‘Teen Mom’ Stars Cheyenne Floyd & Zach Davis Reveal Why Zach’s Name Isn’t On Their House Deed, What Zach Does For a Living & More

We’re sure glad these two could find time in their busy schedules to sit down and talk about themselves.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter stars Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis took to YouTube this week to field some fan questions about everything from house deeds to having more babies. 

For those of you who don’t want to subject yourselves to nearly 30 straight minutes of Cheyenne’s vocal fry, The Ashley has taken one for the team and broken down the five most-interesting things Cheyenne and Zach revealed in their Q&A video.

 1. Zach claims he has a job outside of ‘Teen Mom.’ 

Cheyenne, trying not to laugh at Zach’s alleged burgeoning career…

While it appears on the show that Cheyenne’s husband spends the majority of his time maxin’ and relaxin’ in between themed parties, Zach said he is making non-MTV money. He “joked” in the video that he sits on his butt for a living.

“I’m not seeing what’s funny about that. Sitting is great.”

Zach went on to call himself an “entrepreneur” and investor.

“I do whatever I can do to get my hands on money, except the illegal stuff,” he added.

He did not, however, mention where he actually works or how he exactly gets his hands on said money, though. 

2. Zach “wasn’t fit” to be on the house deed with Cheyenne due to his legal issues.

“We should’ve skipped this question and talked about our housewarming party instead.”

During the Q&A, Cheyenne and Zach were asked about their new house, specifically why Cheyenne is the only one on the deed. Zach noted this is “the question going around” lately, before explaining that his name isn’t on the deed because “it would make no sense.” Zach said he wants to use an FHA loan (available to first-time buyers) to purchase “income property.” However, he then revealed the main reason his name was left off of the deed.   

“The main reason was legally my, you know, situation wasn’t fit to do so,” he said. “Like, it didn’t make sense to do it. So I’m not about to risk … I just felt like it gave us a lot more roadblocks than just putting it in Chey’s name and calling it a day.” 

Cheyenne said she was also told this was the best route for couples who want to take out a loan in the future to start a business or purchase an investment property. She and Zach spoke with a loan officer to get all of the pros and cons, which is how she said they arrived at their decision. 

3. Cheyenne & Zach didn’t sign a prenup.

“The only bad thing about not signing a prenup was that we didn’t get to throw ourselves a prenup party.”

When asked if they signed a prenuptial agreement, the ‘Teen Mom’ parents– who tied the knot in September– revealed they did not. 

“I didn’t [sign one], did you?” Cheyenne asked Zach, who replied, “No I did not.” 

The two seemed rather amused by this question, though they claim they did consider having a prenup, but ultimately decided against it. 

4. Cheyenne & Zach are done making mini-‘Teen Mom’ co-stars. 

After welcoming son Ace–- Zach’s first child and Cheyenne’s second-– the Davis fam said the baby birthing days are over…unless, of course, an Oopsie Baby comes along.

“I’m gonna put it out right now, if we were to have another baby, it was not planned,” Cheyenne said. “Don’t let me lie to y’all and say that it was planned because if we were to get pregnant again, it was not in the plans. All right? It would be a complete ‘oh my God, what the f**k’ situation, I’m just saying.”

“I would drop and turn in my grave, oh my God,” Zach added.

However, on a recent episode of Chey’s Think Loud Crew podcast, Cheyenne revealed that she and Zach are seriously considering adopting a kid in a few years.

“We’ve talked about adopting when Ace is closer to Ryder’s age now, but adopting an older child,” Cheyenne said. “The statistics of a black male over the age of like a baby getting adopted are very low. We’ve talked about adopting someone in between the age of seven to 15.

“And we’ve started doing our research because sometimes adoptions can take years depending on the case, or the age, or the circumstances,” she added, stating that they purposely added an extra bedroom to their home.

“The intention is that one day the upstairs bedroom would be for another child,” Cheyenne said on the podcast.

5. Zach isn’t tired or high all the time, he just has “naturally low” eyes.   

Eyes as low as this show’s ratings…

At one point in the video, Zach is asked about his favorite weed strain, which Cheyenne calls “a great question” for her husband, as many of the comments they get on their videos are “Does Zach smoke? His eyes are never open.” 

According to Zach, he’s neither high nor sleep-deprived. 

“My eyes are naturally low,” Zach said. “On top of that, I’m not looking straight, I’m looking down at a camera right now, so it’s gonna look like my eyes are shut … .” 

Whatever you say, Zzzzach.

While it may not be the cause for his forever fatigued facial expressions, Zach did confirm that he smokes weed, adding that Cheyenne “does edibles.” 

“And I die every time,” Cheyenne said.

Watch Cheyenne and Zach’s full Q&A below. 

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18 Responses

    1. Unfortunately yes.

      Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with a reformed criminal (someone who’s made mistakes, paid their debt to society and completely turned their life around) want to adopt a child, but this guy not only has made mistakes, he’s still making then then he turns around and laughs about it.

  1. I hope someone in authority is reading and watching these people talk about using FHA home loans for income property. These loans can’t be used to purchase rental property, or income property or whatever he’s calling it. Unless the property is being used for his primary residence, that loan is illegal. If he isn’t honest when he fills out the FHA government/bank loan paperwork he should be prosecuted in my opinion.

  2. I really feel like Cheyenne could do so much better. She is a great mother who co-parents very well with Corey. I believe her family is successful in the entertainment industry. I’m glad to hear that his name isn’t on the house title.

  3. Zach is shady as hell.
    Most people’s “careers” don’t get them shot at.

    Her parents always avoid the questions about what they do for a living as well. For all the bragging Cheyenne does about money, you’d think they’d have an answer to such a simple question.

    1. I highly doubt a person shooting up a car (with two babies inside for God’s sake) has anything to do with Zach’s “career”, the guy was probably high which speaks more of his possible career than Zach’s. Hell, the guy was probably jealous, not too many people can LEGALLY make millions of dollars by just sitting around and basically doing nothing while on camera.

      And maybe Cheyenne’s parents dodged the question of what they do behind the camera because it truly is nobody’s business but theirs. I mean we barely see them (especially her father) on the show so they obviously do something.

  4. I really don’t like them, they come across really false. They play for the cameras too. Like your life isn’t that perfect all the time, kids are chaotic at best, show us something real. Then maybe people could relate to them more. As much as Cate & Ty are criticised we get to see it all, the good, the bad & the ugly, same with Amber, same with Jade & Shaun.

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