Scheana Shay Addresses Rumor That Husband Brock Davies Hooked Up With Raquel Leviss; ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Says She Doesn’t Regret Shoving Raquel

The Vanderpump Rules scandal that could’ve been…

Scheana Shay is standing by her man.

Amidst the steady influx of Scandoval-related news, another rumor involving the Vanderpump Rules cast has begun swirling around– this one involving Scheana’s husband, Brock Davies, and ‘VPR’ cast member Raquel Leviss.

“Can we talk about my wedding dress or welcome party instead?”

According to the rumor, Raquel– who was one of Scheana’s bridesmaids– hooked up with Brock before his and Scheana’s August 2022 wedding in Mexico. (Scheana recently confirmed on the show that she and Brock had been legally married for a year at this point.)

While appearing as a guest on Wednesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, host Andy Cohen asked Scheana to comment on the rumors, to which the former SURver said she doesn’t think “there’s any truth to that.”

Still, given that Raquel and Tom Sandoval were found in March to be having a months-long affair behind the back of Sandoval’s longtime girlfriend Ariana Madix, Scheana said she felt the need to confront her husband about the rumored hookup.

“I absolutely did question him because after all of the Tom [Sandoval] and Raquel stuff– which I didn’t think was true– I obviously had to ask,” she said. “He said, ‘Absolutely not,’ but as a follow-up question [I asked], ‘Did she ever try?’ As much as a trust my husband, I don’t trust that hoe.

“I’d give you a mic to drop, Scheana, but I’m afraid you’ll start singing in it.”

“[Brock] said no,” Scheana continued. “He said he never put that energy off and we know Sandoval did.” 

“If by ‘energy’ you mean musky, mustachioed man having a mid-life crisis then yeah…I was putting that out there.”

During Wednesday’s episode, Scheana was also asked to address the order of protection Raquel filed against her last month, which has since been dropped. 

As The Ashley previously told you, Scheana and Raquel were in New York City together in March to film an episode of ‘Watch What Happens Live’ when Ariana (and ultimately, everyone else) found out about the Scandoval. Raquel alleged that after she and Scheana finished filming, Scheana punched her in the face. Scheana’s attorney denied the allegations from the start.

Scheana went on to shed some light on the altercation, telling Andy that she couldn’t have punched Raquel, as her acrylic nails do not allow her to “form a proper fist.”

Leave it to Scheana to prove her point while flashing a fresh set of Good As Gold nails.

After it was pointed out to Scheana that there are other ways to physically assault someone, Scheana clarified that she “shoved” Raquel and threw her phone. 

“Um, do you regret any of it?” Andy asked Scheana, to which she replied, “No.”  

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  1. If there’s a rumor that I cheated on my husband and he has the need to ask me if it’s true, then we are done. She doesn’t trust him if she needed to ask.

    1. I totally get your perspective on the trust thing but people are still allowed to feel insecure in situations that could possibly happen and do have the right to ask. My fiancé used to say that and it didn’t feel right. It was a form of keeping me hostage to those rumors and never getting the reassurance from him that needed to be given. We are human and will feel insecure at times, you have to give your partner reassurance during the hard times. I hope you don’t immediately jump to walking away. I get it if they are constantly crying and accusing you and not taking your answer, then YES take a break or walk away from that toxic situation, but if they ask you because it’s bothering them and only ask once and leave it alone, assure your partner and hug them. We all have weak scared moments.

      1. Maybe it’s because of the way I am. I would NEVER cheat on my husband. Never cheated on a partner before and never will. The moment I feel the need to be with somebody else, that relationship is done for me. I expect my husband of ten years to already know me. If after ten years together he doesn’t know the kind of person I am, that would be a deal breaker for me. I couldn’t be with him either if I entertained the thought of him being a cheater. If somebody said he cheated on me, I would totally not believe it unless someone shows me hard proof of that. If I needed to ask him if he cheated, if I couldn’t trust him 100%, I couldn’t be with him. How can you be with someone you suspect is cheating on you?

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