Two Gosselin Daughters– Mady & Alexis— Reveal They’re LGBTQ+; Claim Their Mom Kate Was “Supportive”

“‘Member us?”

The Gosselin kids are growing up– and coming out!

Some of Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin‘s eight kids have been joining together on TikTok Live over the last few weeks and, in a recent session, two of the Gosselin girls revealed that they are part of the LGBTQ+ community. 

In a Live last week, Mady Gosselin (who is 22 and away at college) revealed that she identifies as queer. After her 18-year-old sisters Alexis, Hannah and Leah joined the Live, fans asked about the their pronouns and sexuality, prompting Alexis to indicate that she, too, is part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Mady clarified that, although she currently has a boyfriend, she still identifies as “queer.”

“It mostly has to do with my sexuality,” she said. “I guess if someone forced me I could pick like a standard label. But to me, [queer] is a more-comfortable word to use for myself. So that’s what it means to me but it does mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.”

Meanwhile, Alexis stated that she’s currently single but looking for love. 

“If you’re a lady and you want to hit up a really fun, loving, annoying girl, there she is,” Mady said pointing toward Alexis. 

“We want to do ‘The Bachelorette’ to find Lex a Bachelorette!” Hannah– who brought her boyfriend Lennon onto the Live at points— added. 

Hey, hey…the Gosselin girl gang’s all here…except for Cara.

Leah (who, along with Alexis and brothers Aiden and Joel live with Kate) said that Kate approves of their relationships.

“People keep asking if our mom supports our relationships. Obviously, yes,” Leah said. 

In another recent TikTok Live session, Alexis and Hannah talked about when Alexis first came out as gay.

“Hannah realized something was up, and then the next time we saw each other, she was like, ‘Yeah, you’re [gay],” Alexis said. 

She also talked about being scared to come out to her family.

“Scared? Of me? But I’m so likable!”

“I had told all my friends, I had told all my favorite teachers…I was kind of stressed about [telling my family],” Alexis said. “I was just really anxious about it and, it sounds awful, but after awhile I think the anxiety got at me. Then I told family and it’s not that bad. 

“What I said was, ‘I’ve always been [gay] and it doesn’t change who I am,” Alexis said. “It’s not going to change me, so you’ve always known this part of me. I just didn’t specifically tell you.’ Most of my siblings knew.”

“Lex didn’t even tell me. I just knew,” Hannah added. 

Since their mom’s reality show was cancelled, the eight Gosselin kids have led much-more private lives. Mady and her twin sister Cara are both in college, while the sextuplets are finishing high school this year. They have not appeared on any reality shows but have recently become very active on TikTok. (It appears that Hannah and Kate are still getting along, despite being estranged for a while when Hannah first went to live with Jon.) 

In February, Mady issued a statement via TikTok in regard to negative comments being made about her and her siblings. 

“The rhetoric in so many of my comments about childhood trauma and healing and whatever you want to say about my family, my life, my parents, whatever, is not your business. As is the case with every other person in the entire world, it is not anybody else’s business what they are dealing with behind closed doors if they don’t want it to be your business,” she said.

@madygosselin Replying to @slagathor42 ♬ original sound – madelyn

“Even further than that, perpetuating the narrative that we are damaged or that we are ‘crazy child stars’ or whatever you want to say is extremely harmful as myself and my siblings are going out into the world and will be functioning members of society with careers.”

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26 Responses

  1. Mady was always a selfish little girl, and full of herself, can’t stand her , and i doubt that she is gay , its just another way for her to gain attention like always!

  2. I’m so happy for this new generation. They can come out and feel such happiness and security in doing so. Not all of us can say we have this luxury.

    Girls, live your life to your fullest. Be happy. Life is short; happiness and love is paramount.

  3. Wow, I seriously can’t believe how hateful and disgusted these comments are! It isn’t a trend just because it’s acceptable now. People are more comfortable now being themselves. Queer doesn’t necessarily mean gay! Educate yourselves, you nasty bigots!!!

    1. Your missing the point that she has a boyfriend at this time. She may date both men and women. She may have had girlfriends in the past or may in the future.

  4. I have an extremely hard time believing that Kate is supportive of Alexis. She might claim she is in public, and may even tell Alexis that she’s supportive, but we all know she’s not.

  5. I have an extremely hard time believing that Kate was ok with the fact that both girls identify as LGBTQ+, little alone being “supportive” of them. Kate cares more about the optics than she does her own kid’s feelings.

    1. You know she’s not. She isn’t “okay” with anything they do and say, unless it gets her attention. So the only reason she would ever say or pretend she’s “okay” with it, is if she thought she could potentially piggyback off the attention train and gain something from it.

      Otherwise, she would absolutely NEVER be okay with anything like it-she’s judgmental af.

  6. Waited to throw my 2 cents in bc.. reasons.

    Whatever is trendy, girls. Gotta keep that name in the papers. Being a tabloid star, like yo mama, is WAAAAYYYYY easier than actually getting a job and working.

  7. Of course they do. They had a crap childhood, want to stay relevant and wants to be immunized against any sort of criticism. Especially the ridicoulus “queer, but have a man, only want men and are traditionally girly”. I have several lesbo friends who find it difficult to date because of all of these straight women who call themselfes queer/non binary wackys to have something cool to put in their bios and to have something to blame if they meet any criticism. Even an old “nazifascistthatkindofrightwingwhothinksTrumpisaliberal” like myself can understand that thats annoying to lesbos.

    1. I’ve seen some fucked up comments on this site, but this is definitely in the top 5. Congratulations ??

    1. I honestly agree. I am not even sure these kids know what it means and since it gets them attention, they are using the term. It’s bizarre to me.

  8. It must be trendy to call yourself queer these days. I have a husband of 18 years but should I call myself queer?

    1. (sarcasm on) Yeah, when we as society start to talk openly about things, all of a sudden a lot of people “have it”.
      About having cancer f.i. Cancer was seen as a disease only weak people would get. Imagine how people that had cancer suffered more from the narrative that they were weak and just wanted to be ill.
      We know better now. Cancer is real, a natural thing and has nothing to do with wanting to be trendy.
      I don’t know whether you ever lost someone to cancer or supported someone, imagine that they went trough that while society judged them, blamed them and gave them the cold shoulder.
      Just because people choose to believe non- science and gossip while science said they were wrong. Says a lot about those people and not those dealing with cancer.

      Does it affect you that people speak about not being straight? No.
      Do you have real scientific evidence it’s a trend, not a just natural cause? No
      There are animals living in Zoo’s and nature that are not “straight”, how did they know about this “trend” by the way?
      Does your behavior affect them? Yes.
      Don’t do to others as you don’t want done to yours.

      1. Oh for Pete’s sake! Anyone needing to fit in and get some attention? Give it a rest girls, cause actually no one cares, especially when it’s done to ride the bandwagon down that popular parade. Lol, #urajoke

      2. Oh ffs, stop.

        Nowhere on this planet is being queer anywhere near the same as having cancer-absolutely nowhere. That you made such a comparison just makes you ignorant.

        Yes, there ARE actually people who claim to be “insert whatever here” because it’s trendy or the “in” thing right then. Does that make everyone fall under that umbrella? No. Does it actually harm those who really are-we’ll use queer in this instance-yes, it actually can. Do you know why it can? Because it helps perpetuate stigmas which they are trying their damnedest to overcome. It’s taken us generations upon generations to get to a point where those who truly identify as being queer can be accepted in many societies and cultures. They don’t need morons to cause that to make a 180 and start heading backwards just because those morons need attention.

        To deny that those morons who need attention and will grab onto anything they deem trendy (even if it’s not, they’re clingons, it’s what they do) exist and will do so in all kinds of areas in life, is just stupid.

        People actually identifying as and being queer, while also talking about it, don’t harm anyone. In fact, they can help ithers. Those aren’t the people who are a problem-you can’t possibly be so dumb you can’t see that, lmao.

        Go back, rethink those weird thought processes and remove them from your head, and do better!

    2. Lampshade, Seriously? If you don’t understand something ignore it and just don’t spend your energy mocking it.

      You have a husband for 18 years?, then you’re old enough to understand the confusing teen/twenty years- just show your heart and lay off of them.
      It costs nothing to be kind.

    3. Honestly? I agree with you Lampshade. It seems like it’s “on trend” to be queer or non-binary. And exactly! “I have a boyfriend but I am queer…” Uhhhh okay. Surrrrrre. My friends daughter is 11 and she wanted to be non-binary literally because her older friend was. She didn’t even really realize what it meant. If you are ignorant to the point where you don’t know that young kids, and even young adults, are impressionable and some are desperate for attention, then you might need a reality check. I’m absolutely accepting of the LGBT community but some of the things going on within, and the motives of some, are definitely driven by a need for attention and also a sense of wanting to belong or be a part of- in any sort of grouping.

      1. Two of my children’s friends who are both TEN years old have declared themselves ‘pansexual’. I just roll my eyes when I hear this crap. They haven’t even gone through puberty yet. It is because they are being raised on nothing but the teachings of tiktok.

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