Jenelle Evans Says Her Husband David Eason Gives Her Son Jace “Dating Advice” Now That Jace Lives With Them; Claims Mom Barbara’s Still “A Little Controlling”

“Next David’s gonna teach you to braid your hair and how to become a trophy huzzband!”

It’s been about a month since Jenelle Evans finally got custody of her son Jace back from her mom, and, according to The Lady ‘o’ The Land, things are going swimmingly between her and the 13-year-old…and between Jace and her ever-present husband David Eason.

In a new interview with E! News, Jenelle reported that Jace— who had been living with Jenelle’s mom Barbara Evans basically since his birth— loves spending his days frolicking on The Land and learning how to be a man from David.

“David teaches him how to hunt, fish, fix dirt bikes or giving Jace dating advice,” Jenelle said.“Jace needed a father figure and I can tell how happy Jace is having one around,” she added.

“The boy needed me to teach him the important things, like how to burp the alphabet and how to keep them women in line, and such…”

(As Teen Mom 2 fans know, Jace’s biological father, Andrew Lewis has been off “modeling in China”– or something— and has been absent from Jace’s life since his birth.)

In her interview with E! News, Jenelle stated that Jace “needed a change” from the degenerates he was apparently hanging out with when he was living with Barb, making Jace’s shift to swamp life even more necessary.

“We also didn’t like the crowds he was hanging out with, so now he’s in the country,” Jenelle said. “He loves riding his dirt bike and working on it recently. He wants to sign up for dirt bike races in the future.”

While Jenelle reports that she and Jace are “closer than ever and doing much better,” not much has really changed in regard to her sometimes-estranged relationship with her mother, Barbara.

“My relationship with my mother has got a little better, but truthfully she is still a little controlling,” she said. “I think it’s going to take time for her to get used to this change.”

“I gave ya the kid back and ya still can’t even say anything nice about me!? Christ on a cracka, Juh-nelle!”

Jenelle said she’s glad that she and Babs didn’t have to duke it out (Jenelle and Tori-with-drumsticks-style) in court. (As The Ashley previously told you, Babs gave up the custody fight willingly this time.)

“I fought for a while and was waiting for my day in court to talk, but I’m glad we can compromise instead of throwing each other’s names under the bus through court trials,” Jenelle said, before offering some advice on quality co-parenting techniques.

“Court trials are very scary and I don’t suggest it. Definitely try co-parenting and mediation before fighting in court.”

“Oh Juh-nelle, that’s rich comin’ from you! I’m gonna laugh so hard I’m gonna need ta change my unda-wear!”

Earlier this month, Jenelle claimed that Barbara was very impressed with how David parents the other youngins on The Land, and that’s why she agreed to allow Jace to live with David and Jenelle.

“My mother agrees it’s time for Jace to be back with his siblings and living with a mother and father,” Jenelle said in an interview on March 18. “She also thinks it’s important for Jace to be around a father figure to learn ‘boy things’ and have ‘men talk.’ She has seen the way David parents my children and she knows we’re able to handle it.”

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(Photos: TikTok; MTV; Instagram)


  1. I just don’t have a good feeling about how this is going to end up, especially as Jace gets older. I hope I’m wrong.

  2. UBT shouldn’t give anyone advice.

    That man’s advice is like, find a woman who has abandonment issues, and makes a lot of money and trap her. Make her feel unsafe around you, so punch a lot holes in the wall. So she does what you want. And when she’s close to leave, k!ll her dog. Then she will be scared to leave you. And once she does, finally pretend to be decent, give her gifts, tell her you love her and no one else will love her like you do. And trap her again.

  3. My dad told me the best advice for taming strange,

    1. Make them laugh

    2. Buy them ice cream

    3. Call them peanut

    He called it a 3 point Kennedy assault. Not going to lie, my kill count is outrageous.

    stay lit

  4. I’m soooooooooo sick of seeing The Swamp Queen it’s a perfect world here articles everywhere online. Is Barb unreachable? Or can she not be financially compensated for an interview?? We all know how much those people love money and she’s never been able to hold her tongue. I want to hear from her about this entire situation. I want to hear her explain how those two getting and keeping real jobs wasn’t a term of regaining custody, they have done nothing to better themselves since they were FIRED. Jenelle hasn’t won the lottery and doesn’t have a job, soooo it’s pretty obvious what “insurance” she’s using to visit 45 doctors offices a month. I can’t think of a reason why would anyone give a child to them, he doesn’t even see his own son but he is now responsible for an alleged troubled child. If he wasn’t doing well at home and in school Barb should have used the mtv money I’m assuming was set aside for college and I assume is never going to be used. Instead use it to send Jace to a military school, so he’d be ready for a real life. NOPE Instead Barb sent him to slummer camp, a young felons finishing school taught by the convicted leach in a swamp who destroyed everything good and sold or ruined anything of value in her daughter$ life.

  5. Good Role model?
    David, the man who beat his pregnant wife. The man who lost custody of his son. The man who has been in prison. The man who tortures and kills innocent animals. The man who abused your other son. David, the man who is always drunk. The man who obsessively walks around with guns. The man who makes fun of other people’s children. The man who kicks holes in your house. The man who lets his wife make porn.
    That David?

  6. The crowds he was hanging with were probably normal people that accepted members of the LGBTQIA+ community or were of color.
    That’s against their mini cult beliefs.

  7. I guess Barb isn’t aware that David has been beating Kaiser ever since he started walking, with sticks, belts, whatever. He also bullies him to the point where even Jenelle said that Kaiser was afraid to talk if David was in the room!!! Oh yes, I’m sure any grandmother that’s worth a damn would be soooo impressed with how David “parents” the kids. Maybe Jace can protect little Kaiser from that abusive monster.

  8. David is THE last “man” Jace needs to be getting advice from. Stay far, far away from him Jace. He’s a fricken creep.

  9. So Jace is getting dating advice from a man that had (and has) restraining orders from all his girlfriends and it’s infamous for kicking his pregnant gf out of his car in the middle of the road?
    He’s doomed

  10. Nearly every episode I saw Barbara with Jace, she was yelling at him. Jace would of been better off going with another family member or the State. Don’t forget, Babs raised Janelle and I would guess she was a horrible parent to Janelle. Babs seemed to be a “fan favorite” though.

    1. Jenelle has two parents but somehow Babs, the only one who has actually taken care of and looked out for Jenelle her whole life, is to blame for Jenelle being a piece of shit.

  11. Rumor has it, he shares a room.

    And UBT is hardly a role model but good for him doing “””country livin””” but country boys raise hell too.

  12. Well I have to admit… I didn’t believe that notorious “blind” at first but she has since convinced me it’s all true with HER actions and now her words.

    We all KNOW if jace had a room she would have posted a pic with her smug ass mug in the way. But she hasn’t…bc she can’t!

    “Dating advice” might not be the best thing to bring up at this time Jan… the world already thinks YOU are pushing him on his sister… and you are only adding credence to that “rumor”

    And “respecting your children’s privacy” doesn’t mean finding the first media outlet that will give you the time of day.
    Poor kids.

    Better start cleaning up for the CPS visit…

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