‘Teen Mom’ Star Maci Bookout Seemingly Breaks Her Silence on Ryan Edwards’ Recent Troubles

“I’m here for you, Rhhine!”

Ryan Edwards has kept his name in the headlines over the last month, thanks to several arrests, multiple restraining orders being filed against him and a divorce filing by his wife and baby mama Mackenzie. While Ryan has spoken out several times about his recent trouble, his other baby mama, Maci Bookout has remained silent about Ryan’s situation…until Thursday.

The Teen Mom Family Reunion star seemed to be addressing what’s going on with Ryan in a new post she made to Instagram. While Maci didn’t specifically state that she was talking about Ryan in the post, it was made the same day it was announced that Ryan had been arrested yet again.


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Maci– who shares son Bentley with Ryan— posted a quote on Wednesday that states, “If you absolutely must talk about them, talk about them to God; make it a matter of prayer.”

Ryan’s mother Jen Edwards— whom Maci made amends with during the recent ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion: The Aftermath” special— “liked” Maci’s post. 


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Ryan was released from the slammer on Thursday but is due back in court on Monday, March 6.

While Maci has otherwise stayed quiet about Ryan’s latest hijinks, ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ coach Dr. Cheyenne Bryant (aka “Coach B”) spoke to The Ashley recently about how Bentley is dealing with his father’s arrest and apparent relapse. (When he was arrested on February 10, Ryan was charged with being in possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.) 

“My heart is sad for both, Ryan and Bentley, because I can only imagine how Ryan feels about breaking his commitments to himself as a man, and to his son, who he wants a relationship with,” she said. 

Still, Coach B said that she has been working with Bentley (outside of the show) to prepare him in case things went south with Ryan.


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“My heart broke for Bentley, and the disappointment that I know he felt…but we also prepared and talked a lot about how [their relationship] was [in a good place then], but ‘in the event that [Ryan] takes a pivot, these are the feelings you may feel. These are the tools I want you to use if [Ryan] pivots.’

“The main thing is to make sure that Bentley is processing his emotions, he’s not shutting down… and to make sure he’s not personalizing his dad’s decisions, so that Bentley doesn’t take on the weight of his father’s choices,” she said. “That’s a very, very challenging thing to learn and to do as a kid of an addict parent.”

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  1. I agree Jade and it seems to me that someone needs to go back to school and learn how to spell because it’s LOOK not LEWK…lol

  2. That “statement” is kinda hypocritical. If you talk about them, talk about them to God…unless your name is Bentley Edwards and you’re forced to have all your childhood trauma talked about and aired out on national TV. I like Maci, but cmon man.

  3. Maybe the “life coach” should realize that Ryan is a lost cause. Help Ryan deal with that. McKenzie we’re all waiting to hear your apology to Macy the countdown has been happening, the clock is ticking.

    1. Mack’s got more important things to do than apologize for something that happened 5+years ago…her priorities need to be keeping herself and her babies safe from a desperate man with unlimited access to every type of weapon available!

    2. NOBODY is a “lost cause”, everyone that has an addiction can get sober if they have a mind to do so.

      You really should think before you post, he may be reading posts like these and that’s why he’s not sticking with his sobriety.

      Come on Ryan, you can do this, just surround yourself with positive people and don’t listen to the naysayers!!


      1. Respectfully disagree, there are many people who are lost causes. And should be put away for the safety of the public. Jeffrey Dalmer, Oswald, twin towers murderers, Boston marathon murderers. John hinkley. Mark chapman. Charles Manson. School shooters. Etc etc. The list is endless. They all started with smaller crimes. There are evil people in the world that do not deserve to be let out for reasons of public safety.

        1. True, these are bad people but had they had the appropriate support perhaps their small crimes wouldn’t have turned into big crimes…we all deserve help wherever and whenever we choose to seek it.

          That’s all I’m saying, people that need help deserve to be reached out to and helped, not told they are “lost causes”

          1. Being called a “lost cause” very well may be the reason they graduated from committing small crimes to committing big crimes?

          2. Nope, Some people do not deserve a second chance after they destroy other people’s lives. Some people can be helped, some people can not. There is bad then there is evil.

          3. You don’t think people deserve to be helped BEFORE they get to the point of destroying other people’s lives?

      2. So hitler could have been rehabilited ?. There is evil that can not be saved. I want to save the world, but some people can not be saved. Once they cross over that line, they need to be removed for the good of society.

        1. Maybe, I don’t know? Anybody CAN be helped, it’s just a matter of being loved enough and loving yourself enough to reach out.

          But you’re comparing a murderer of PEOPLE to your run of the mill addict that hasn’t killed anyBODY (and yes I know about the cat killing) yet and deserves to be helped BEFORE it gets to that point.

          But that’s just how I feel, if a person reaches out I choose to help them REGARDLESS OF WHAT THEY’VE DONE as opposed to turning my back on them BECAUSE OF WHAT THEYVE DONE.

  4. Rhine had seemingly no relationship with Bentley before this recent string of arrests. So it really doesn’t change Bentley’s life any more than before. Rhine hasn’t been sober/clean in years. If anything the fact that Bentley doesn’t see Rhine is a good thing, since his behavior is more erratic than ever.

    She already knew Rhine was dangerous when everyone, including Dr, Drew tried to bully her out of order of protection when Rhine threatened her and Taylor. Like what do people want Maci to say? I told you so…

  5. Maci seems rather over all of it. She’s tried to protect Bentley and found Taylor (who I genuinely like). What a classy southern response to a post though.

    Maci has said enough truth through the years, yet she’s still been cooperative with Bentleys parents in coparenting and set boundaries when appropriate. Maci didn’t have to do a lot of things she’s chosen to do in the last 13 or 14 years, for the sake of Bentley.

    1. Protecting Bentley the best would happen through not exploiting him and his trauma on TV or his counselor/therapist/life coach to talk about his progress to the media. But other than those things, I think Maci does try to protect Bentley and seems very involved in his life.

    1. If Bentley and “teen mom” weren’t involved over the last 13 to 14 years, I highly doubt there’d be a statement or response.

    2. While I agree that Maci does have feelings for him they seem to be simple feelings of “I want him better for our son” and not romantic feelings.

      I do however think that HE still has feelings for HER because he views her as “the one that got away”, she’s been the only to fairly nicely call him out on his garbage (yes I know Larry has called him out a couple times but who wants to get better for someone who cowardly calls you a “blood sucking leech”? And by cowardly I mean “behind his back”, I bet you dollars to donuts that he wouldn’t have the courage to say it his face).

      I remember on the Being Edwards special Rhine and Larry were getting ready for a fishing trip and when Larry asked Rhine if he was gonna like living on his own Rhine said “yeah”. Larry then asked “you don’t think you’ll want to come home do you?” Rhine says “no”. Then Larry says “well I hope not”

  6. Ryan needs prison not rehab or 3 weeks in jail. Not all drug addicts are violent but, when they are, they are very dangerous. Ryan should reach out to Butch. Because that is going to be Ryan life. Butch once admitted in a episode of being in rehab 20+ times. Not everyone can get sober.

    1. I really don’t know what advice Butch can offer. Butch was incredibly abusive to Tyler and Cate.

      He has yet to celebrate a year of sobriety in 30+ years.

      It’s would be like asking Amber to give Rhine anger management advice.

    2. Everone can get sober, getting sober is the fairly easy part, now STAYING sober…that’s the hard part!!

    1. Who says it’s a perm? Maybe she just curled her hair for the reunion when the girls have make-up and hair professionals on staff.

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