Details on Former ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Jenelle Evans’ Monthly Child Support Payments After Regaining Custody of Son Jace

“Whoop, whoop! Time for me to do some boating– er, I mean parenting.”

The details of Jenelle Evans’ monthly child support payments were recently disclosed in the wake of the former Teen Mom 2 star being given full custody of 13-year-old son Jace by her mom, Barbara Evans. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle regained custody of Jace in March, nearly 13 years after ‘Teen Mom 2’ viewers watched her give Barbara full custody of the boy. 

“The only thing she’s given me since then are friggin’ migraines.”

According to The Sun, documents from the recent change in Jace’s custody reveal that Jenelle receives monthly child support from both Jace’s father, Andrew Lewis, and Nathan Griffith, father of eight-year-old Kaiser. Nathan reportedly pays his ex $327 each month, while Andrew has been paying $365. 

Andrew-– who hasn’t seen Jace since he was six months old–- has been paying child support to Barbara since she obtained custody of Jace in 2010. With Jenelle now having full custody of Jace, Andrew’s arrangement with Barbara will be terminated and he will begin making payments to Jenelle instead. 

The 38-year-old mentioned the change in custody recently, claiming he didn’t find out that his former soulmate Jenelle had been given custody of Jace until he received a notice informing him that he no longer had to pay child support to Babs. 

“It would’ve been nice to get a heads up on who’s taking care of my boy Jack. It is Jack, right?”

Though Barbara no longer has full custody of Jace, Andrew has reportedly been ordered to pay the ‘Teen Mom’ grandma monthly payments in the amount of $400 in order to fulfill an outstanding debt on their arrangement. Andrew is required to make the payments until he is caught up, at which point he will have no further financial obligations to Barbara and will begin paying Jenelle.  

As for Nathan’s monthly child support payments to Jenelle, a source told The Sun that Kaiser’s child support comes from Nathan’s military disability payments.  

Jenelle received primary physical custody of Kaiser in the fall of 2020 after she and her former “swolemate” reached a custody agreement.  

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  1. As a child of divorced parents, my dad paid my mom over $1,000.00 per month for myself and my three younger sisters but my mom always complained that she should have been paid more than the given amount per month so I guess it’s absolutely ridiculous how much child support that these men are giving Jenelle per month!!! It should be more since everything has gone up but sadly she will use her sons’ child support money for selfish expenses instead of where it should be spent on!!!

    1. Past due. So let’s say payments are $400 month If he didn’t pay for 6 months, that’s 2400. So instead of ordering him to pay the full 2400, they might add an additional 200 to the already 200 every 2 weeks so 400 every payment to pay off his arrears.

  2. How has jannelle been making any money at all? Does dog killer wife abuser David gotten a 9-5 yet? Seriously, how do they pay for their lifestyle

    1. She is making bank on OnlyFans…she has over $20k subscribers paying $20/month. Pretty sure David has one too ?

      People really underestimate how much someone with just an ounce of fame can make on social media.

  3. it’s good to see that jace is playing soccer ⚽ (and getting off ‘the land’ at least a few times a week) ~ but it must be v. unpleasant for the other soccer parents to have to deal w/chinelle and UBT.
    and just imagine the trashy junk food they provide for team snacks…

    1. Imagine being there and the Swamp family arrives and settles down next to you. Throughout the match, you can smell David, you can hear his grunts and his beer burps… A unique sensory experience!?

  4. What the ‘parents’ are paying pales in comparison to the price Jace and Kaiser are paying. I can promise you that.

      1. Look – I hate Nathan. But as taxpayers we SHOULD be helping those who can’t help themselves. He was a marine, and injured so badly he can never work again. Should we just not pay any taxes to veterans because Nathan sucks? There’s a LOT of worse things taxes go to.

      2. All payments from the military are taxpayer money. He’s a POS, but he is just as eligible for VA disability as any veteran is.

      3. All payments from the military are taxpayer money. He’s a POS, but he is just as eligible for VA disability as any veteran is. Also, the vast majority of veterans get some sort of monthly disability payment monthly, even if they only did 4 years.

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