Mackenzie Edwards Says She Wants Husband Ryan Edwards to Serve More Time Behind Bars After ‘Teen Mom’ Dad is Sentenced to a Year in Prison

“Go ahead and make yourself at home…just try not to (allegedly) destroy this one.”

Ryan Edwards was sentenced this week to one year in prison following his recent arrest for DUI and drug possession, but if it were up to his estranged wife, Mackenzie Edwards, he’d be behind bars much longer. 

Following Ryan’s sentencing on Thursday at the Hamilton County Courthouse, Mackenzie told The Sun that while one year in prison is “a start,” she’s hopeful the Teen Mom dad’s “four other charges pending” will lead to additional time for Ryan in the slammer.

“I know you’re pissed, but can you send me some photos of Chance while I’m in there?”

“Hopefully, he’ll get more,” she said. 

(Ryan’s four charges are for harassment, DUI and two counts of possession of controlled substances.) 

Even with Ryan behind bars, Mackenzie said her estranged husband’s legal issues continue to impact her life.

“I have a job– they don’t like this going on,” she said. 

As The Ashley told you on Thursday, Mackenzie was present for Ryan’s court hearing. Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, also attended the hearing, though Mackenzie did not sit with her in-laws. During the hearing, Ryan reportedly looked at his parents as well as Mackenzie. (MTV cameras were not in the courtroom.)  

While Mackenzie is hoping her soon-to-be ex-husband will ultimately spend more than a year in prison, Judge Gary Starnes spoke favorably of Ryan in the courtroom this week, even calling the 35-year-old “a very fine young man.” 

“At least he gets it.”

Judge Starnes also referenced the fact that “we’ve all watched [Ryan] grow up” and that “we all know Mr. Edwards and his family.” Though it was assumed by many that the judge was implying that people know Ryan from seeing him on TV, The Ashley exclusively confirmed that the Starnes and Edwards families are well-aquatinted, as Ryan and Judge Starnes’ daughter, Christina, were friends in high school and reportedly stayed in contact in the years since. 

Now if only we could figure out that secret Larry’s been yapping about all these years.

The Starnes family also allegedly attended Ryan and Mackenzie’s November 2017 wedding, and Jen and Larry live just one street from Judge Starnes’ home. 

To read more about Ryan’s hearing, click here

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(Photos: MTV) 

36 Responses

  1. Yeah that sounds about right. That’s a good old boy’s club were in the south the way the south has three hundred years!!Ryan would have gotten off if he killed her. It’s just so si k to see.

  2. This judge should absolutely recuse himself. How is this conflict of interest not glaringly obvious?!?!

  3. I heard he dropped a deuce on the kitchen table, and then rubbed it throughout the home. What a scum bag!

  4. She enhabled him just like his parents did but she did more than enable him!!! Mack knew that he had been using and let him drive to them to their first wedding high as a kite and going in and out of the lanes plus falling asleep at the wheel (good enough for them to kill someone!!!) so she should be held accountable as well!!!! Plus she CONSTANTLY MAKES FUN OF HER STEPSON and blames Maci for Rhine’s behavior!!!! Enough is enough Mack!!! You should hold yourself accountable just like his parents need to as well and stop trying to make everyone feel bad for you!!!! The only one I feel bad for this situation is the kids!!!

  5. Another person who isn’t a fan of Mack but goddamn, those poor kids he shares with her (plus Bentley he shares with Maci! But at least he is old enough to know better plus has a father figure in Taylor) need protection! Who knows what he will do when he is released, eps if he will still be on hard drugs! I hope he does sth in jail that isn’t allowed (like that Duggar asshole who sneaked in a phone) and he gets more time.

  6. Has Ryan been charged for destroying shared property or does Mackenzie have to get her money for replacement and repair from him privately? Is that under the harassment charges?

    She can probably just take the money needed from their/ his accounts, make sure she has receipts when assets are divided in the divorce?

    What a waste of money but that was probably the idea, making sure Mack (and the kids) would get less money from the divorce.
    Can a judge order him to pay child support from savings? He won’t have an income when he’s in jail.

  7. My my my how the tables have turned. Miss stuck up Mac now thinks she’s the ONLY victim. How much did she attack maxi how many lies did she tell about his drug use?? She’s a low life POS and enabled this scumbag forever. She can sell her poor me story to someone else. It’s her karma for being a fake lying lowlife that bred with a KNOWN violent addict. She must be really proud of herself. Those kids deserve better than both of these liars for parents. I hope she fades into the background and stops playing for attention like she hasn’t been covering for this batshit crazy guy forever.

    1. I totally agree with you. I feel no pity for macktrick. & I personally don’t think Ryan destroyed the house. I think she did it knowing that everyone wld believe her over Ryan. 1st y wld Ryan do it its his parents rental home & 2nd i don’t think Ryan has the stamina to do that all by himself lol. It’s infuriating seeing everyone feel bad for macktruck who abandoned her 1st kid to be w Ryan & let’s not forget that she purposely lied to the Edward’s about maci in order to sever their relationship bc she’s a jealous ? that’s another reason y I believe she’s the one who destroyed the house. Ryan is a lot of things n he shows us all what an arse he is; but macktruck, She’s sneaky manipulative n vindictive & I don’t put anything past her. The fact she’s more mad he didn’t get extra time proves she’s got a vendetta. You’d think she’d want him to get better for their kids sake. I h8 mack

      1. You are out of your gore. It’s obvious somebody in psychosis and whacked out on drugs, destroyed this house and left those horrible horrible messages… you don’t have to like her and nor do I ….put saying this is completely reckless.

    2. Yep you reap what you sow! I feel zero sympathy for her. She’ll find a way to profit from her poor me story. She’s disgusting.

  8. That judge should have never ruled on his case. It’s a clear bias and conflict of interests. No wonder he got another slap on the wrist.

  9. I’m really surprised that the judge was able to sit on this court appearance as he knows the family! If he went to their wedding, then that’s more than just thinking rhine is a familiar face from living in the same town. I’m pretty certain that wouldn’t happen in the UK, I think you’d have to disclose the relationship to that person and they’d make sure it was a different judge! If he didn’t know Ryan, purely going off the paperwork/evidence I highly doubt he’d have described Ryan the way he did! After seeing the appalling vandalism he inflicted on his house, and the shock and terror put upon his children, I hope the judge reflects on his words. (I’m aware this sentencing isn’t for the demolished state of his house)

  10. Wow. Sick burn.

    I dont think Larry is a criminal but I do believe they used to fight a lot while he was growing up, no doubt over how Jen coddled that baby.

    Most of us wouldnt want to be seen at our lowest, hugs to you.
    But I dont think Rhyne realizes how low hes fallen yet.

  11. Despite how determined Mack was to marry this POS, she doesn’t deserve this. Period. I don’t blame her for wishing Ryan got more jail time. It’s a slap on the wrist. The judge allowed his own personal feelings and connections to influence his decision. Rhine isn’t a “fine young man”. He is a man-child who hasn’t had to deal with serious repercussion of his actions. The man was driving under the influence and had to be revived. Imagine if he had hit someone! He’s had a history of reckless decisions especially when it comes to driving. Remember when he was in that accident with the elderly couple. He is a danger to himself and others and that is the only thing I agree with the judge on.

  12. Makenzie knew what she was getting herself into when she married him. She married him for better or for worse and now she wants to walk away. And she’s going to end up doing the exact same thing with her kids that Macy did despite the fact that she rode Macy’s ass hard for that. I don’t condone any time of physical abuse and there is no acceptable reason for it so if that was happening then I do feel badly for her but it’s his house too if he wants to trash it. But he really should stop and think of his kids first. They’re the ones truly being hurt by all this.

    1. Hell no. You have no right to trash your kids’ home. What tf are you talking about? For better or for worse? Do you expect her to stay with him until he finally kills her or what? You are sick

    2. Huh? Mack didn’t walk away, Ryan pushed her away. He made the choice to do all of these things and ruin his marriage, not Mack

    3. No I dont think she did.

      She saw what she wanted to.
      She thought he popped pills, and didnt know he was a full blown junkie.

    4. LOL, so he’s allowed to poop in the house on carpet or belongings because it’s his house too? I can’t with this one. LMAO. You can’t be for real.

  13. The judge really should have recused himself since he knows Rhine. Rhine is absolutely not “a fine young man.” He is a troubled adult who needs to get his act together.

    1. Men that look like Ryan are always called a “fine young man” no matter what they do. He’s a 35 year old father of 3 that’s an abusive junkie. Ain’t nothing fine about that

  14. While I’m not a fan of MacKenzie, I think she’s been reasonable in regards to her house being trashed, harassment, and being married to an addict. She’s handled herself well. Unfortunately she had to find this out the hard way. I hope Ryan gets more time, a year isn’t enough.

    P.s. the dog photos always make me laugh.

  15. I never wanted my parents appearing for my court dates not that they were coming anyway. I hated the idea of seeing my mother see me in a “jail jumpsuit”. I guess Ryan is so used to seeing his mother cry, it doesn’t effect him. I wonder if Larry has any sort of criminal background?

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