question. And it is funny how they don’t say what drug(s) had him admitting his problem. I thought the first step after admitting an addiction was to openly explain the whole situation?

            He has been asked what drug(s) he was on and he sidesteps the question EVERYTIME.

            That’s part of the reason I don’t think he’ll get clean this time either (this is what his THIRD stint in rehab). To get COMPLETELY clean, you have to be comfortable talking about the situation and working the program. Which I believe part of the program means cutting ties with toxic relationships? His “music” career is NOT a good way to rid himself of toxicity. It’s ALL OVER THE PLACE in the public eye. So his relationship with Jade needs to be a rap also.

            Not saying he shouldn’t be there for Kloie but they don’t need each other to parent their child. The toxicity isn’t good for either of them or Kloie.

  5. Unfortunately, the type of yelling and overall attitude that Sean has about parenting and life are not likely to go away. Being sober amplifies the stressors of everyday life.

    1. If he stays clean, he can be a much better parent. The financial stress and just overall hectic life of an addict is much more stressful than “staying sober” (aka living a healthy life). Trust me I would know

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