Former ‘Unexpected’ Dad Matthew Blevins Was Arrested Last Week For Felony Robbery & Assault

“Memba me?”

Former Unexpected star Matthew Blevins was arrested last week in Kentucky and is facing a felony robbery charge and a misdemeanor assault charge, Starcasm reports. 

Fans of the TLC series may remember Matthew from Season 3 as the guy who managed to knock-up two different girls named Hailey– Hailey “Hailey 1” Tomlinson and Hailey “Hailey 2” Tilford. The girls had been close friends until Matthew (and his seed-spreader) came between them.

When you’re reminded of your claim to fame…

According to Starcasm, Matthew was booked December 28 into the Louisville Metropolitan Department of Corrections in Kentucky, though he posted bond and was released on December 30. 

Matthew is facing a felony count of second-degree robbery and a misdemeanor charge of fourth-degree assault. 

Matthew has a preliminary hearing set for January 6. 

“I guess I better clear my busy schedule. Oh, wait…”

This isn’t the first time Matthew has found himself in trouble with the law. It was revealed in the ‘Unexpected’ Season 3 cast bios that Hailey 1 met Matthew in 2017 after Matthew was released from being “locked up.” The reason for Matthew’s arrest wasn’t made public because he was a minor at the time.

The last update we had on Matthew was in July 2020 when Hailey 2 revealed in an Instagram Q&A that she still had no intention of hitting up her Hailey-loving baby daddy for child support for their son, Levi. She also confirmed that Matthew was still denying that Levi is his son.  

“Don’t want him to have any type of rights to a child he doesn’t claim,” she said. “I don’t want him to be able to walk in and out when he chooses.” 

It appears that all may not be well in regard to co-parenting between Matthew and Hailey 1 (who share daughter Kinsleigh, whom Matthew does claim as his own). On December 28 (the same day he was arrested), Matthew posted a meme about how unfair it is when a father can’t see his child. 


Wanna see his latest mugshot? Of course you do! 


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  1. I understand her not wanting him to have rights if he is absent however in Kentucky (I also sadly live in Louisville) both parents automatically share custody if the dad is on the birth certificate unless you go to court to challenge it. Just learned this recently as I also deal with an absent dad to a child for 10 years and not wanting child support

  2. Hailey 2 saw how he was a deadbeat dad to his baby with Hailey 1 and still thought “yeah, I’m getting knocked up by this upstanding gentleman ASAP whom I just witnessed dumping his pregnant girlfriend” Lol I just feel sorry for their son, not for her

  3. Surprise surprise. Said no one. Here’s .y Haily 2 connection :
    My daughter graduated high school with Hailey 2. She was not well liked after what she did to Haily 1, who she said was her best friend. Anyway, after the graduation ceremony , a girl beat her ass at the venue for being a “backstabbing grimy whore”, 😂🤷🏻‍♀️😂

    1. While I don’t condone what she did at all and she was a terrible friend, she was a teenager. A child making a completely stupid decision. Getting her ass beat is not deserved and shouldn’t be something a grown adult thinks is funny. 🙄

      1. She was a legal adult when that happened and until you know the hell that girl has put others through, kindly , shut the fuck up. was funny. 🖕🏼

        1. Wow. You sound unpleasant. I’m sure the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree either. I pity you and your child.

          1. Awww thats so kind of you Mother Theresa. Pray for us too . And while you’re dishing out prayers to sky daddy , throw one in there for Hailey 2 and whatever random dude she is trying to get to believe they are the father of her kid this week. Thanks Doll. Bless your heart. (That’s southern for , you’re a dumbass. Incase you’re too dense and think it’s a compliment. 😘)

  4. I almost forgot about this little loser. Still a punk. He needs to go to big boy jail. He wouldn’t last a day.

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