Scheana Shay Marries Brock Davies In Ceremony Attended By Current & Fired ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Stars: See Wedding Photos!

Here’s to a long marriage and even longer ponytails.

Scheana Shay is a married woman, yet again!

The Vanderpump Rules star tied the knot with baby daddy Brock Davies on Tuesday in a ceremony held at the Dreams Natura Resort & Spa in Cancún, Mexico, People reports.

Joining Scheana and Brock for their big day were ‘Vanderpump Rules’ co-stars Ariana Madix, Raquel Leviss, Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, all of whom acted as part of the couple’s wedding party.

“I just wanted us to have a good time with every person who is important to us,” Scheana told People. “They’re a big part of our life,” Brock added. 

Also in attendance for Scheana and Brock’s big day were fired ‘Vanderpump Rules’ stars Kristen Doute, Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor–- the latter of whom shared many moments from the celebration on social media. 

Peep Jax’s views from Table 15 as he quickly pans to the camera crew that want nothing to do with him…

James Kennedy and Lala Kent were also present for the festivities, as was Scheana and Brock’s daughter Summer Moon, who handled flower-girl duties.

The couple welcomed Summer in April 2021 and in preparation for this week’s wedding, Scheana said she schooled Summer on petal throwing, noting “she would be adorable no matter what.” 

Scheana and Brock’s venue featured a glass platform over the pool and to our knowledge, no ill-timed entrance followed by a meltdown, à la Scheana’s first marriage to Mike Shay, which was shown during Season 3 of ‘Vanderpump Rules.’

Scheana also ditched the crop-top wedding dress look for this wedding, though she did slip into a casual mini-dress and sneakers for the afterparty. 

This makes marriage Number 2 for both Scheana and Brock, the latter of whom also has children from his first marriage. While Brock’s children were not in attendance for the wedding, some of his friends and family from Australia were present, including his two sisters Nicole and Eleana

“I just wanted as much of Brock’s family and friends to be able to be here because, although this is the second marriage for us both, this is his first wedding,” Scheana said. “For me it was just really important to make this as special as possible for him and his family.” 

“He deserves the very best… no adopted penguins or Apple watches for this one!”

While the newlyweds did not have immediate honeymoon plans, Brock told Scheana he has planned a surprise trip for them both in the near future. 

“It’s booked– think crystal blue waters,” he revealed. 

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(Photos: Instagram; Bravo) 


  1. I would never marry a man who doesn’t have relationships with his kids from a previous relationship. That is a huge red flag.

    1. One of Jax’s photos shows a camera crew..? Ugh could it be TV wedding #2 for Scheana? She’s kinda the poster-child for “thirst.”

  2. Summer looks absolutely adorable but that picture of Brock with his arms out so Summer would run to him hurt me for his other kids. I don’t ever want them to ask why they weren’t enough for him to be there for them.

    1. There is definitely more to that story than is being told. There is a reason he can’t see his other kids…it’s really strange. I’ve always had a feeling this guy isn’t who he says he is & Scheana fell right for it. She believes every word he says. She should have looked into it a little more before she married this guy.

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