Savannah Chrisley Comments On How Much Her Father Todd’s Appearance Has Changed In Prison; Says He’s Become a “Father Figure” to His Fellow Prisoners

“You would think the prison commissary would at least offer Clairol root touch-up kits! This is inhumane!”

Savannah Chrisley says her father Todd‘s future is looking bright (despite the fact that he’s currently in prison), but the same can’t be said for his hair.

During the most-recent episode of the Chrisley Knows Best star’s Unlocked podcastSavannah stated that it’s been strange to see her dad’s appearance change since he entered prison last month.

“I will say it’s really weird seeing him with gray hair, like, really weird!” Savannah told her guest, Britney Ruby Miller. “He’s definitely used some [hair] color over the years and now seeing him with gray hair, this is really weird.”

Todd, upon seeing himself without his signature blond ‘do for the first time (probably)…

Despite having to deal with the loss of his beloved blond highlights, Todd is thriving behind bars, according to Savannah. 

“My dad’s the dad for those that haven’t had a father figure…I’m blessed that [he gets] to be that for someone,” Savannah said. “I’m willing to share [him], but not for long though. I’m still fighting.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Savannah has been caring for her two minor siblings— Chloe and Grayson— while her parents are in prison. (Todd was sentenced to 12 years, while Savannah’s mom Julie was give a seven-year prison sentence for their tax evasion and bank fraud crimes.)

Both Todd and Julie are currently appealing their convictions/sentences. 

“Even visiting my dad, I have so much hope and so much restored strength,” Savannah— who recently made the trek down to Florida to see Todd in the clink— said. “I know this isn’t the end. And I know [my parents] are going through what they’re going through for us to make a difference, for us to make a change…

“Whether or not this appeal works or not, they’re still coming out with a story.”

“I’m fine not having a ‘story’ if it means I’m sprung from this gray-hair-inducing hell hole!”

Not only has Todd had to say farewell to his blond hair, but he’s now forced to follow a strict daily routine and dress code while he serves his time. His prison uniform includes green pants and shirt, white socks and black steel-toed boots. 

Julie is currently dealing with issues beyond keeping her roots dyed, though. Savannah discussed how the Lexington, Kentucky-based Federal Medical Facility that Julie is in has no air conditioning; however, the part of the facility that houses service dogs does have A/C, because it was deemed “inhumane” to keep the dogs in a place without air conditioning or heat. 

“Come summer, I’m gonna be sweatin’ like a whore in church, y’all!”

On February 11, a motion filed by Todd and Julie was granted to extend the deadline to file their principal appeal briefs by 30 days. The briefs are now due on March 29.

You can watch the video of the full podcast episode below! 

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(Photos: Instagram; USA Network)

15 Responses

  1. What a fake family, I can’t help but laugh every time someone in the family speaks about the looser parents they have behind bars.

  2. Guuuurrrllll! Your folks aren’t special. They don’t equal law abiding citizens in any way, shape or form. Poor Daddy can’t color his hair. Poor Mama has to sweat. Meanwhile while y’all were living the grand life fraudulently, there were deserving families who couldn’t afford to eat or have a roof over their heads. Your folks STILL have it better than a lot of people. They have 3 meals, somewhere other than the ground to sleep and a roof over their heads. You, little girl, are a spoiled little princess. You need to sit all the way down and thank God Mama and Daddy didn’t get caught when they started their scheme otherwise you, Grayson and your niece would all be in foster care.

  3. I feel sadness for Savannah; for all the children. I agree her comments are falling on deaf ears and making people angry. But I also understand her need to cope. Maybe for Savannah, it is creating her parents in a new light that makes it easier for her to deal with her situation.

    Can you imagine the mental dragon the Chrisley kids are trying to tame? I imagine they all now live in a forced reality far beyond the fantasy world they were raised in.

  4. I love how this woman’s narrative is that they are some kind of victims and her father is an awesome, Christ following man.
    No, he’s not. He was found guilty. He’s in jail for a decade. Get used to it.

  5. Gee…what a hero.

    Join me in starting a Go Fund Me so this fraud can get hair color in prison.?

    I can’t with the entire delusional Chrisley family.

    1. My comment is others treated differently than this damn 3 ring circus They did horrible things to older people and spent like drunken sailors
      They deserve to be treated like others rather than kissing their ass

  6. 1) He’s been there for like 10 minutes
    2) The head prisoners who have been there for like 20 years and established a hierarchy and are the real “Father Figures” aren’t going to be happy when they hear about this

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